[I Ching] Questions about Karma

IN Dark Night of the Soul
[I Ching] Questions about Karma

Define: Karma


#29 Abyss

Reveals how we explore a path even when it feels dangerous. Whatever your question, there is an element of needing to go deep below the surface to uncover what is really happening no matter how frightening.

In every hero journey, just when success is on the horizon, the nemesis reappears. Will we fight or flee? Will we allow the challenge to teach us something? Will we continue to Nourish Vision in unhealthy ways? We are told not to Persist in an old way even when we might not understand the new way. This is similar to the dark night of the soul where life seems to engulf us in confusion and we give up hope. Can you honestly look back and not see the meaning for any challenges you faced? The situation is highly charged, but like the hero, going through the danger is necessary to discover who you are, what you really need and what you are capable of accomplishing. In hero myths one often discovers that the nemesis is actually a teacher, sometimes even a parent! In this case, the dangerous flow of water that has engulfed you will lead somewhere beneficial if you just relinquish control. There is great power and realizations to be obtained when confronting fear in the deep waters of the unconscious. The current of events can be overwhelming like a deluge, but there is a benevolent aspect at play which is seeking to set you free.


Is Karma a Life Review?


#14 Great Possessing

The sun sustains life and if we rise like the sun, we need only activate our hidden powers of expansion. Like the sun, by simply being, we set off a chain reaction of abundance. Obstacles disappear because of the hidden influence of Breakthrough. We cultivate the seeds planted in the dark of winter that break through the soil of difficulty and emerge stronger and wiser. This is Great Possessing. Perhaps we learned to play the guest of life and not strive so much to fight against what can never be. Where the underlying cause of Union was a time of joining and partnerships, Great Possessing is a time when our star shines or our sun is rising as an individual. Life has offered you its greatest gift – the power to shine with an inner certainty that need not be defended. Strength and clarity unite and you can move forward in the knowledge that Grace is your teacher and power is merely aligning your will with the way.

If you can transcend your need for control, you can become the recipient of the subtle treasures that life has in store for you.

Playing the host without understanding the host is how you unwittingly create your own misfortune. When you learn to become the guest of a greater unfolding, you can flow into life’s purposeful movement toward the best of what it might become. Knowing your place within the larger flow of life allows you to discover power in great measure.

Trusting that something more profound might understand your needs in ways that you cannot, “all things in the universe have a purpose; is it right that you should be different?” The future must remain a mystery because life has a special predisposition for exploring possibilities. Through its dance of randomness, it generates innovation and novelty. When you are not busy organizing your life, you will discover that you are the guest of something that demonstrates a greater purpose in leading you.

Your life is full of abundance if you can stop focusing on what is missing.


Karma is just ‘lessons’ we desire to experience while in physical form?

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#10 Treading > #33 Retreat

Remember that conflict has one purpose ~ to transform you. 

Any breakthrough in enlightenment is usually followed by an encounter with the Shadow, whether in dreams or daily life. This is the powerful side of you that once allowed expression and given a home, can guide you. Without judgement means to use the Innocence of a child, accept your trials with wonder. The path is always easy when you don’t fight, but follow. How is the path teaching you about your hidden potential?

Success is a journey of self completion and the seed is always within you. The ego is only a part of who you are. Your dream life gives definition to a more complete picture of who you are.


Karma is a lesson unlearned – a permission slip to not take responsibility for the ‘lesson’?



#15 Modesty / Authenticity

If you know no boundaries, you will discover no limitations.

Watching the steps and checking unfolding events against inspiration led to a greater sense of having purpose in life. Now humility and moderation return you to a place where you need to ensure that all parts of your life are moving in harmony.
Life moves in cycles, and the future will never be anything like the past.

Moderation and modesty return you to the centre of your Authenticity. Your unique path hones you for the next level of growth.
Trust that everything is unfolding in its own time and exactly as it should. 


Do we attract opportunities to achieve lessons that we want to learn in our life cycle?

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#28 Critical Mass / Excess > #18 Work on what has been spoiled

While you had warning that the situation was dangerous, you allow yourself to keep pushing forward anyway. Unfortunately going too deep into danger means you have no choice but learn to swim. The last line of Critical Mass leads to the Abyss or hexagram (29) associated with Danger. Coming to Meet suggests a valuable lesson to avoid this type of situation in the future. You did nothing wrong because you probably didn’t know a problem existed. Explore your Shadow or how you might be blaming others for a condition that is uniquely yours.


Do we ‘create’ opportunities to discover more about ourselves?

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#64 Before Completion > #58 The Joyous

Those who take the easy path never achieve the greatness of those unafraid to be tried by fire. This line shows the apex of success that is promised for those who know that conflict merely makes us stronger. Some people meet obstacles and give up but others see them as stepping stones to success. In this situation you have learned the valuable lesson of perseverance. No remorse means that by taking everything in stride, life is a grand adventure.


Do we need to forgive all those who have hurt us?

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#24 Turning Point > #55 Abundance

Line 3 Repeated return, danger = no blame. Changes to (36) Brightness Hiding. You return because of a crisis and while it may take a few attempts to finally settle, your decision is correct. Following your own insight is not always the popular way but keeps you deeply connected to your Tao. How can this be wrong? Keeping your intentions to yourself minimizes any danger or opposition.

Line 4 Walking in the midst of others = one returns alone. Changes to (51) Shocking. It is a difficult decision to go your own way, even when it means abandoning friends. Even if you choose to ignore the need to return to a path of real fulfillment events may lead you there anyway. Shocking can describe unexpected events that alter your course for the better.


Choose to be loving in whatever situation that arises?

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#8 Holding Together / Uniting > #16 Enthusiasm

There are times when it is appropriate to seek union with others beyond your circle of intimate associates. You may need to step out of your network or social sphere to seek union with people who can teach you or guide you to a higher level. Maybe you are spending time with someone you wouldn’t normally associate with but are gaining wisdom through the association. By gathering diverse people in your sphere you are able to explore all aspects of who you are. By looking without, you learn more about what is hidden within.

When you are comfortable and secure in who you are, you have no need to hunt and capture followers. Your purity and strength is a magnet that pulls others to you. Impressing others or pretending to be who you are not can only lead to trouble. The Receptive force in life is magnetic and therefore, has no need to hunt or capture. Others come of their own accord because you are sincere.


Karma is living “out of integrity”?

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#1 Creative Power > #1####2 Standstill

Don’t blame others as what you encounter may simply be your Shadow or the energy that you project on others so you don’t have to acknowledge your real face.

Don’t be selective in choosing feedback because the more diverse the group, the better. 

Gain consensus by showing that what you are attempting to do is of benefit to others. Monitor your words and actions and behave moderately – the situation is delicate.


How do you clear past life or karmic relationships? 19 Jul

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#33 Retreat > #15 Humility


Voluntary retreat good for spirit not the ego = retire. The strong appreciate the opportunity for retreat as a way of reinvigorating one’s centre, but those emotionally inferior are frustrated and want to hold on to some sort of attachment. One should not be tempted to stay in an unhealthy condition because the other wants them to stay. However, if negativity or emotional immaturity retreats, the spirit is served through higher interaction. A gradual and well thought out retreat lifts spiritual goals but frustrates ego’s desire to hold to a specific outcome. Let go and allow the gradual Development to occur.

Withdrawal is achieved in a friendly matter because everyone is in agreement. Any loss is recognized to be necessary for future growth. This is an example of cutting ties because it is known to be ‘for the best.’ Letting go of the past happens with no ill will. However, if people are free to come and go or to fulfill their individual needs, persevering in this attitude will lead to good fortune.

Retreat without guilt or doubt = everything serves to further. Withdrawing with the sense that it is right to do so. By letting go or retreating one is able to live abundantly. Sometimes we need to step back so that others have more of an appreciation for our contribution. Retreat leads to a magnetic attraction even while that is not our intention.

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