[IChing] Sept – Dec 2018

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[IChing] Sept - Dec 2018

If you are curious about the types of questions and answers the I Ching can provide, here are some of the questions I consulted the I Ching about at the end of 2018. The I Ching could take lifetimes to understand. The way I use it is to expand my awareness to contemplate ‘other possibilities’ or to look at situations from a higher-consciousness or another angle. It’s pretty much how I use anything – a book, tarot, a movie, a conversation with a friend.

Everyday you have the opportunity to expand your outlook and re-look at situations from multiple perspectives / lenses.

The IChing for me, is like taking into consideration the advice from an ancient wise man.

I Ching readings from Sept – Dec 2018

How do I get in alignment to a life that’s most fulfilling, rewarding and happy?

#33 Retreat > #12 Standstill

  • Stay focused on the going, not on the frustration.
  • Better to realign your thinking by incorporating the cause for delay than to not proceed at all.

I want to feel/be financially secure

#6 Conflict

  • “When you find peace n yourself, you find peace all around you”.
  • Resolving inner conflicts enables you to find solutions to external problems.
  • Seek solutions.
  • Use good judgement and common sense.
  • Look for the root in yourself.
  • Have you chosen to follow fear instead of your own strength and nature?
  • Identify your vulnerabilities and weaknesses and see them clearly & take responsibility.

How can I re-remember that farm situation in a more empowering, beneficial way?

#63 > #51

  • Find sturdy helpers who know how to navigate difficult terrain.
  • When you are able to dispassionately witness the subtle nuances of dark & light, it is possible to shift to an insight that resolves a sense of inner harmony & well-being.
  • Don’t dwell in the past. Simple, everyday acts have the power to consolidate and strengthen.

What is the best way to help others?

#61 Inner Truth

  • Free yourself from prejudice so that your actions can be based on what you know to be true.
  • Stop judging so much and start understanding a little more.
  • Truth is the silent voice of the heart that responds with detached clarity in an intuitive knowing that sees through all blocks.
  • The voice of your own consciousness.

How to tune into a winning vibration/frequency?

#38 > #60

  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • Clarify in your own mind what it is you are afraid of losing.
  • Find the “hidden fear”.

What career should I pursue?

#5 Wait > #3 Beginning

  • Patiently observe where you’re at, and you will discover a way out.

What do I need to be well?

#49 Welcome Change > #17 Follow

  • Try, try, try again.
  • You’re going to get through this.
  • Discomfort is inevitable during transformation.
  • Chaos is part of the process.
  • Accept it.

I feel like everything is falling apart, should I be worried?

#33 Retreat > #31 Woo

  • Liberate yourself from a costly battle.
  • Your doubts will disappear when your future path becomes clear.
  • Depression & anger will fade when you can see your path.

What is my clear path?

#26 Controlled power > #33 Retreat

  • Only when you are not defending do you hold the power of the great.

What do I need to learn/know about my ‘off’ interaction with ____?

#59 Pride & Ego-Dissolving > #61 Inner Truth

  • Nip it in the bud.
  • When misunderstandings threaten the harmony of the group, stop them before they start.
  • Deal with small problems before they become serious.
  • With sincere intention to restore balance, you can gently steer the course of events toward harmony rather than discord.

How do I connect to higher guidance?

#42 Increasing

  • Increasing your influence in the world, emulate people doing good.
  • Where you recognize your own faults, work on eradicating them.
  • Represents your ability to improve yourself & your life.
  • Increase all that is good and true.
  • Increase all that is nourishing & uplifting.
  • Sincere and open generosity.

What is best approach to having boundaries without being mean to people? (i.e. What is the best approach to my problem neighbour?)

#19 Approach

  • A humble heart and a tolerant attitude.
  • Create a safe atmosphere where people want to do their best.
  • Symbolizes the help that those in a high position can give to those beneath.
  • Pass on wisdom/guidance.
  • Treat kindly.

What do I need most right now?

#33 Retreat > #44 Coming together / emptation

  • Never lose sight of your long-term goal.
  • Stay firm and don’t give up the struggle.
  • Anchor yourself to that which you truly believe in and no matter how rough it gets, keep that flame alive.
  • The time of hardship will end.
  • You will emerge stronger and more than capable of succeeding in whatever you take on.

Despite troubles, I’ve felt pretty at peace with everything lately. I translate that to being more in balance within. What say you?

#14 Heavenly Treasure > #30 Clarity

  • You’ve found the treasure.
  • Now you must use the appropriate vehicle to convey it where it can do the most good.

Why is______ being hostile towards me?

#47 Oppression/Adversity > #6 Conflict

  • Quiet contemplation and nonjudgmental consideration of all the factors that have been in play will increase your understanding.

What is the best thing to ask of life to the I Ching?

#41 Decrease > #23 Split Apart

  • Be ready to offer help if it is needed.
  • Maintain your dignity while in service to others.
  • Know your faults and do something about them.
  • Keep the balance in your daily life.

What faults do I need to work on?

#42 Increase > #63 Completion

  • Be sincere and you’ll come to no harm.
  • Your influence is recognized at the highest levels.
  • By enriching others, you enrich yourself.
  • Sometimes harm happens to good people and in the very process of this happening it becomes beneficial.
  • Don’t offer more than you can deliver.

How to discern what is real?

#42 Increase > #35 Making Progress

  • The help you receive from above puts you in a position to achieve great things.
  • Keep to the middle path – don’t be swayed by extremes.
  • If your heart is in the right place, no fuss.

What do I need to know most right now (re: that psycho-ex-neighbour that is threatening me if I don’t get involved in his drama?)

#25 Innocence

  • Being true to yourself, you can’t go wrong.
  • Follow your better instincts.
  • Beware of being caught up in other peoples messes.
  • Act naturally, honourably, and truthfully.
  • Act without guilt relying on inner principles.

What am I learning from this?

#56 Wanderer > #52 Stillness

  • Don’t lower your guard.
  • Being careless can be expensive.
  • Hold yourself in check.

What can I do to rectify?

#23 > #40

  • Don’t get involved in other people’s business.

Both vehicles are currently out of action. Where should I focus my energies whilst seemingly stranded at home?

#22 Grace > #52 Meditate

  • It is more graceful to go on foot than to ride in the carriage under a false pretence.
  • Kick off your shoes and dance. Gratitude for being alive.
  • No need to be anything other than just who you are, or do anything but what you enjoy most.

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