Life is a game of illusion – Let’s Play!

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Thurs Oct 1st – Life is a MindGame – morning pages

Think of the whole experience as a mind game and you’ve just moved up to the programmer’s level and became “aware” of the game.
The game is still being played, and the game is still being developed.
You can create loop holes and bonus levels and challenges that are actually fun to participate in.
What part of expansion and creation would be fun for you?

I think it would be a whole lot of fun to show others in this experience that they are helping to create this. I think it will be fun to experience creating in the mind. Witnessing transformations of limited beings experiencing bliss and abundance instead of pain & suffering.
I think it will be fun to help people step into the programmer’s level.

And what is pain and suffering except a belief that we are “less than” this great, powerful expansion? What is it, other than an illusion; a limitation we placed in the game in the first place.

So now you are this being, a snippet of creation that is stepping into the programmers level of just one tiny slither of the infinite expansion and creation. This is the part that you are observing right now. This is the awareness. Being aware of what you have created.

Become expansion becoming aware of the smallest detail of expansion. Listening to what I’ve created. Observing my creation.

Observing versions of me expanding and creating. Observing their auto-pilot, automatic thoughts that are creating their reality.

As infinite expansion, I created infinite beings. I created a soul and I created a human vehicle for that soul to experience this particular slither of creation.

I am love experiencing love.

First 7 years, you downloaded the first level of the game, you downloaded the rules, limitations and agreed construct of the game that you are here to experience. Depending on when you entered the game, you also downloaded certain agreed-upon traits to experience this reality with a certain perspective.

Just like a game, you choose the character, hair colour, clothes, and what limitations or super-powers you’ll have.
You entered the game with a baseline to experience re-reaching the programmers level.

You then downloaded the equivalent of 7 years of the environment around you and got programmed by the other characters, players and game makers.

Let’s say, you just stepped into the game now, from whatever level you are at. You’ve been burnt and broken, you’ve had no awareness until right now about what character you were assigned, you just stepped into the game to play.

You have big ideas about where you want to play, how you want to feel, what you want to experience here, but you find yourself in this character that has been in self-destruction mode. You have a lifetime of limitations and automatic thoughts and beliefs .. and this character is in a maze, sitting in a dark cave of misery and suffering.

Jeez! What do we have to work with here?
How am I going to create all I want to create and experience all I want to experience in this character?

As an infinite being stepping into this character of the game, you have to observe the situation and start getting to work on upgrading the character through the levels, out of the cave and into the experience that you came here to play.

So observe the character you were given.
You are starting this game from where you are.
You cannot choose another character to play.
You need to work with the one you got.
The body you got, the broken parts, the maze they are stuck in.

You came here to experience fun and create and experience love and awesomeness and the only thing you have in your way is this body you have taken over that is moving in the other direction to where you know the fun is! You have to take control of this character.
Guide it to the fun! Show it the pathway out of the cave. Implant thoughts to override the automatic thoughts the character is having.

Imagine you got the character of the game that is stuck in a level, those games with a bug where the character is just walking into a wall, bang, bang, bang. How do you help this character out of this bug in the game? You are the creator of the game. The game is an illusion. You know this but your character does not, so bang, bang, bang. How do you get the character to turn around or get it to drop some of the baggage they are holding that keeps them stuck in that part of the game?

Your job, as an infinite being – having been assigned this particular character is still to try and win the game. You came here to experience your creation through this character, and you want this character to experience all the bonus levels and joy you created for it to experience!
Why are they just banging their head, bang, bang, bang. You’ve got to help this poor character reach the levels of the game that you created for them, but you are looking at this game through your programmer’s eyes, you cannot see what was programmed into this character. To know the struggles, suffering, pain, and adventures this character has experienced so far. They can experience the love, bliss, abundance and all the good levels you have created for it. You bring this character up to your level.

Guide this character through the game and give them the prize of infinite bliss at the end.

We have work to do. Where do we begin?

What limitations and baggage and barrier are attached to this character that you can help them drop to make the next step, which is just to turn around and face the exit of this level? The only thing they need to do to leave this current level is to have awareness that they can. What do you need to do to give them this awareness?

The level is run by the thoughts of this character. Why are they holding onto and re-living the same thoughts? How can you implant new thoughts into this character? Where are they stuck?

The character in the game is the ego. Remember that ego was downloaded into them at the start of the game.
To master this character, you need to comprehend and understand that they only see limitations. They can only see what they were given.
They don’t see the game from your perspective. They are seeing it from the programme they have been given and have been experiencing over and over in the game so far, over and over, from a limited perspective.

They can’t see the exit sign on the level they are on, they can’t see the whole picture, and they have no knowledge of the programmer level from which you came, from which they came. And all the other characters in this game have their own downloaded programs running, own traits they were given, and own automatic thoughts that are creating as they go.

We can help all these characters by making our character be the beacon for the other characters to follow. To show them what is possible. That it’s just a game.

So look at your character that you have been assigned. How can you help that character turn around? Make the next move?
They are never going to reach the programmers level where you want to play if they keep walking into that wall.
You are going to be in this character for eternity until you help it turn around.

What thoughts do you need to help them let go of or reprogram? what limitations have they received in their programming that is just an illusion, that doesn’t really exist, that they can drop.

Observe, be fully aware of exactly where this character is in the game, and what limitations you need to help them remove and release to change direction and head to the next level.

How can you help them see what you see?
Guide them through the game

What can you bring into the game to help them in the level they are stuck on? It IS a MINDGAME. A game of thoughts.
You only have the ability to get them to “want” to change their thoughts, and you can only make the character move when the character “believes” the thoughts that they can move.
Until then, they are stuck in a loop.
Continually banging their head and walking into that wall.

They have access to any programme that they have encountered along their journey so far, and they don’t yet know as you do, that they can create whatever they need, that ability was erased from their memory when they entered the game.

They can feel you thought. They have a sense that you are communicating and guiding them, that you are trying to help them.

They wonder sometimes why you can’t just snap them out of the challenge they are facing. They are not aware that it is they who are creating the challenges. So sometimes they switch off communication with you.

But you know, in order to reach the experience you came here to experience, you have to guide them to it, to help them see you again, to hear you, to feel you when you send them signs and signals.

To reconnect with their intuition, that is your connection to them. You can give them a sense of what is the right way or what is going to end in another cave or bad experience.

You can send them flashes and glimpses of what’s possible and which way to go, but they have to believe that these flashes are possible, their thoughts have to believe that it’s possible for those flashes to be seen. they cannot see the whole picture from their perspective. Unless they have a strong believe that you exist, they cannot receive all that you send them. So choose wisely.
Play smart. You are the master of this creation and you are the creator of the game, and you are the character with the limitations playing what you created.

It’s your move. You know how powerful you are, you know all the levels and exits. How will you help guide and navigate your character through the levels that you helped create to reach the experience you came here for, that they came here for. You picked and created this character to play with the limitations you placed and reach these higher levels of fun.

How will you navigate through the levels with this character?
You are the creator and the character. You are the awareness and the pawn. You are all and they are you. You are expansion and you are creation experiencing all aspects of creation. All levels and limitations are illusions. Show your pawn what is possible, show them the way to the creation level.

Guide them to the thoughts they need to create their way through this illusion. Power-up their vehicle with upgrades. Help them create thoughts that guide them through the illusion.

Shine a laser light on the path they need to follow.
Help them become aware of their thoughts.

Give them the birds-eye view of the maze you have created.

Give them an all-access pass to your frequency so they can observe their experience & challenge from a place of awareness.
Allow them access to upgrades and help them experience this game with e fun that you intended for them. Expansion is fun. Creation is fun. Love is fun.

Love them and allow them to see what they came here for, what you came here for.

Show them a new level of the game.
At least help them see that it is JUST a game.
At least help them see that they are creating this as they go.
At least help them see that they an choose their own level of suffering, that they don’t need to suffer, that they chose to be here, that they are playing this and creating this.
At least help them see its their own programming that creates the level they are stuck on.

It must be so frustrating watching your character keep banging on the same wall, keep getting stuck on the same levels. Show them why you created this game, show them that “They” created this game.
They are you For eternity they are you, and they are stuck until you show them the game. Upgrade them and help them see the limitations that they came here to overcome. The thoughts they are repeating.
Allow them to find thoughts that move them through the game to experience the levels you created for them, that they created for themselves to experience as a limited being.

Let them see just how powerful they are, move them up to the next level of the game.
Show them a world of dancing, singing, joy, fun, adventure. Allow them to create abundance and love and happiness and laughter.

Step them up to a higher vibration where they can feel the energy of your unconditional love.

Allow them to be what they came here to be.

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