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“Human Evolution”

Human evolvement usually takes place over a gradual amount of time through the normal birth and death process. It is no different than for any other creature. You don’t expect any kind of actual evolution to take place in the life of a single Human while alive. Spiritual evolvement, however, takes place through the birth and death process as well as while the Human is alive during one lifetime. It has to be that way, for the children cannot be the only ones to receive a conceptual consciousness, and that’s what’s taking place. Those alive right now are starting to shift into what would normally take many generations to create. Human consciousness is shifting, and that’s what we told you in 1989.

Let me take you again to the wind of birth. Human Beings come in with a linear mind. You might say, “Well, that’s the way of it, and that’s who we are.” No, it isn’t. That’s the way you chose it to be. Hard to believe, but lurking in your DNA, those trillions of pieces of spiritual and biological energy in your body are many energies that are quantum. They’re interdimensional attributes of biology clearly given to you by the Pleiadians over 50,000 years ago.

When you were born, the paradigm of vibration was linear. This is the consciousness of your birth, and it’s the same as your immediate ancestors. In your brain, there are walls of consciousness – walls that keep you from conceptual thinking. You are so linear, you can’t even hear two conversations at once. Oh, you’re capable, but the walls are thick and you don’t know you can. You have to keep the separation of communication linear because the linearity of your understanding is also one way. Even the message that I give today through my partner is given in a linear fashion, one word at a time. You can only listen one word at a time. How limiting! Reader, you are reading a line of words! How limiting! Wouldn’t it be better to simply touch the book and get this message? But you never think about that, do you? The walls keep you from even conceiving it.

This is now beginning to shift. For what is starting to take place now is the beginning of nonlinear thinking. This is eventually going to create a conceptual society. Very slowly, past 2012, the Human race will begin to use some of the lost DNA abilities that still are in your body, but have not been used for thousands of years. Let me give you some attributes that you may not have thought of… a secret, an awareness that you might even disagree with because it’s so strange.

What do you think the Human brain can really do? What do you think it’s built to do? Let me give you an example of what your society has come to accept as an “unbalanced person.” Some of you think it’s a “sick person.” Let me talk about the autistic one. Let us talk about autism in what you call the most severe case.

Blessed is the autistic one who has come to this earth to show you what future Human evolvement looks like! They spend a lifetime trying to figure out linearity and it frustrates them. Blessed is the savant who the earth looks at and calls unbalanced. For the Humans who do this cannot see what they don’t understand. The autistic one is able to get up off the paper and be in color! Many of the autistic ones can do what your calculators can do on your desks, did you know that? And they don’t need a calculator! Give them a problem – two digits multiplied by three digits. Now watch how fast they give you the answer. Because they’re not linear! Ask them what weekday the 13th of August will be in 2012, and they’ll tell you, and they don’t need a calendar. You might say, “What kind of a mind can do that?” I’ll tell you – a nonlinear one without the walls in the brain that you have.

Have you ever thought about that? The autistic have a nonlinear mind. The barriers are dropped. Can you imagine the frustration of this Human? Here he is in a world of black and white while he is in color. Not only that, you want him to go in a straight line when he is used to all directions at once. This also explains why the only energies that will work to calm him are interdimensional ones – music, art, and love. Does this start to make sense to you?

What is taking place, dear ones, for all to know and see and understand, is that very, very slowly you have the linearity of the Human brain starting to be reduced. Unlike the autistic, it will be in ways that will still be balanced and make sense. In other words, you will be able to move in and out of quantum thought any time you wish in order to live in a linear, 3D existence, but have quantum consciousness. It will be a return to a form of consciousness that Lemurians had, but with the wisdom of the ages that you have collected. This will not be fast, but the forerunners of that are already here.

I’m going to give you some attributes of Human evolution in a moment, but let’s return to the autistic ones. Many reading this are very concerned about autism. You wish to know why there are so many autistics being born. You say it’s beyond coincidence that there are suddenly so many! There’s more autistic children being born today than there ever have been on this planet. Humans are scurrying around wanting to know what’s wrong. Is it the chemistry of the food? Perhaps it must be vaccinations! Some are saying, without any proof, “Yes, that’s it – vaccinations must be it.” You are grasping at almost anything to solve the puzzle of why so many autistics are arriving.

Yet very few Humans, if any, have looked at the puzzle and said, “Perhaps we’re evolving, and this is the first wave of what we’re going to see?” Not mentally unbalanced, but nonlinear thinking! This is, indeed, the case. You are seeing a form of evolution and you are calling it odd and unusual. It’s simply those who are coming in early with activated quantum DNA. This early forerunner has DNA activated in an uncontrolled way, and so learning is needed to know how to make sense of it all. This is what they are doing, and each generation of savant will have a better time of it, figuring out what is linear and what is not.

Watch the autistic child go through what they must do (autism in its most severe form). They are so nonlinear that there is incredible frustration in trying to linearize even the Human voice as you speak to them. They will do the same actions over and over and over, trying to linearize the nonlinear. The linear walls are gone in their brain, and they have to learn to build the ones that they need. Humans then see them as a problem, and it’s not a problem. It’s a form of gifted children who are helping this planet to grow. Blessed are those who come into Earth as the new wave of consciousness to show you where it’s going. They are setting the stage for a new kind of Human. For this quantumness will develop in a balanced way where many will have the autistic talents where they want them, and the linear when they want that. That’s what the Human mind is capable of – being quantum when they wish to be. That’s a return to the way it was given to you.

The New Consciousness Children

There has been much said about the consciousness of the children coming into this planet and we’ve saved this almost to last. It truly is proof that what we are speaking of is actually happening. We call this attribute becoming more in touch with the Akash.

Your personal Akashic record is within you… who you’ve been and what you’ve done in past expressions on this planet. It’s part of the interdimensional energy of your DNA.

Imagine a child who comes into this planet with the concept of knowing they have been here before. Not the details, but an innate feeling of “been there, done that.” What kind of a child would that create? First of all, it would be a child who does not want to learn in a linear fashion, for they see the end result and the whole concept as you, who are linear, try to teach them the parts. That’s what is going on today, if you’ve noticed. So you end up with children who don’t want to sit still when the teacher gives them the pabulum of linearity, when they already have a picture of the whole quantum issue.

When the children get bored and act out, you’ve called it disease [ADD]. You put them in groups and you’ve even drugged them! Humans do that. You’re not willing to see the next wave of evolution, are you? Education on the planet right now is convinced that Human nature is static and it will never change. So they’re fine with developing learning systems that are over 100 years old. They keep sharpening these procedures so they are better and better for who they feel they are for… a 100-year-old consciousness. They believe the children being born today will have the same consciousness as they did, and their parents did, and their parents’ parents.

It’s a shock, isn’t it? It seems that the kids are unbalanced when they simply don’t want to be a part of old linear teaching! You’re seeing it all over the earth. The new children are growing up. They’re becoming young adults and they’ll go into the workplace and the employer will expect linear attitudes. These young people, however, will look at the whole concept of this linear approach and reject it. They don’t want to walk up the ladder of experience because their DNA yells that they have already been there.

The new Humans have an overwhelming feeling of the Akash within themselves. They know they’re an old soul. They just don’t even know the words to express it. It is within their brains, and it is their concept that they know as much as anyone at the top of the ladder. Seen it? Yes, you have. Of course it’s not true, since they will indeed have to start at the bottom and work up. But the employer is going to have to come up with some very creative nonlinear incentives to keep them at work. Otherwise, they will quit and try their attitude somewhere else.

All this is called Human evolution. Humanity is evolving before your eyes. Yet so many of those who are educated and should know better are forcing these young ones down, giving them even more frustration than they already have. You can force them into your linear box if you wish, but you will lose their respect and their attention. It is evolution, not unbalance. It’s evolution, not a disease! It’s an increase in wisdom.

Go inside for a moment, old soul. Have you been looking at this? I have given you an overwhelming overview of a bigger picture that goes beyond anything you were ever told. This plan is bigger than you were told, and more beautiful than you were told. You’re personally part of the plan in a way that you were never told. It’s awesome. It’s beautiful. Humans are evolving… both the ones who are being born, and the ones who are allowing themselves to reach for this new energy.

There’s something you ought to know as you reach for God: You’re going to find a very loving energy that is reaching back. Did you know that? You don’t have to break down a wall. We’re on the other side of a thin veil trying to allow you to see us. If you’ll only give permission and intent for it, the result will be wisdom and healing.

When you get your answers, they are going to come in a quantum state, not a linear one. You are not going to receive voices or sounds or the flapping of angel wings. Instead, you are going to receive synchronicity… what you may call luck or a coincidence.

You are Lightworkers and you are here to put light into the earth no matter what. Are you ready for that? Will you do that? There are things in 3D and then there are things out of 3D. The love of God is not in 3D, yet it will permeate your every cell. That’s why you’re here. The ones listening, the ones reading, the ones hearing are the ones who will change this planet. Even right now as you sit here, the Crystalline Grid is starting to vibrate higher. How does it make you feel to know that you really made all this happen? You’ve come and gone and come and gone to this planet, and you’re not going to miss this one [meaning this life]. You’re going to come again until it’s over, because it’s all part of what you did and what you’re doing. I know it sounds cryptic, but it ought to resound in your heart. You’re part of the solution, dear Human Beings, dear family of mine. You’re part of the solution. That’s why we love you the way we do. That’s not going to change either. Let us in. Let fear be a thing of the past. Let drama go away. Let the top of your countenance just lift off and hear the music. Oh! You can do that. Sit and bask in the love of Spirit. It’s time!

Full Transcript: 2008 – Loveland Colorado – Sept 2008 – KRYON

“Becoming Quantum”

Human Beings are emotional and that’s good, because emotions are quantum. They’re uncontrollable, you know, in both directions: Uncontrollable hate, uncontrollable love… they don’t conform to a pattern, do they? It takes the intellect to construct a box around the emotions and you call that balance. So already you’re beginning to see that the Human mind is a quantum attribute. Consciousness, by its very nature, consciousness is quantum. The Human brain was designed to think quantumly. It is only through logic and intellectual balance that biological synapse becomes linear. “Kryon, we don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Take a look at the autistic Human Being. Here is a Human Being who has an attribute where something is seemingly missing. Perhaps you’ve been around certain kinds of those autistic consciousnesses? Then you know what it is that they lack. It is the construct of linearity. For an autistic mind is one who does not understand linearity and is always trying to grasp order and symmetry. He is desperately trying to build a construct around his consciousness so he can make sense of the world. The truth is that he is far more quantum than you are! Did you ever think of that? Therefore, the set-up is there. Becoming quantum is already in your grasp. All you have to do is to figure out how to open and shut the various synapses to create the kind of a Human Being that is the beginning of the evolved ones. Is the choice point going to be reached and business as usual be the result? Does a Human suddenly become enlightened, choose something, and then retreat back to an unenlightened state? The answer is no and you know it. No, instead, you change and stay changed. So that creates a new beginning, does it not? That is the wild card that occurs in this current cycle, which never occurred before. That is why Kryon came in 1989, and it’s why I’m here. This shift is before you. You sit in the middle of it.

Full Transcript: “Becoming Quantum” June 13, 2009

“Soul Communication Part I”

There’s an attribute of a nonlinear mind that you call autism that you should study. There are many autistic Human Beings who can tell you the day of the week for any year within any month. If you were to ask that person, “What is the day of the week for the 15th of the month in May of 2035?”, many would know the day instantly. Most Humans would gasp at what appears to be their computational efforts. But the truth is that computation has nothing to do with it. You see, it’s not a formula, and it’s not math. The answer already exists, so it is known. You can go to almost any personal computer that is calendar friendly and find that information, because it already exists. It’s a concept that has already been developed, produced, and stored.

The nonlinear mind works this way. Many with the autistic mind are able to interpret this information almost instantly, because they see the concept. They’re not calculating anything. Now you know the difference between linear and nonlinear. The autistic mind is the forerunner of things to come and an anomaly of future Human development. These are the savants of the day, and many of their difficulties stem from their inability to work in a linear world.

Full Transcript: “Soul Communication Part I”

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