[I Ching] Dark night of the soul

IN Dark Night of the Soul
[I Ching] Dark night of the soul

What was the lesson of my crisis?

mountain earth
fire mountain

Keeping Still Mountain Receptive Earth
Clinging Fire Keeping Still Mountain

#22 Grace > #15 Modesty

Graces moves with what ‘is’ not with ideas about what should be.


Will I be given an opportunity to reconnect & share what I learned?

heaven heaven
wind thunder

Creative Heaven Sky Creative Heaven Sky
Gentle Wind Arousing Thunder

#44 Temptation > #25 Innocence

Avoid becoming influenced by someone’s negative attitude.


Will I be given an opportunity to stand up for myself in a future abusive situation?

wind thunder
water mountain

Gentle Wind Arousing Thunder
Abysmal Water Keeping Still Mountain

#59 Dispersion / Reuniting > #62 Small is beautiful

Dignity and self control. Trust that unity can be restored through gentleness.


Was he part of my soul group?


Creative Heaven Sky
Creative Heaven Sky

#1 Creative Power

Be transformed by what comes from heaven.


Is spirit guiding me?

wind water
lake lake

Gentle Wind  Abysmal Water
Joyous Lake  Joyous Lake

#61 Inner Truth / Intuition > #60 Limitations

The situation can be one of exaggeration where what you are saying isn’t actually what you are feeling. Inner Truth is the combination of expression and authentic feeling. Any limitations that you are experiencing are teaching you to combine expression with authenticity. Expressing emotion is not the same as expressing your truth. Give the situation time so that you can continue to explore what it is teaching you about authentic feeling and expression.


What do I still have to work on in relation to this situation?


Receptive Earth
Creative Heaven Sky

#11 Peace

Heaven is manifest on earth and life feels divine.


I went through this to learn this gift and to learn more about myself and my path?

earth lake
water lake

Receptive Earth  Joyous Lake
Abysmal Water Joyous Lake

#36 “Dark night of the soul” > #58 Joy

Mirror without identifying with dark/light. Beauty of neutrality. Balancing of extremes.


Do I still have co-dependency “negative” issues?


Creative Heaven Sky
Creative Heaven Sky

#1 Creative Force

You have accepted the challenge of life.


Is the unmasking, the stripping down of our ego’s, a necessary sacrifice for growth?


Abysmal Water
Joyous Lake

#60 Limitation

Regulate. Limitation is the reason we make changes in our life. Limitations are the breeding ground that allows for the development of strengths and diversity. Honour the restrictions we inevitably face as guidelines or roadmaps that lead us to transform.

Limitation teaches us to flow – not fight against it – that we are better to recognize the reason for the limitations and how they serve our well-being. 

Give each experience definition. Nature is about change and our path will always be about change. 

Adaption = harmonize in a changing world. Do not approach limitations as barriers, they are springboards for discovery and innovation. Environment limitations = recognizing how you might develop a side of you that remains unexplored. Develops new characteristics and strength.


Is “Coming to meet with horns” (a line from the tao), what we would identify as the “Devil”?

#30 Clinging/Clarity > #38 Opposition

Line 2 You are fully comprehending what needs to be done and you are inspired about doing it. This can be a new situation or a new outlook that comes from the desire to follow your inspiration. All lights are green to move ahead. Great Possessing reinforces the good energy at play in this situation.

Line 3 Worrying about the progression of time can make you feel old or late in terms of life stages. It is better to focus on the here and now and sing. You have the opportunity to view the glass as half full or half empty. While a period may be coming to an end make the most of it. If you would rather complain, that is your choice but not the best use of the time or talent.

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