[I Ching] Dreams & Sleep

[I Ching] Dreams & Sleep

Dreams are a kind of playground for thoughts?

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Encounter with the Shadow in dreams. Powerful side of you that once allowed expression and given a home, can guide you. How is it teaching you about hidden potential? Finding meaning, correlation, beliefs to release in order to overcome fear and participate more intimately with others. Discover meaning in life.

What to focus on as I sleep to help transcend negative outcome?

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You are “The Well”-a well of knowledge, inspiration and long-lasting values. People respect you because you seem to be made of stuff of the earth. Yes, you are a wise person-usually your vision gracefully pierces to the heart of any situation and intimate secrets are revealed to you. Friends come to you-not so much to cry on your shoulder, but to hear some stirring encouragement in your words or soak up some of your positive vibration.

Don’t make the mistake of believing you have seen it all before; that will lead to superficial knowledge which, ultimately, will lessen your value to yourself and others. Also, you are emperor in your kingdom of one.

Take care not to throw away vulnerable time, love, money, or health in periods of spiritual boredom. You must allow new sources of water to replenish the well. Your way has been by keeping an open door. Meditate on what you have, in all ways, and what you wish.

Be detached from gossip as you let difficulties move away from you like a storm moves away toward the sea. Don’t overreach. You are strong and ambitious, but just because you feel anxious to expand your sphere of influence doesn’t mean it will be good for you.

Try to be objective about your strengths and weaknesses-don’t romanticize yourself and your struggles-fantasy and reality must be carefully differentiated. Should you seek to widen your horizons, be aware that any ground you conquer will require continuous effort which will eventually drain you. Your power and energy would be wisely expended on making yourself sensitive and respectful to yourself and all others. In this way the territory of the heart grows and stands firm.

Going forward is very favorable right now. All your energy should go toward understanding yourself. You must see clearly what you really want. If what is inside you, in your heart, is linked up with your will, things will be easier for you. Also, you need help, and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for people who can really see you for what you are. Be discriminating in your choice of anyone to share your inner thoughts. This line is a good omen for marriage and is especially favorable for women who wait selectively for the right man.


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