Doing my “inner work” in the workplace

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Doing my "inner work" in the workplace

Struggling doing my “inner work” in the workplace.. challenge accepted though.. wanting to harmonize with the chaos or any kind of ‘disturbance’ or that which isn’t the ‘desired outcome’… & to not go into my other-worldly or deeper philosophical concepts (at least not out loud lol); accepting that each of us are exploring a different slice of this perspective-pie.. whilst still attempting to retain authenticity and sincerity…

…still have a few minor/major bumps that I need to resolve in myself to not blurt out automatic programming….. life is ever a delicate balancing act.. of my past programming/beliefs that no longer serve, the current cycle “what is life showing me / teaching me / allowing me to explore right now, this current moment, what’s right front of me? – and the bombardment of all the thoughts/philosophies with all the “unknowns” – the mystery, the “what is truth anyway?” – the infinite possibilities of all that we don’t know.. hehe
..everyday I learn something about myself that I want to change/reform :)

I hope that awareness of my flaws/weaknesses is the most important step, because then at least you recognize some of the areas you want to strengthen or transform or which mask you want to dissolve/strip-away…. I think that’s the hardest part the ego is faced with.. taking responsibility for what one’s action/words/energy has on other people’s experience and also in ones’ own experience.. whilst each being able to stay true to the core of who we uniquely are.. that harmonizing of diversity thing.. it seriously must be one major reason we are here.. life – man, you are so hard to figure out…

At least I can blurt out my weirdness here a little bit.. kinda, sorta.. , although I’m starting to think my thoughts are just too out there trying to grasp what we are truly here for.. or maybe it’s way more simple than I think it is and I keep delving down rabbit holes for no reason other than to confuse myself.. perhaps for the entertainment of whoever is watching the show :)

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