[I Ching] Death

IN Dark Night of the Soul
[I Ching] Death

Why is there a lot of people dying lately?

earth heaven
earth heaven

#2 Receptive > #1 Creative

(earth over earth) (heaven over heaven)

Empowerment is at the core of your question. Metamorphosing. 



What is the outcome of death?

heaven lake
earth earth

#12 Standstill / Release > #45 Gathering Together / Uniting

(heaven over earth > (lake over earth)

The Standstill has ended = at first frustrated, then glad.  The impasse has ended. Much inner strength is achieved when a situation reaches Standstill so the time was not wasted. Like a sailboat without wind, now the wind returns and things begin to flow again. To avoid this type of crisis in the future make sure that you incorporate sustainability in all you do. All good things require the freedom to change and evolve.Go out and meet experience with your new found insight.


When we die here, do we continue in the same form in a different timeline sometimes?

earth thunder
lake lake

#19 Approach > #54 Propriety

(earth over lake) (thunder over lake)

Something about this situation is currently unavailable to you.


When I die in this reality, will I be reborn into another human vessel? 


#44 Temptation / Coming to Meet / Encounter

(heaven over lake)

All that you attract = a reflection of the life unlived within you.

There is a fated encounter unfolding that is simply the meeting of opposites to give birth to something new.


We’re reborn into our opposite?

fire fire
earth heaven

#35 Progress / Enlighten > #14 Great Possessing / Shine

(fire over earth) (fire over heaven)

Great insight achieved through suffering. Something better than what you thought you wanted.


What value does one get when in a coma?

mountain heaven
earth wind

#23 Splitting Apart (Regenerate, Letting go)  > #44 Coming to Meet (Encounter that leads to shadow transformation)

(mountain over earth) (heaven over wind)

Where emptiness can return to a place of fullness.


Advice for one who is grieving over the loss of her husband


#53 Development

Patience and care. Meditate. Conservative and practical approach. Allow events to unfold naturally.




#20 Contemplation

You can only lead others toward growth if you are willing to grow yourself.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. – Kierkegaard

After a time of Great Power and invigoration, the underlying cause suggests that an anti climactic period follows. The hidden influence calls for Splitting Apart the past from the future. It is a time for regeneration.

There is a need to gain a wider view.

When you look backward, you will see the cycles that remain constant, although you barely remember the vague situations that become meaningless over time. By recognizing all that is transient, you can observe the ‘carved block,’ but only hold fast to that which cultivates growth. In each situation, “retain the lesson but not the carved block.” Other than its transitory manifestations, “the great image has no shape.” It is time to let go and become the uncarved block in the hands of the ‘woodcarver.’

Your destiny is revealed by that part of you that remains constant against the wheel of changing events. “Returning to one’s roots is known as stillness. This is what is meant by returning to one’s destiny.” You can move through the changes without being pulled from the center of your unfolding. Although you walk less, you discover more. The core of who you are only sharpens against the vicissitudes of experience. Allow yourself to open to whatever life is shaping you to be.

Life moves in cycles = find the thread in the eternity at the end. Receiving Contemplation unchanging asks you to take a bit more time to contemplate the object of your enquiry because your approach may be too vague or there are elements that you haven’t recognized.

Something has changed and perhaps you are not seeing this. You have to Split Apart the situation and look at it objectively rather than viewing it subjectivity. Clarity is missing so wander back through the situation from a perspective other than the one you already know. You might ask or the oracle again: what am I not seeing in this situation?


When we die, do we go through a life review?

#21 Biting Through > #50 Cosmic Order

  1. Learn something for the first time without fault
  2. Another is holding the position of power. Perhaps you have been unfairly judged.
  3. There may be a sense of humiliation playing out rather than seeing the lesson as a learning experience.



Do “We” judge our own lives after we die?

#64 Before Completion > #63 After Completion

Line 3 It may not be in your nature to pause when reaching the finish line but this will allow you to complete all tasks efficiently so nothing is left undone.

Line 4 Perseverance brings good fortune, remorse disappears. Shock was used to conquer the Devil’s Country and in the 3rd year success. Changes to (4) Youthful Folly. A willingness to go the distance is important because success will not come quickly. Youthfully Folly is a message that we make no mistakes through trial and error. The reference to the Devil’s Country suggests how the closer we get to success, the more we want to give up. Our Shadow and fears manifest more strongly when we are pushing beyond our comfort zone. The trials can be exhausting but again, without trial and error one cannot succeed. Forget each misstep and just concentrate on the goal. If you persevere in this mindset you will succeed.

Line 5 Perseverance brings good fortune, no remorse = the fire of the enlightened mind is true, good fortune. Changes to (6) Conflict. Those who take the easy path never achieve the greatness of those unafraid to be tried by fire. This line shows the apex of success that is promised for those who know that conflict merely makes us stronger. Some people meet obstacles and give up but others see them as stepping stones to success. In this situation you have learned the valuable lesson of perseverance. No remorse means that by taking everything in stride, life is a grand adventure.

Line 6 Drinking wine in genuine confidence, no blame = but if the head gets wet, truth is lost. Changes to (40) Liberation. While drinking can be a normal celebratory activity after authentic success, some use substances to achieve a false sense of confidence. In moving toward the object of your enquiry you may be too emotional or observing from a haze of illusion. The head gets wet when we are not clear headed and using all of our faculties. The reference to Liberation/Deliverance can be a message to move away from self defeating or self abusive tendencies. In order to reach completion in achieving your desire, you may need to look squarely at the truth of the situation. As long as you don’t get carried away and know your limits, success is assured


What does ‘he comes to meet with horns’ mean when someone has died?

#2####3 Split Apart > #34 Great Power

Line 5 A favor once bestowed is now returned as others Contemplate your character and find no flaws. Since you are recognized for being blameless this helps your position however you may need to make a sacrifice. This is a line showing how your generosity in the past comes to serve you in the present.


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