LIVE OUIJA Night w/Fade to Black (Transcription)

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Ouija Session starts at 38min mark. I’m just listening to it for the 2nd time and will take some transcriptions of any questions I found interesting :)

Opening Statement: 53mins

From the beginning to the end there will be questions. There will never be enough, and the answers will never right because they will never be completely understood.

Can we reach out to Stephen Hawking, is that possible?

To speak will not happen now. He is having to see the universe in ways he never imagined. To be able to reconcile the God Gene is such a source of so much joy for him at this time that he will be with this for some time. When you listen to any person, listen always with great scepticism, especially if you perceive them to be of great intellect.


In their last Ouija board session, the ETs gave him that message but they haven’t been able to decipher it, what does it mean?

Communicate however you wish.

Is the earth flat?
If you choose, however beware of the horizon.

// During Break, Karen said: You can use the board to talk to anything under the sun that has existed or will exist or a sentient being is what you can talk to. Existing pets, transitioned pets, other people’s higher selves with permission.

// After break: 1:33
How do you do this work without evil entities coming through?

Karen answered: How you do that, first of all it’s through your belief-system and your filters and how you perceive the world. I see evil – not as a force of external, I see evil living within the hearts of man – we do evil, horrific things to each other. It starts there. The next step is, when I set the intentions during that prayer and I talk about the love and light – that is what we’re working within. When I’m working with the guides, they don’t even go to a level of negativity. I have to raise our vibration to reach them, and once I reach them they make sure that nothing comes through other than what is intended to happen here and what the vibration is. It doesn’t matter if someone is thinking something negative outside of this here or if someone thinks negative in the future about this, it doesn’t matter – right here, we are solid in that. Your perceptions of the world and how you see yourself.

I recently lost my precious German Shepherd Lily, is she trying to communicate with me?

When I left it was because I was finished with my task. You believe that I am still trying to reach you. Yes and No. Because of all I have taught you, this is what it seems like. Know that in this way I will be with you always.

Rodney “How many teachers are with me, because of what they taught me”

Are we going to have ET disclosure in 2019?

There are many that wish for this even at the highest level. He* has begun a new division at the five-sides (Jimmy interrupts: “PENTAGON”) for space as a prelude for this. Know that much of this antipathy** toward him for fear that he will disclose.

* Who is “HE”? They are talking about Trump.
** antipathy = a deep-seated feeling of aversion

Where in the Solar System can Element 115 be mined?

Common most places. Are rare to find. The two know not.

Who are the two?

We have little knowledge of this vibration.

Jimmy added: Element 115 is what Bob Lazar said was the propulsion element used in the space craft he was working on in the S4.


I lost my youngest sister 6 years ago, I just need to know if she is at peace with the depression and negative events that happened to her.

Peace, joy, laughter, all these things she is now, and will be until she comes back again. All those things she experienced she knows, but no longer feels.


Is the secret space program real?

What you call secret is not to others. But to you it is because you have no direct knowledge of it. To what degree it exists or how much you believe is up to you to decide.

Who built the great pyramid?

Who indeed. Many from here and there. Minds that were so powerful they could move solid matter. The mystery is there however for the benefit of humanity to find and discover. Will it be the answer that will be your teacher, or will the ‘search’ for the answer be the teacher. We suspect both.

What are the Nazca Mummies, who is Maria?

Digging deeper is the hallmark of humanity. This you should look for those who intend to cover up or destroy this find, and those who do not want to wait and insist on facts not yet present. Find answers in the middle.

If that is the answer, then I’m going to ask something direct, because what they are implying is that Maria and the Nazar mummies are what they are, so if that is the case, and we’re supposed to trust the science and the dna and the archeologists and the anthropologists and all of the scientists, great. This is the question:

When Maria was alive, did she have 3 fingers and 3 toes?

She did. Take heed to hold onto these facts for they may go the way of the giants.

Rich’s mother passed away November 14, is she ok?

Ok does not begin to tell the story. You have always had a gift of understatement. Love is the best and simplistic to say what I am.

Janine wants to know if her brother has been reincarnated and if she’s going to bump into him.

Again and again you will get a chill and do a double-take and not know why. This will be him.

Did the Mars insight lander really land on Mars with my name on it, or is NASA full of crap?

Do you want it to be so? Then it is so. Why would you create for yourself anything less?

Did Nicola Tesla die of natural causes or was he murdered?

What is natural? Smoking and drinking to excess is not natural yet you say “Poor guy – he died young, but at least it was a death from natural causes”. To answer your question: There were those who plotted and carried out his demise and buried his technology for the sake of the wealthy.

Will Bitcoin stay above $1,000 in 2018? We’ve only got one month left.

Hold. Ok. Freewill makes this impossible to say but vibration sees a future for this technology.

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