Am I on the right path?

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Am I on the right path?

Found these notes today (29th May 2017) in my journal, but it was dated 2nd November 2016 and has the word “Erik” written above the date (which suggests to me that I was either taking notes from Erik videos? But I didn’t watch Erik videos back then as I only found him this year which is mind-boggling lol. Else these might be answers I got through Tarot readings.

Am I on the right path? Back on track? 

No matter where you are, there’s value in the path that you’re on. Learn from wherever you are.

Hopelessness = not present in the moment. Living in the “result of something”. Don’t place your worth in the past/future.

Meditation = whatever connects you to yourself – music or qigong or singing, etc. Whatever connects you to you.

The different experiences in life can bring about different emotional peaks and valleys. Observation. Learn what it means to emotionally stabilize. Not reacting based on emotions. Learn emotional stability through different situations. 

Self-worth= being able to carry that emotional stability.

Continued forward movement through their soul growth.

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