Greatest Immunity to Psychosis & Abuse is Self-Worth

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The Greatest Immunity for Mass-Psychosis, Psychological Warfare / Abuse, and Totalitarianism is SELF-WORTH (from Grand-Jury testimony Meredith Miller & Ariane Bilheran)

This clip contains 45mins of the 6 hour hearing with Meredith Miller’s testimony regarding the psychological damage inflicted on humanity by the globalists during the Covid-Crisis, and then a Q&A with Meredith and Ariane Bilheran answering questions from attorneys and the judge on the psychological abuse, how they did it, and how to help repair humanity as well as some optimism that we only need 1% of awakened souls to turn this around.

The Greatest Immunity for Mass-Psychosis and Psychological Warfare is Self-Worth

Clip-Source: Grand Jury Day 4: Meredith Miller


(Note: Struggled very much transcribing from those speaking English as a second language, so don’t rely on my transcription for accuracy for Ariane’s answers or Virginie’s questions, as I couldn’t make it out very well)

So for the last 2 years we have witnessed around the world the same patterns of abuse dynamics that we see in interpersonal relationships, and I’m speaking in terms of psychological abuse, which is mostly invisible yet very real, insidious and pervasive in the life of an individual who has been targeted. In the last 6 years I’ve specialized in a micro-niche of Narcissistic abuse which is predominantly psychological abuse.

So today I want to talk about the 2 most important concepts from my perspective in order to understand the individual experience who has been targeted by abuse in terms of what we are dealing with when people fall into the narrative or even when evidence and information and truth is coming out, and people continue to grab onto the narrative, why would people choose to ingest an experimental substance, but also why would they comply with the narrative in general.

Yale study that uses emotional manipulation, which they call covid-19 vaccine messaging.

The first understanding of abuse is the Cognitive Dissonance. This is a survival mechanism that happens. Let’s say a person has been cultivated to believe in a certain world view or perspective or this narrative that was launched in 2020, and all of a sudden you present to them some evidence or information that contradicts everything they’ve believed up until then. The person is going to be unable to recognize this conflict in their mind and brain. What’s going to happen is a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety on the nervous system, which triggers the Amygdala circuit – hijacking of the brain – and the person goes into denial, so they won’t be able to see that evidence.

That’s why as the truth is coming out, people simply can’t look at it.

They might get angry at the messenger. They might simply turn away or cut somebody out of their life just because they’re trying to show them some evidence. Some people might be a little more aware of their Cognitive Dissonance, they might even tell you “I can’t look at that, because if what you’re saying is true, I can’t exist in a world like that”.

This is the nature of Cognitive Dissonance. It keeps people in this brain-fog. In that brain-fog, it’s very difficult to think, so people have a very difficult time with cognitive processes, with critical thinking, and what they want to do is “see the good in the abuser/perpetrator”.

So the 2nd survival mechanism is similar to cognitive dissonance but more complex. Cognitive Dissonance from my perspective is sort of like a level 1.

The level 2 is the Stockholm Syndrome – there are more complex dynamics taking place here. So in interpersonal relationships, we typically call this a Trauma-Bond. But with strangers they call it Stockholm Syndrome. The same mechanism is taking place in the neurological system.

What’s happening with Stockholm Syndrome, there are 4 parameters, and I’m going to going to explain these in a very clear way, that people can understand how this relates to what they’ve experienced, and what they’ve witnessed in other people. I’m going to give some examples of how we’ve seen these 4 parameters show up in real life since 2020.

The first one is Isolation.

This refers to physical and/or psychological isolation. The most important key here is that the person/target is isolated from outside perspectives, and instead only the narrative of the perpetrator. This narrative begins to dominate the target’s perception of reality as they become completely subscribed to a distorted reality/narrative.

Scientists have found that prolonged isolation causes chronically elevated stress hormones, begin to change a person’s neurological system, changing their ability to form social bonds, and even causing irritability and aggression when their given a chance to participate in social situations.

The state that’s caused or induced by isolation is disconnection.

Disconnection in the Polyvagal Theory, triggers the sense of “Unsafe“. The person begins to feel unsafe when we’re not socially connected. We are mammals and we rely on social connections to feel safe on a neurological level. So how the isolation played out in the world, there’s been a domestic confinement where people were told to stay home with minimal social opportunities, and they were isolated with just the perpetrator’s narrative through the technology.

In order to understand the individual’s experience, we also need to understand the environment in which the individual exists. In a world where there is an increasing technological dependence, so there is an individual at home connected to their cell phone, internet, and tv, they’re listening to mainstream media, they’re going on social media, and they’re constantly bombarded with the repetition of that message.

Even in corporations, there was a coordinated corporate-messaging, repeating those same catch-phrases from public officials and the mainstream media. Even going shopping, at a corporate grocery store, in the background, the target’s subconscious was being continually assaulted by the perpetrator’s messaging through the loudspeakers playing a tape on repeat, telling people to wear masks, stay six feet apart and get their shots.

In order to control the outside exposure to outside perspectives, what have we seen?

  • Censorship
  • Propaganda
  • Fact-Checking
  • Silencing, shaming and smearing anybody providing that outside perspective

This is essentially how the isolation phase took place.

The second phase of the Stockholm Syndrome is a perceived act of kindness.

This is part of the abusive cycle. In an abusive relationship, it’s going to go back and forth between “idealization” and “devaluation” – some sort of a “Punishment/Reward” system. Intermittent reinforcement.

The ‘Perceived‘ act-of-kindness is the ‘idealization‘ part. What that does is causes a person to relax their guard, to begin to extend trust toward the perpetrator, and the intermittent reinforcement and the intermittent reward causes a person to work harder to get the reward, to invest ‘more’ in that relationship or that life-situation, and to develop an almost obsession with compliance based on the hope of getting rewarded.

The state caused by the perceived acts of kindness – and the key word is “perceived” because it’s not kindness coming from an abuser, it’s a manipulation – but the nervous system and the person perceives it as an ‘act of kindness’

So the state that’s caused here is an addiction to that ‘hope’, an addiction to that hope that this will be the time that they get the reward, or this will be the time that ‘change for good’ happens.

So how is this played out? We’ve gone through phases of lockdown, then some restoration, some freedoms, some loosening of restrictions, then lockdowns again, and then back and forward. We’ve been through this cycle multiple times since 2020.

Currently the trends around the world in many places – again we’re coming into this perceived acts of kindness – we’re hearing some governments are dropping some regulations, so what’s going to happen is people’s hopes are getting up again. They’re going to hoping that this is finally it, we’re going ‘back to normal’. That’s the thing with every victim in a relationship is hoping – they’re ‘hoping to get back to the good times‘. So what we here in society is people are hoping to get ‘back to normal‘.

Other acts of perceived kindness, we’ve seen so many:

  • the “free” vaccine
  • in America – “Lotteries” in some states (get vaccinated and win $50, $100, up to $1 million in some states, french fries, donuts, guns, trucks, and even a free lap dance by a stripper in Las Vegas if you get your shot at that place)
  • mortgage and student loan forbearance (allowing people time to put that off)
  • promises of safety: “it’s for your good”, “it’s for your protection”, “to keep everyone safe” and “because we care”
  • truth-disclosures– and this is key… little bits of doses of truth leaking out and sprinkled here and there – this perceived act of kindness is dosed periodically – almost like a drug – through the relationship of the situation and so when they disclose little bits of truth or little bits of truth leak out, what happens is we get our hopes up again that finally the truth is coming out and we’re going to be able to move on and move past this.

But this is not the end of the narrative. This is just one part of the abuse cycle.

The third parameter of the Stockholm Syndrome is a perceived life threat.

Now we’re getting into a more serious state.

Again the key word is perceived. When the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) perceives cues of life threat in the environment, whether real or not, it can shut down, the person is automatically locked into an autonomic state of collapse. This doesn’t happen the first time, it happens over a period of time of bombardment and bombardment and shock/trauma of fear-messaging repeated over and over. The imagery that they’ve shown utterly terrifying people. So over a period of time of that terror, what happens is that Automatic Nervous System will immediately go into a state of immobilization.

The state caused by the perceived life threat is immobilization.

In the state of immobilization, the person/target will feel frozen, numb, dissociated (zoned-out, checked-out), brain fog, alone and lost in the world, completely untethered to anyone or anything for support.

This makes compliance and control a lot easier.

Even a metabolic shut-down. So as the nervous system goes into this state of autonomic collapse, they also go into metabolic shut-down, which decreases immunity.

When a person is triggered into this state, the numbness is actually due to endogenous opioids that are released to numb the pain (causes the person to stay ‘numb’). So it makes it very difficult to do anything or take any action because they are neurologically immobilized.

So why are people so afraid?
On one side we have the messaging “fear of the virus” and a “fear of other people” who they’ve been conditioned to believe are “dangerous and diseased

On another side, we have people who are very afraid of the tyranny that’s happening.

The fourth and final parameter of the Stockholm Syndrome is a perceived inability to escape.

A target in the state of collapse, ongoing over time, eventually becomes exhausted. It’s not just like feeling tired and needing to sleep. It’s like an existential exhaustion. The target has no more energy to try anything, to strive, to dream of the future. They will feel trapped and unable to get out, even if they are not physically being held captive. They go into a state of learned helplessness.

This is also described as debility dependency dread, which causes apathy.
In this state of apathy, debility and dread, a person starts to feel hopeless, utterly powerless over their life, and they feel like everything is out of control. When they are locked into this state, this very low state of consciousness, they don’t even have access to the fight or flight system. It takes more energy – they don’t have the energy to ‘fight or flight’.

So they don’t have access to the higher states of consciousness like critical thinking, the intellectual brain, or even things like imagination – so if a person can’t even imagine the way out, how will they ever going to get out?

It’s not like a person has to be locked behind prison doors, most abuse victims walk out their doors multiple times a day – they go to work, they go to school to pickup their kids, they do ‘life’, and they go back home. So it’s the “perceived” inability to escape.

This person is so terrorized and so debilitated and so dependant upon the abuser, that they begin to believe that their ‘survival’ is dependant on the perpetrator.

They also lose complete capability for creativity and all of the beautiful things that make us human.

Over a period of time in this state, a person becomes spiritually bankrupt. They can lose all faith. When all faith is lost, the only thing left is emptiness. That word emptiness doesn’t do justice for the feeling and experience. It’s the worst pain/feeling that a person could have because they feel alone and lost with no support, completely untethered to anything else in the universe with no connection or promise of anything ever getting better in the future.

A lot of people have been locked into this state. So what happens is people will escape into fantasy. There’s been a huge increase in Netflix binge-viewing, pornography and video games as well as weight gain from overindulging in food. A huge increase in addictions and self-harm, huge increases in suicide. There’s a growing trend of empty, casual sex without commitment or emotional connection, where hanging out and hooking up is mostly replacing the old concept of dating. This is happening because a lot of people’s perception of reality is coming through the technology. It’s coming through the media, social media, and contact with other people who are ‘in this narrative’.

So this is a very difficult place. When a person is in this place, the mentality is “I can’t”. Everything is “I can’t”. So how can they possibly wake up? How can they possibly do anything other than what they’re told by the abuser.

They learn that resistance is painful. A wife who experiences marital rape is an example. She learns over a period of time that it’s futile to resist and resistance only leads to more pain, so just let him get it over with. You might’ve also heard people say during the last year that they went to get the shots because they wanted to just get it over with so they can have their life back as promised.

The Stockholm Syndrome really explains why people stay in abusive relationships or situations like this narrative and why people can’t see the evidence or why people are irrationally loyal to these abusers and perpetrators and why people even develop empathy for them.

Yale Study

The Yale University study in July of 2020 showed us how they used Emotional Manipulation messages like:

  • Personal Freedom
  • Economic Freedom
  • Self-Interest
  • Community-Interest
  • Economic Benefit
  • Guilt
  • Embarrassment
  • Anger
  • Trust in Science
  • Bravery

The interesting thing is they tell us straight away what their outcome measures are.

Their primary outcome measure is “Intention to get the COVID-19 Vaccine“. So they want to know what the person’s intention is to get it after 3 months or after 6 months of it coming available.

The secondary outcome measures:

  1. Vaccine Confidence – they want to know how much trust and how they can influence people’s trust in the vaccine
  2. Persuade Others – they want to know a persons willingness to persuade others to take the vaccine
  3. Fear of those who have not been vaccinated
  4. Social Judgement – of those who do not vaccinate, and they give you 4 items to measure the judgements of that person:
    1. Trustworthiness (so if you don’t get a vaccine, you’re not trustworthy)
    2. Selfishness (if you don’t get it, you’re selfish)
    3. Likeableness (if you don’t get it, you’re not likeable)
    4. Competence (if you don’t get it, you’re not competent)

So they want to get people intending to get the vaccine, they want people’s trust in the vaccine, they want people to persuade others to get it, they want people to be afraid of those who didn’t get it, and they want people to socially-judge those who didn’t get the vaccine.

That seems very clear that they’re manipulating people to get the vaccine.

When we look at the messaging that they used, for example “Trust in Science“. The premise here is that ‘getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most effective way of protecting ones community’. ‘Vaccination is backed by science’. ‘If one doesn’t get vaccinated, that means one doesn’t understand how infections are spread, or one who ignores science’.

Bravery. For example the front-line workers like firefighters and doctors are brave. Those who choose not to get vaccinated are not brave.

Another messaging “Community interest” So this message is about the dangers of covid-19 to the health of loved-ones. ‘The more people who get vaccinated against covid-19, the lower the risk that loved-ones will get sick’. ‘Society must work together and all get vaccinated’

So as I read through these, what I see is “Red Flags“.
I even see gas-lighting, which is the distortion of the perception of reality.
For example they say “Covid-19 is wrecking havoc on the economy and people’s economic freedom“.
But that’s actually not correct.
It is the ‘government regulations and restrictions and policies’ that are wrecking havoc on people’s personal freedom, economic freedom, and the economy‘.

This is an example of how they’ve manipulated people into taking this, and not just taking it, but to do their bidding for them into convincing other people to get it.

Q.) You both (Meredith and Ariane) seem to agree that this is something that other people have invented and this is now a concerted worldwide effort going on. Is that correct? What kind of people do this? How can anyone go beyond what we would consider empathy for example and humanity and believe in sacrificing individuals for the greater good? What kind of people are we dealing with? Are we dealing with psychopaths who are still capable of understanding and controlling what they’re doing?

A.) I think a psychopath understands the difference between right and wrong, but they have a spiritual problem of the conscience. The conscience is what makes us human. They can tell the difference between right and wrong, they’re not crazy at all, but their conscience doesn’t feel the weight of the guilt that the rest of us would feel – those of us who are capable of feeling empathy. Over the years sometimes psychopaths have commented on my videos and they have openly-said that they feel superior to other people because they’re not bothered by that empathy and sense of guilt.

Q.) So there is a certain megalomania involved in this – they think they’re much better than anyone else and that’s why they can do whatever they want with individuals?

A.) The grandiosity and entitlement that they should get away with it.

Q.) That is what criminals who commit very gruesome deeds have in common don’t they?

A.) The interesting thing though is that the DSM describes the Narcissistic personality disorder and the Anti-Social personality disorder as the ‘overt’ types. The obvious types. The criminals who get caught and go to jail. They don’t describe in the scientific literature the ‘covert’ types, who are very sophisticated and who in my opinion are far more dangerous because of how hidden they are and how far they can go in society because of that.

Q.) Does that mean that those who are pulling the strings are no more dangerous than those who are helping them, the ones whose strings are being pulled?

A.) So those would be the ‘enablers‘. So the thing about an abusive system – so you could even look at a family unit or society in general – but the abusive system is formed by abusers and enablers, and it’s actually the enablers that keep that system functioning. The abusers need the enablers to do that bidding for them.

A.) Not everybody is looking for power, but essentially paranoia and pervert, it is a Narcissistic trouble, a serious one, and they have not developed their psychic development togetherness

Q.) How do we get out of this? In my view it is important for the people to understand what’s going on, to see the whole picture. Is there any other way? To me that is the only way, to make people see what is really going on, and only if they can see and understand what is going on, can they stand up and fight this.

A.) Totalitarianism stops when the masses stop believing-blindly. When enough people see the truth. When the people in society do not participate, there is no Totalitarianism.

Q.) Intense censorship right now because it’s becoming a bit dangerous for them right now, the amount of people speaking out now, meeting up on the streets.

Q.) More and more censorship has made it really difficult for us to give the truth, I think it’s the main problem we have now.

A.) And the mainstream media is the main issue, and the censorship. There is the blockages because they are really having a difficult time to conceive that some other people want to harm them.

Dr Ariane Bilheran is an expert witness in the Criminal Complaint filed in the French Criminal Court on 4 Nov 2021. In the 108-page English translation, in an interview dated September 1, 2021, Dr. Ariane BILHERAN, clinical psychologist and doctor of psychopathology, gives an analysis of the current situation. I found this document a lot easier to understand than the interview she did in the Grand-Jury testimony and I’m going to quote some of her statements here for my own notes:

“The crisis became clear in 2020 through a pseudo-sanitary political ideology and revealed many things, in particular the role of the mass media in brainwashing, and their passion for sensationalism over rationality. These media have a huge responsibility in the renunciation of critical thinking; the exhibition of opinions takes the lead, instead of real reasoning. Our societies should not have given up so easily on the search for truth, and on its conditions. All this is the fruit of a renunciation that is first and foremost moral, and which is rooted, in my opinion, in the “it is forbidden to forbid”, the reign of immediate consumption and unrestrained enjoyment. 

This is the perverse reign, and in psychology we know that perversion is the queen mother of paradoxes that stagger thought and prevent the construction of a social bond. Perversion is what corrupts the bond, by nature. Paranoia can follow in its footsteps to create “new bonds”, a “new normal”, “a new man”, and these bonds are based on delusion.”


“Paranoia carries within it a project of death and for that it uses terror, the totalitarianism of the single thought, that of human interchangeability, that of absolute control. The dominant word is propaganda, in which the victims of terror are designated as guilty, and those who resist submission as traitors.

Paranoia desires to create a “new man,” denying roots, origins, traditions, history, and all forms of otherness. Under its influence, the people divide themselves into “friends” and “enemies,” thus paving the way for fratricidal wars, which feeds the expansion of paranoid power (“divide and conquer”).

The people, victims of this pathological power, are showing more and more symptoms of suffering: loss of reference points, psychic confusion, feelings of powerlessness, and stupefaction. They do not understand what is happening to them, because they are caught up in this mass manipulation and paranoid sophistry.”


“Paradoxical language is part of perverse processes. It can thus be used to stupefy thought and empty it of meaning. The presence of numerous neologisms can be the mark of a psychotic delirium, and the latter, when it is paranoid, can be collective. This is exactly what we see at work in the mechanics of cults.

Media-driven science has become the domain of inquisitorial dogma and belief. Einstein reminded us of the essential importance of experience in acquiring knowledge; everything else is just information. Therefore, one must always confront the facts with the official discourse.


Everything is organized around the religious belief that humanity is in grave danger. This grave danger, posed as a first unquestionable affirmative principle, is never questioned, and it justified a bunch of liberticidal measures of exception. Science can be delirious, when it is cut off from the field and from all common sense, and finds itself under the yoke of conflicts of interest, political expediency and media hype.

Denial of experts and the crime of opinion are two hallmarks of the paranoid pathology of which I speak. Paranoia, perversion and psychopathy are the champions of the totalitarian system, aided in their realization by many people who regress into severe obsessive neurosis (obsessive neurosis is a neurosis which, in its severe form, tends to submit by religious belief and narrowing of the field of consciousness to “I have obeyed orders”, without any criticism of these orders, with little affect and with, moreover, often hypochondriacal traits and “function”. When someone has entered a sect, he is no longer accessible to logical arguments.”


Who cares if we are sold fiction for reality? For example, confusion is cleverly maintained in deaths between coronavirus deaths (where coronavirus is the cause of death) and deaths with coronavirus (coronavirus was present but not the cause of death).

The confusion has been there from the start: about “positive cases” (confusing people who have symptoms with people who are simply carriers of the virus, and yet, to what extent); about “patients” for people who are healthy and come to be vaccinated; and when not a word is said about the serologies of the people who are to be vaccinated, etc.

As for the vaccine policy itself, it is well known that it is in itself a large-scale experiment. xi] Clearly, we human beings are being used as objects of experimentation. How could human beings, “consent” to becoming an object and a means? The paradox is in the proposition, and it is not tenable. In addition, there is no informed consent, as populations are unaware that they are the subject of stage 3 vaccine evaluation. This refers to the Nuremberg code that protects populations from large-scale experimentation.


A.) I think one of the biggest challenges is the Cognitive Dissonance, because even if the censorship didn’t exist to control the information and control the reality, even if people had access to that information, it’s so difficult for them to even face the truth in that state, and something really important that I mentioned earlier is the depravation of human rights and how human rights are suspended, and the trick that all human rights abusers do, and what keeps people in the abuse, is that they want to destroy your self-worth.

They have to flatten your self-worth. They have to make you believe that you are not worthy of your basic human rights. It’s not just the vaccine that is an assault here, it’s the compliance. They want to violate our consent. That is going to be the theme that is going to continue in the next pandemic and the next crisis that they manufacture or take advantage of, all the way to the Great Reset.

So the self-worth is so important for the individual to rebuild, otherwise they are not going to believe that they’re worthy of those basic human rights.

Find someone you can confide in without self-censoring. Find someone you can speak your truth with. If there is no one in your life that you can be your true self with, write in a journal. Turn off the media. Free your mind. Find yourself again. Get in touch with your soul.

Dexter L–J. Ryneveldt (ADV.) Attorny at Law, South Africa:
Q.) You have mentioned something very, very important and that is consent.
I mean when we look at the Nuremberg Code, we look at the Helsinki declaration, it all comes down to consent.
So for me, it seems to me that they are using a psychological war with the main emphasis to actually get voluntary consent from the populace.
I can already see that this can be a possibility of things when we actually pursue this further , and that is they will say ‘no, we just gave them the information, and with that information, they gave consent’. But from a psychological point of view, when it comes now to granted consent on the basis of the psychological warfare that was conducted on the population, is that correct?

A.) That’s correct, that’s what every abuser does in every relationship, they tell you without telling you what they’re doing, so then they can say ‘well, I told you, and you knew all along‘ because they don’t accept any accountability for their actions. The more sophisticated and more covert the abuser is, the more they need your voluntary consent. It’s not real consent. When people are not provided with the true information, they don’t realize that deception is taking place, they’re not giving real consent. That was a trick. That was a ruse to get them to consent to something that was the deception all along.

Q.) So it’s necessary to getting people to come to a point to consent, to put it in their mind-space?

A.) That’s the whole thing is the abusers equation is “Problem > Reaction > Solution“.
And so this is a bit where Brian Garrison was talking about last weekend with the applied behavioural psychology, they provoke…

First there is a problem so they either manufacture a problem or crisis, or they take advantage of one that’s already happening, and then they provoke your emotion – whether it’s fear for example – and by provoking that emotion, they can almost predict what your behavioural response is going to be, so they can drive you to a predetermined solution.

The most sophisticated abusers will make you beg for that solution, and think that it was your idea all along.

Q.) Follow the science. Even the medical doctors will always repeatedly mention “Follow the Science” and that puts the populace in a specific mindset to say “You can trust me, I know what I am doing, and I will do no harm to you”, but obviously that is not the case.

A.) That was one of the emotional manipulation tactics they used in the Yale Study. “Trust in Science” So when you hear Fauci say “I AM Science” and if you don’t believe me, you don’t believe in ‘science’. These catch-phrases, are a whole download of information that triggers an emotional reaction and a behavioural response.

N. Ana Garner, Attorney at Law, USA
I had one question, just a very brief one, Meredith you mentioned something about the Stockholm Syndrome, the perceived life-threat and then you gave an example of people who were either fearing the virus or other people, and that the opposite end of that spectrum, were people who were fearing tyranny. That made me think that maybe none of us, as much as we think we know might going on, none of us has escaped some of this psychological terrorism that has been going on across the globe.

A.) For sure, I will admit I’ve also been in a state periodically as it’s been going on and I think that we’ve all experienced moments of that, perhaps people spend more time in that state than others, and some of us are able to get back up into those higher states of consciousness, because of working on healing our own traumas in our life, but otherwise it’s very difficult to get out of that state. No one is completely immune to that, but the self-worth is really the greatest immunity to abuse and manipulation, because it really makes you question what people are trying to get you to do and what is their intention.

N. Ana Garner
Q.) That’s really a great key, the self-worth, we need to maybe empower people, and that’s one of the things I think we’re doing. By empowering them with knowledge and the self-worth that they are worthy humans to have human-rights.

A.) I think a big part of the self-worth… how can people find self-worth – is setting boundaries.
The knowledge is not going to change their self-worth. Knowing they are human and they have inalienable rights, God-given rights, birth-rights to human rights, this means nothing to a person who is not in that state.

So the only way to start rebuilding self-worth is to evaluate what most matters to you, take inventory of your values, and then set boundaries to protect those. Every time you set a boundary, like ‘no’. No is a complete sentence and only manipulators keep pushing and pushing once you’ve said no, so when a person sets that boundary, they start rebuilding their self-worth naturally.

A.) I will look for submission of this victim, so we cannot be in opposition, this counterpart, it must push the victim to do something they would not have done if you weren’t harassed, that is why at the time, the victim cannot escape from the harasser. The victim is trapped and there is a mechanism of survival. The victim is going to anticipate the perpetrator to try to survive, and going to meet the suffering of the perpetrator and try to counter the suffering of this perpetrator

Q.) Is this the reason why people wear masks in the car, masking everywhere – even if it’s not mandatory – it’s for this reason?

A.) It’s a mechanism of survival “if we please the perpetrator, maybe we can be safe”. Then there is another mechanism. We always erase/forget what wasn’t pleasant, and therefore the victim only keeps the energy for the perpetrator, it’s much easier because the perpetrator uses paradoxical discourse: “it’s for your own good… I love you.”

Q.) So if we talk about a solution we have to not just understand rationally what is going on, and that’s probably what we have to do, to show the whole picture so that people see what’s going on, but it’s not enough to see this rationally – we also need to overcome what one of you called spiritual-bankruptcy, we have to understand that there is something out there that’s worthwhile fighting for, either a loved-one or spirituality or religion or whatever, but it takes not just rationally understanding what’s going on, but it’s also important to overcome this spiritual bankruptcy – that’s a great term.

A.) Sometimes when people thought of their children or their grandchildren or their creator or something beyond themselves, that is often a very helpful motivation, because what gets the person off-the-floor? Humanity is on the floor right now for the most part, and that is the victim and abuse in the relationship – nobody can lift that person – you can pick them up and they’re going to fall right back down. They have to find it within themselves, and like you said, that spark for them, what reignites their soul and their spirit, after this kind of abuse is something beyond themselves that motivates them to get it up, because they don’t believe they’re worth it, but is there something else that’s worth it?

Q.) That’s very well put, that’s easy to understand now, thankyou.

A.) What is complicated here is usually in the relationship with the harasser and a victim, usually the solution is to cut the bond with the abuser, but here it’s not possible. People can do it a little bit, first by turning off the media, the tv.

Q.) I have a question at this point, it’s about Bill Gates. When Bill Gates said that he’s sad because he’s not successful in vaccinating all the world, what do you think he knows that he is harming people? by financing everything?

A.) We’re going to breakdown, it’s complicated, we would like to talk about Bill Gates. If we are talking about a paranoid profile, which is the case here, we don’t have access to the notion of right and wrong. The imagination is confused with reality. The person thinks one thing one day and will do the opposite the next day. The connection with the world is still a connection of persecution. We still have this dilemma of philanthropy and psychology – we will set limits and pervert, paranoid, the capacity to respect others, the capacity to control the urges/compulsion and clearly define the wrong and the right, the good and the bad, the good or evil.

Q.) I’d like to take solace in that it doesn’t require 80% or 70% or even 50% of the people to turn this thing around, rather I tend to believe that only a few good men and women under these circumstances are capable of turning this around – you don’t need the masses, the reason why I’m saying this is because the masses, who seem to be under the influence of mass-formation, are not capable of any real activities, they can only ‘react’ to what they’re being told. We on the other hand, are the ones – we who are in this group right now and probably most of the people who are watching this, most of our jury – we have already asked questions, we have already come to the conclusion that there’s something wrong here. That’s why I think that it’s not important to get the masses behind us, but only a few good men and women, maybe 5%, maybe 10%, is that a correct assumption?

A.) The critical mass, I think that’s what you’re saying. I think there’s going to be some people who will never wake up. Some people will take this to their grave, and I think that is actually ok, that we don’t have to try to convert everyone or wake everyone up, in fact it’s disrespectful to try to confront somebody that doesn’t want to listen to what we’re saying. But I do think you’re right, there will be a certain point where the number is that critical mass will create some kind of shift, and invite some kind of intervention from beyond that will assist in this process.

A.) In social psychology, it’s rather around 1%. It’s 1% is capable of resisting based on the Milgram’s Experience.

Q.) I think we have much more than that because the party “?” has already made up almost 800,000 votes and this is clearly like anti-measures and people who have never heard of this party for instance or like just didn’t vote for them. I think in Germany the situation has reached much more than 1%

A.) the experience one made on the submission of authority that it was just 1% that could resist, based on the Milgram’s study on Obedience to Authority.

A.) Resistance is also infectious

A.) More than the virus

I was thinking that was encouraging, so why not end on that note for today.

Meredith has a substack that goes through her main points, and her rumble channel has some much shorter clips.

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