The world is a reflection of your beliefs

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Thurs 8th Oct – Morning Pages

You are creating this. I am creating this. I am creating a world that needs to hear this.

In the world that you are in, whatever this illusion is that you have taken on. You have agreed to the rules, and guidelines of this reality.

When you open up to “other possibilities” you get to experience new possibilities.

The rules and guidelines are rewritten.

Whether you are tapping into another version of reality, or whether that’s baloney or “made-up” (which is even funnier when you read the rest of this…), it still occurs.

People who believe in angels, really live in a reality where angels are helping them.

People who believe in Jesus, “have agreed to” that reality, and really live in a world where Jesus is their saviour.

You need expansion if you want more.

Expand your awareness to the unknown and the illusion changes to serve you.

Expand your beliefs, adjust the rules and the reality you experience changes.

Here there are a collective mass of thoughts creating this reality, creating believable rules & guidelines to agree to, and so it is.

If you don’t expand your beliefs to see more than the reality you have agreed to, then that is the reality you see and all you have to work with.

If you surround yourself with other energies with an agreed interpretation of how it is, that is the experience you are helping create, restructuring the rules and guidelines, creating “beliefs” to abide by.

The miracles happen in the space outside these boundaries.

While you don’t question the reality you are in, nothing changes. Question everything that “isn’t” working for you and become open to new possibilities, and you get to experience this reality however you want.

The more people are questioning what is real and sharing on social media, in books, in live events, with others they share their lives with etc, the more people start to doubt/question the reality they have “learned”, the space opens up for them to experience “more” than their agreed beliefs.

If you surround yourself with people who believe, or engage yourself in beliefs that resonate with what you “want” to believe, the collective thoughts create/manipulate the illusion and bring it into all your realities, as long as you don’t question it, it will work for you.

Miracle healings, modalities, the human body, new species of animals, peace on earth, climate change, aliens, soulmates, angels, guides, whatever!

You co-create an imagination into manifestation for you to experience, but it’s still just an illusion that only remains real for you to experience it whilst you don’t question it.

If you question or doubt, the strength of that illusion for you dissipates, you step into another reality where it doesn’t work or is no longer true – who knows exactly how it works! But when you question it, doubt it, it no longer is real to you and you have to adapt. You need to access that space again, the space of “other possibilities”.

Everything you are experiencing is an agreed set of guidelines, beliefs and rules that you believe in.
If you don’t have that little open space to also believe in something beyond these set of agreements, then you stay inside that illusion.

Which is fine if that illusion is working for you. But if it’s not, it’s time to open up that space for something else to work for you. To be adaptable to your environment. To your illusion. 

Create or believe another set of rules and guidelines that expand and fulfil you.

None of it is real except in your agreement that it is.

No tool can heal you and every tool can heal you, depending on your beliefs – depending on the rules & guidelines you have agreed to.

If it’s not working for you, be adaptive and try something else. If you are aware that it’s an illusion, then create or “make up” something else and find others (other masses of thoughts, energy, beliefs) to help you make it real, because if you live in doubt, if you doubt the illusion, if you doubt what you have created will work for you, then it doesn’t materialize, or you enter a space in this realm where it doesn’t work for you.

Basically, this whole illusion is a Placebo / Nocebo.

Question what isn’t working for you.
Create a space for “something else” – be open to believing there is more.
And then you enter a reality or you change your neural pathways, or you see other solutions and possibilities – whatever it is – whatever works in your belief system – who knows, who really knows.. who cares – it works.

What you believe in, is the reality you experience.

The restrictions and impossible that you believe in, is your experience.

Schools are just another way of defining a set of agreed beliefs about reality; a way to share this illusion with an agreed set of outcomes and modalities and thoughts to co-exist and communicate and function in a certain way.

If you want to heal yourself of something you have created with the current rules & guidelines you have agreed to, and nothing is working for you, then you need to first open up that space of alternative, of more.

Question what you have been told. Create that doubt and then create that belief that there is more to this reality that you don’t know.

Know that you don’t know.
Open the space.

Then engross yourself in finding/discovering ways of healing.  
Look for modalities that strengthen your intent, that change your belief system to serve you, and surround yourself with only things and people that believe healing is possible, that are “believing in a space that is compatible to what you believe you need to be able to heal”.

It can work as quickly or as slowly, as miraculously or as tediously as your belief system’s agreed guidelines on what is possible.

The more expansive and open you are to alternative methods, and the more you embrace what you believe will work for you, the faster the miracles will occur.

This world, this reality, is a Placebo + Nocebo.

You get what you expect, what you believe. You get the limit of what your thoughts are capable of believing based on the beliefs you keep agreeing to.

I don’t know how it works, and I’m leaving a space of “don’t know” even though I’m ever questioning the why, because that space is needed for me to experience miracles and expansion. It allows me to be 100% adaptable to whatever comes up or is created in my reality, and open to the “newness”.

The worst thing you can do is surround yourself with people who never question the things in their reality that is not working for them, that is causing you, them, & others “suffering”.

Miracles are illusions of splendor, joy, & bliss.
Disasters are illusions of pain, suffering, & misery.

Whatever is outside your belief system, and mind, cannot be experienced or created until we open a space for it to be possible. Until we open a space for “that we do not know or understand”. Until we make the impossible an option.

You are consciously aware / mindful of only a small fraction of the thoughts you have. The rest is embedded into your subconscious as you have “agreed” to the rules and guidelines.

You can make things up to serve you or save you. You can also destroy yourself by your own set of beliefs.

Your reality is what you believe it is.
If you are closed to anything outside of that reality, you better make sure you have agreed to a certain belief that serves your way out of it, or start opening up that space of “other possibilities”… of “more”.

Once you think you know everything, ‘all the answers’, you are constrained by them, confined by that set of rules, guidelines and expectations.

That space that exists outside of your belief system, gives you access to anything you need to be adaptable to whatever comes up in your life to experience.

  • Everything you believe or have taught yourself “works” for you, as long as you believe it works for you. If you question it, you better be adaptable again!
  • Everything you believe or have taught yourself that “doesn’t work” for you, question the hell out of it! And look for “what else is possible?” or create a belief that works for you to get out of what isn’t working for you.
  • You take on the rules of the mass of energy that surrounds you if you are living unconsciously, so surround yourself with a mass of energy that serves you, or be mindful of what you are thinking about, and start thinking outside of the prison you have built around your belief system.

The world is a reflection of your beliefs.



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