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Was listening to Kyle Cease today, man he’s awesome. Totally resonate with everything he says and he gave me some great reminders – which are very timely! Actually I seem to get that from everything I listen to.. it always seems like the perfect time to listen to it, and today was no exception.

Words of wisdom I wrote after listening to a few of his videos:

(Although I just realized my notes are really only useful to me because I know the context from which they were said.. so maybe head over and watch all his videos on his YouTube channel.. highly recommended.. and he’s a comedian as well as a motivational speaker, so he’s entertaining too and you should get a few giggles & laughs as you watch them :) 

  • Addicted to the thoughts
  • Goal in life: be in flow & enjoy your life, keep expanding & creating all day – be happy
  • Be in your own place, your own connection to your self, your own flow
  • What do I want / what does my body want?
  • Be the observer of the person asking, you just show up.
  • You’re in a flow state all the time.
  • Your soul wants to talk about something “bigger”, get specific.
  • Instead of trying to get to the place you want > Live there.
  • All the things “you want” is getting in the way of getting it.

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