[IChing] Earth’s Changing Frequencies & Dimensional experiences

[IChing] Earth's Changing Frequencies & Dimensional experiences

Are all aspects of ourselves experiencing different dimensional experiences?

#13 > #21 (1 5)

Barriers prevent this from occurring. While you may feel outwardly separated, in your hearts you remain connected. Regardless of the obstacles, fellowship emerges again. Synergistic connection in spirit.

Let your light shine on the outside now. Your suspicion of people in general comes from your shell-shocked past. You were burned and consequently you keep your true self concealed as a means of self-protection, but this time is a time which demands an honest outward representation of the soul within.

Be wary of secrets at your door. You are the master of timing, and a sea of troubles will be left in your wake as you retreat. On your left and right small entanglements slow your progress away from the world, however, you are in control. Not only will you rise above trivial concerns, but you will heal many of the wounds around you with the good humour and positive attitude for which you are known. Let your good luck find you now at the right time.


Are we now merging together with our other dimensional selves or just able to experience higher dimensions or lower depending on our moment-to-moment viewpoints / thoughts / expectations / intentions?

#58 > #17 (2)

Life tests our sincerity so that we discover what we really want/what’s right for us. Joy experienced by trusting or discovering sincerity of the heart is true joyousness.

In your quest for needed good times you might be tempted to go backward-possibly to some former pleasure which is not truly related to the who you’ve become. Fortunately, you are sincere about your life-a strength which has always been one of your best qualities.

Your sincerity will be a source of self-discipline and a shield of karma, keeping those who would attempt to use you at a distance. Be sincerely encouraging to everyone because you might work a miracle without even knowing right now.


Are outside influences causing these shifts on earth to our frequencies/minds?

#52 > #15 (6)

By remaining still and avoiding worry; you can accept that what is unfolding will lead to good fortune. Inside your heart is a song. Let life reveal itself in music and harmony-realize that it comes from inside you.

Something is held back, but not out of ill will. There is a friendly attitude. Things go well.


Are we going through a master cycle right now?

#10 > #54 (5 6)

The most appropriate way to meet the conditions you face is with a deep respect and the wisdom that everything and everyone on your path is your teacher. Expecting difficulty makes things stressful. Expecting to transform the opportunity that an obstacle presents brings peace.

It looks like you have made up your mind to go ahead. Your will is strong and your powers are all collected and ready to be put to use. You will need them! Remember, you are treading the tiger’s tail. There will be trouble and all the plans and strategies you have developed should be put to use to your advantage. Be prepared for hassles and keep a light touch about your affairs.

Inner and outer strength can join for you. Your time of treading should be coming to an end. Dangers seem to be less a factor than a short while ago, and a feeling of accomplishment or relief begins to comfort you from the hard road you have travelled.

Look over your journey and examine the current state of you karma. If you have employed an “end justifies the means” mentality, you could be dragging some chains, but if you have invested yourself sincerely and completely in all you have left behind, you will experience true freedom. Old ghosts won”t haunt you and you will learn why you came to this crossroad.

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