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On this day… in 2018, I posted this on Facebook (came up in my memories) but Facebook has now removed notes and so I’m saving this here on my blog for my future-self to reflect on.

Who am I?

What are we doing here? Why am I here?

What is the meaning of life?

Is there a point or purpose to this? Is our purpose to find our purpose?

Why are people negative-polarized or postive-polarized? Why are people mean or kind? And what is that? Just interpretations of expectations anyway? What… you grew up “this way” and you expect everyone in your life to behave/act/care/believe in the way that your elders scorned/shaped you into believing and now you label others who don’t conform to your programmed-expectations as “mean”? This is subject to endless perspectives.

Why are some people curious about lifes’ big questions and others don’t care?

What happens when we die? Does the soul live on? Where does it go? Does Reincarnation exist? Is there an after-life existence? Other dimensions or parallel realities? Or is it nothing – the void, the nothingness that some in my life seem to believe? Or heaven/hell as some religions would have you believe? Who are the mediums and channels communicating with? Data? Telepathy? Imagination? Actual entities of some kind?

Why do we conform? Are we ‘built’ that way genetically or something? Are we a slave-race? Here to do the labour for the corporations? Why do we just “go along with” the atrocities – things that are wrong/harmful/toxic, things that go against what feels right? Why do we allow unjust laws or bombing of other countries, why do we murder people or treat others who are different than us with disgust? Why do weapons that ‘kill’ exist?

Do we allow the atrocities because we’re conditioned to be anti-conflict and standing up would cause conflict? Or do we allow it because we’re genetically-wired to conform? Or do we allow it because the fluoride in the water, or the toxins we breathe, or the pharmaceuticals we are on, or the vaccines we hold our arms out for, or is it the monster-food we consume that is making our minds as easy to mould as plasticine – to programme it through media and other means to be a zombie-army of ignorant, passive, fearful, inferior peasants?

Or is it just a natural ‘anti-conflict’ human nature thing – a people-pleasing thing, is it a feeling of belonging to a tribe, harmonizing with our community? Lets “Keep the peace” – even if it revolts our soul.

Or are we lazy? Or just think it’s hopeless? Or are we “avoiding drama”? Winston from 1984 ended up just conforming – is that our journey too?

Is life just an imagination of ideas playing out? What is this place? Why do we all think so differently? Is it a place to explore diversity?

Why does everyone think they are ‘right’? Your interpretation of reality is only a thought, a perspective, an idea, most of which was implanted in you before the age of 7. Is there a right and wrong? A one-truth or many truths? Or is everyone just influenced by their perceptions of their own experiences and interpretations they have taken on through their life so far, and by default think their way of thinking is ‘right’ and the ‘only way’ because they have validation of those who were influenced in the same way, or because they re-validate their truth by choosing to converse with others who are choosing the same beliefs?

That doesn’t make sense to me. If I’m born on the mountains or grew up on another planet even, I’m going to have a completely different perception of the nature of reality than one influenced by corporations, movies, and public education. What makes “the consensus” reality a reality or truth? How could you possibly know anything about anything when everything you know has been told to you by others and filtered through your own lens of perception or a belief-system ‘given-to-you’ by others at the age when you didn’t have a questioning or discerning mind? And as you lived, you have consciously or unconsciously ‘chosen’ new beliefs based on the clan you most identify with, those you converse with regularly, and your desire to be accepted by the tribe – is that a DNA flaw we have or a benevolent human trait or is it a survival mechanism that we still have within us?

How do we master this system, this life? How do we make ‘right’ the wrongs? How do we liberate ourselves from these slave-minds? How do we stop being manipulated and programmed? How do we turn off the influences from mass media and control entities – human or otherwise?

How do we become better human beings when we’re being programmed to be terrible human beings? When we’re told not to interfere or cause conflict to keep the peace? Our tax dollars are being used to fund terrorism and projects that do not benefit humanity, all the while the trillions of dollars being used without our ‘vote’ or say in the matter could be used to help rectify the wrongs that we have stood by and allowed to happen, and yet some people still believe that politicians are the good guys. The mind boggles.

Do we actually create our own realities or is that just a perspective that people take on to help them through traumatic events? Does the collective-consciousness hive-mind have a say in how enjoyable and easy this life is? Absolutely because we go along with society-expectations; conforming from the clothes we choose to wear each day, the words we say which we hope our tribe will “agree with”, or how we treat the homeless / starving, or the earth itself, and the everyday little choices we make. But how do we change this hive-mind to improve the well-being of all? Are we even supposed to?

Are there other beings sharing our experience? Aliens or ETs or Multi-dimensional or Inter-dimensional or even higher-beings. Or is it just our ‘higher-selves’, the suppressed version of us that we have to turn-off to navigate the wrong’s. Our “conscience” – the ‘good angel on the shoulder’ that is pictured in old fairy-tales and cartoons. Is our higher-mind actually what is referred to as Christ-consciousness? Did the bible have it half-right? Is it a ‘Christ-way of looking at things’, a higher-perspective, an intuitive knowing of what feels ‘right’, is that what Christ-consciousness is? Or is even THAT a programme we’re running, can we even trust that higher-perspective and intuitive ‘sense of what’s right’?

And what is the purpose of religions? Why do they all share the same historic events across continents and languages? Is it just wisdom and stories passed-down that has since been modified, manipulated and edited to control the masses? Is it a ‘book’ to generate a ‘hive-mind’ in communities? Is it beneficial and benevolent? Or is it detrimental and evil? Or is there no such thing? Is duality actually part of this existence – & does it need to be? Or is duality something to transcend? Are the religious texts just guides to share a vision of living more harmoniously? A guideline for the times/’those’ times?

Why do some of them think that the others are ‘wrong’ if they are so much ‘higher’ and ‘Christ-like’ in thinking? Why would a “God” not think as high as the most benevolent of us who are able to forgive the most horrendous of acts? Like.. a big thing I don’t understand about some religions is their version of literally thinking they are going to hell or will be punished in some way if they don’t conform to a book written 1000 years after the words were spoken… other than our own self-life-review, I believe we are the biggest critics and judges of our own character and our own parts in the play of the choices we’ve made and the affects we’ve had on others and the planet. I wonder if it’s just a guide, like… if you carry these ‘7 sins’ into your character, then the life you will experience will be hell. If you transcend those sins, you experience a heaven ‘in comparison’. Here, on earth. Here – wherever we are, whatever this place is. Whatever this reality is. And how far does this reality extend? How far outside of this “earth 3d plane of existence”, does this reality extend? How much reach does our soul have and do we even have one?

Is this a holographic rendition of some kind? Are we living in a virtual reality? One where we experience whatever we believe we experience? A chance to evolve/grow/explore – experience a limited form for the expansion and growth of our souls? If there is no soul, then this is not true. Why is there a literal difference in the ‘weight’ of a dead-body after the ‘soul’ has left? (If that is indeed what happens, as that could also be hearsay)

Why do we sometimes sense the presence of energy or entities? Is it our mind playing tricks on us? A programme from a movie we’ve watched, and where did those movies originate their own ideas from? Is it a chemical in our bodies that causes these experiences? Too much of this and not enough of that? Or are they really here, barely noticeable entities or lights or visions or knowings or smells or shadows or synchronicities, or miracles? If not entities, what are they? How powerful does our mind have to be to interact in real-time with our supposed “imagination”?

Do some experience UFO’s simply because they are influenced by a movie or comic book? Or does the movie or book come ‘after’ they have experienced the UFO’s? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The idea or the experience? So many cave art depicting the same flying saucers we see in modern times… just a drawing? Why can a group of people go out and half the group can see the UFO’s and the other half see nothing but stars, satellites, helicopters or planes? Is it that half the group are ready and the other half are not? Or half the group “want” to see the UFO’s, so that’s what they interpret? or Vice-Versa? Half the group doesn’t want to see the UFO’s, so they see the helicopters/planes/satellites/stars. Or is it a higher-self thing… a “Not their path for now” thing. How do we even measure such an event if half-the cameras also don’t capture what they see or don’t see?

What is crazy anyway? Is crazy just a perspective that differs from the hive-mind of our programmed-society? Or is crazy going along with everyone else despite experiences to the contrary? Is crazy an ego-thing? Apparently it’s crazy to share something you know differs from what the others believe, but is it more crazy to conform – like to literally invalidate and delete everything from your experience that isn’t in alignment to what the masses believe? We protect our reputation, identity, and ego – more than we live in truth of what we experience. We’re conditioned or programmed or maybe it truly is a fear-thing… it’s just safer and more secure if we stay below the radar when it comes to matters that are outside the scope of our public education, because having our community ‘on our side’ is something that is still embedded in us from generations ago when we needed to rely on each other for survival?

Isn’t society the crazy ones – just going-along with a version of reality despite knowing there are so many possibilities other than what they’ve been brought up to believe? Caring more about what the neighbours would think of them than sharing the experiences that they are supposedly not able to have because they are not ‘real’. What is truth other than what your neighbours validate for you as truth? Like, how do you validate – can you validate any truth? Or is everything, all experiences, subject to our perspectives and conditioning and programmes? Is this all just imagination playing out? Is any of this real? Is the physical actually physical? The more we broaden our minds and perspectives, the larger and more expansive this reality extends, and for what purpose if there’s no ‘truth’ to discover, or has it already been discovered and I’m just not buying it lol?

I don’t know how we live such lives, bitching and moaning about meaningless everyday crap when there’s so much mystery to explore and so much we don’t know. I don’t understand the everyday crowd, I can’t understand the conversations about makeup or materialistic stuff, or co-workers whining about each other around the water-cooler, my mouth knows to shut-up, but my mind goes wtf? Probably some people are going wtf to these questions now, we’re all different and I don’t know why lol.

You just “pick a truth” and go with that until something comes along to question it. Or is there actually a ‘truth’, and if so, how could we possibly access this one-truth when we’re already programmed to believe through the filters of our own perception? Or is that the point?

Ever questioning the nature of reality, and I do have my own version of ‘truths-thus-far’ that are always in ‘draft-mode / grey-lead / pencil – ready to adjust/erase and re-write as I broaden my perspectives to the ‘more than’ wherever I am and most of which are not facebook-mainstream-society-friendly… gotta go out now but I do want to keep writing and exploring more questions about the nature of reality as I feel compelled to do so. Just to dump it somewhere that others can comment on and share their grey-lead truths lol.

My biggest curiosity aside from the big-questions.. is why others don’t question what they’ve been told, or why they don’t care about these questions… or alternatively… why I do?

“This is why I can’t be friends with you Penny” :)

“This is why we’re friends Penny” :)

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