[IChing] Queries about Poker

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[IChing] Queries about Poker

Everyday you have the opportunity to expand your outlook and re-look at situations from multiple perspectives / lenses.

The I Ching for me, is like taking into consideration the advice from an ancient wise man.

That being said, I just found that when I was having a 2 month “Poker Phase” in my life (where I went to poker every day/night) for fun and also to try and make some money. I didn’t do very well and gave up hoping that I could make a living out of it. Anyway, during that time, it looks like I consulted the I Ching a few times. The answers are interesting so I thought I’d share :)

I want to manifest $40,000 quickly to pay off HomeR, Linda and have financial security. How do I go about this and still keep my house without anyone dying. I’m thinking poker or lottery… I don’t know how to tap into abundance.

#30 Clarity > #22 Grace

  • A fire made of straw will blaze brilliantly but soon burns itself out.
  • Gather your wits
  • A moth beating itself against the window does nothing but exhaust himself.
  • Better to devote attention to increasing your awareness and self-remembrance.

Why do I feel bad when I make a mistake or have a bad beat?

#62 > #40

  • Sometimes you just cannot beat the system.
  • Pay attention.

How do I leverage the universe in my poker game?

#32 Duration

  • Stay grounded.
  • Adjust to highs and lows.
  • Don’t let it knock you off centre.

What happened tonight, what caused me to be card-dead.

#48 > #63

  • Lack of self-worth.

How do I fix the well?

#11 Peace > #9 Small

  • Don’t get thrown off balance by others.
  • Alert to manipulative tactics.
  • Self-discipline and maturity.
  • Have a “good time”.

Why have I shifted… Why am I no longer “in the zone” in poker? What is the problem or what can I do to fix it?

#6 Conflict > #47 Oppression

  • If you engage in an unjust conflict, even if you win, you will lose.
  • A hollow victory will bring you under repeated-attack.
  • You persist & win, but it’s an empty victory.

Can I make Poker my career? Can it be less of a hollow victory? Can I be spiritual and play poker for money?

#40 Liberation > #32 Duration

  • Enjoying your success? Tempted to flaunt your recently acquired wealth? Don’t set yourself up for others to rip you off.
  • It’s easy to get carried away by the sudden sense of liberation.
  • It’s not the best moment to launch any grandiose new schemes or inflate your ego.

Please help me manifest enjoyable and profitable poker games.

#6 Conflict > #40 Liberation

  • Assert yourself to resolve conflict.
  • Bring in a mediator.
  • Proudly winning through aggression is not something to command respect.
  • You can win but a victory will bring a lifetime of defending your prize.
  • Expect good results.
  • Temporary success will gain you nothing.

What do I need to focus on then?

#18 > #52

  • When you know you can’t win, retreat.

Was last night at poker when I finally decided “I’m done for now” the way it was supposed to play out? What is my lesson?


  • Learning to appreciate times of having little influence.
  • Make repairs in preparation for greater possibilities.
  • Eliminate habitual and unproductive modes of behaviour.

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