[I Ching] Concepts

[I Ching] Concepts



#19 Approach

Opportunity to advance / promotion.
Seeking contact.
Fixed rhythms.
Go for it.
Seize the opportunity.
Be inspired by the laws of nature.


Battle of Timelines


#12 Standstill

Whatever blockage, it’s external, move on. Stop wasting energy attempting to change a situation that has reached an impasse. “No”. “Stop”. Focus on other areas of your life.


Blue Sphere Beings

earth heaven
earth heaven

#2 Receptive > #1 Creative Force

Empowerment is at the core of your question. Initiate Action. No advance. Remove self-doubt / insecurity. Force, Creative Power. Have faith.



earth wind
earth lake

#2 Receptive > #61 Inner Truth

Open to the mystery of life without need to classify the outcome.



Extraterrestrials / Inter-dimensional / Multi-dimensional beings?

wind heaven
earth heaven

#20 Contemplation > #1 Creative Force

Each moment and all you meet are a reflection of how you might grow. 


What is the significance of seeing the “Ra” eye?

earth thunder
earth water

#2 Receptive > #40 Deliverance / Liberation

Speak your heart.

Everything unfolds naturally because it feels right.

Your open and honest invitation.

Comes from the heart.

Any illusions or misconceptions are clarified. Move forward.


What is the benefit of doing LSD?

water water
heaven thunder

#5 Waiting / Patience > #3 Difficult in the Beginning

Waiting in mud. Limitations.


What is the benefit of doing magic mushrooms?

thunder earth
mountain fire

#62 Small > #36 Brightness Hiding

Misfortune through flying. Stop pushing. Attempting too much too soon. The first step toward attempting to make changes through small efforts can fail if you are overly concerned with the outcome or what you will get.


What is the new earth?

fire water
fire heaven

#31 Influence > #33 Retreat

Woo. Wooing is how you attain what you desire. Don’t waste energy talking about it.


Arkashic Records

water water
water fire

#29 Abyss > #63 After Completion

The Abyss is dangerous = strive to attain small things only. Changes to (8) Union. There are many things in life that can appear threatening. The fear is the same whether it is related to romance or job prospects. The message is to recognize the danger but not allow it to overwhelm you in a way that makes you quit. Progress can be slow like water meeting a dam that eventually swells and overflows. Obstacles reveal your sincerity about moving forward. Small advances over time will allow you to overcome your fear and succeed. The change to Union bodes well for any difficulties you may currently be experiencing in a relationship. However, if you can enjoy the simple things, the situation may become more fulfilling.

Advancing and retreating, danger everywhere = clinging to a rock so you don’t fall into the abyss. Changes to (48) The Well. Escape isn’t a possibility when presented with danger in this situation so it is better to wait it out. You may feel that you need to act but that would only increase the danger. Many false starts only undermine your confidence in meeting difficulty. A solution will show itself if you can be patient. However, you must acknowledge the part your beliefs are playing in difficult situations. The Well shows the reservoir of the unconscious and its waters must be clear and flow freely. In the midst of a confusing situation you can rest but you will need to keep pushing forward because turning back is not an option.


Spirit Guides

mountain earth
wind earth

#18 Decay / Fix / Repair what has been spoilt > #2 Receptive

Something important to one isn’t important to another, so one minds their own business. After letting go one is able to achieve loftier goals.



mountain heaven
water wind

#4 Youthful Folly > #44 Temptation / coming to meet

Silence your misgivings and return to the struggle. Don’t entangle yourself in fantasy and arrogance, but open your mind to the possibility that you are not getting the message, or that your conclusions are not accurate.


Nazca Geoglyphs


#22 Grace (Accept)

Grace is an attitude of Acceptance that radiates outwardly as joy regardless of what is unfolding around you. Something has yet to grow and in this case, awareness must evolve before value can be found in the experience. 

Other times Grace unchanging can be a message that the situation is blocked by superficiality, as if appearance is held higher than the truth of what is actually transpiring. 

Open yourself to life’s Grace and benevolence. Unleash any expectations and flow in the dazzling river of life.


Crop Circles

fire wind
wind wind

#50 Cauldron / Cosmic Order > #57 Penetration

This is a delicate situation requiring great care. Even with the best intentions you cannot share what you have if it is not based on a solid foundation. You are lacking in either energy, knowledge, commitment or support so without remedying what is inherently weak, doing anything can only lead to disaster. It is better to examine what has decayed in this situation and reinvigorate it or start over.
Others can provide critical input that might actually be important. Everything is in order for you to keep pushing forward.


What role do ghosts play in our reality?

thunder thunder
fire thunder

#55 Abundance / Fulfill > #51 Shocking

 In this situation you are not in possession of enough facts to proceed and cannot see clearly. Even while attempting to assist someone else, you can only be harmed or misunderstood in the process. Shocking refers to the unexpected or unknown so give the situation more time to develop before making any decisions.


What is Creationism (question from my housemate)



#44 Coming to Meet

Attraction of Opposites


What is the Big Bang Theory (question from my housemate)

lake heaven

mountain water

#28 Critical Mass > #6 Conflict (Let go)

To follow the energy of life, you will discover that it is always seeking the best of what you might become.

The study of Nature is intercourse with the Highest Mind.You should never trifle with Nature. –Louis Agassiz

A renewal can take place because fresh ideas or new insights invigorate a decayed situation. 

During critical mass a change is needed and just pushing blindly ahead will not allow you to succeed. Obstinacy and Oppression will not reinvigorate an already deteriorating situation. 

While you had warning that the situation was dangerous, you allow yourself to keep pushing forward anyway. Unfortunately going too deep into danger means you have no choice but learn to swim. The last line of Critical Mass leads to the Abyss or hexagram (29) associated with Danger. Coming to Meet suggests a valuable lesson to avoid this type of situation in the future. You did nothing wrong because you probably didn’t know a problem existed.


What is ascension?


#19 Approach (Advance)

When you place yourself in a position to help another, you will discover your greater capabilities. Earth above Joy offers an opportunity where one is favoured by circumstances and superiors to advance or receive a promotion. Joy rises to permeate the earth.

Approach is a message about making or seeking contact. “When there are things to be done, one becomes great.” Approach describes new work before you that will enable you to tap your latent talent. Initiative to seize the opportunity. You can only serve others if you are steadfast in helping them grow.

Approach is more than a momentary event for you. Your abilities and compassion have already led you into the service of others. There is an eternal flow of abundance at your disposal. Your positive attitude makes every day feel like spring. The only warning Approach offers is when you are not being approachable. Perhaps you have cut yourself off from communication in some way? A high level of focus is placed on reaching out to someone. If that is not an option or contact isn’t reciprocated then the message of quickening suggests allowing events to unfold naturally, like seeds beneath the earth at Springtime. Perhaps a period of waiting for Approach has allowed you to cultivate talent or a type of ‘inexhaustible teaching’ that puts you at service to others. Your day will come. Just keep being patient, present and willing to do what you can to nurture others.


What is “Ego”?

earth heaven
earth heaven

#2 The Receptive (Earth/Earth Ego/Ego) > #1 The Creative (Heaven/Heaven Sun/Sun)


Ego-Mode = Unconscious / Auto-pilot Mode?

earth thunder
earth earth

#2 Receptive (Earth/Earth Ego/Ego) > #16 Enthusiasm

Awareness may be too narrow or being fearful, you miss out on the joy of discovery. Your own attitude and outlook are diminishing the opportunity for joy and fulfillment. Open to the mystery of life without the need to classify the outcome.


What is the Ego’s function?

earth lake
earth earth

#2 Receptive (Earth/Earth Ego/Ego)  > #45 Gathering Together

It may seem that ego is here to discover spirit, but witnessing life as spirit is just a shift in perception, an awakening that will connect you to the here and now. Ego understands time as limitation but spirit has a timeless and unbiased outlook. Dreams and meditation allow you to tap into a higher sense of awareness. Union suggests two manifestations of one thing, like matter and energy, although nothing is separate. When in doubt about your nature, remember who you were as a child. What is unchanging about you? Be that.Find a way to give it expression to your field of dreams.


Define: Discernment

wind thunder
wind water

#57 Gentle > #40 Liberation

At the beginning when meeting a challenging situation you may not feel confident enough to assert yourself. The problem is that you may be looking for a quick fix or sudden resolution in a situation that will actually require the tenacity and discipline of a warrior. 

There are elements in this situation which have roots in your beliefs. Sometimes consulting others who can be more objective will allow you to penetrate more deeply into why you find yourself hitting a wall. Suggest digging below the superficial surface aspects to understand your or another’s fear projections.


Define: Freedom

heaven thunder
earth earth

#12 Standstill > #16 Enthusiasm

Whatever blocked you is being released and progress can continue. If you can learn from your mistakes you will successfully create lasting change that leads to good fortune. This is a line that encourages you to transform doubt or fear based attitudes into acceptance and a strong inner core committed to Progress.

The impasse has ended. Much inner strength is achieved when a situation reaches Standstill so the time was not wasted. Like a sailboat without wind, now the wind returns and things begin to flow again. All good things require the freedom to change and evolve.Go out and meet experience with your new found insight.


There are no enemies. Only love.

heaven lake
lake lake

#10 Tread / #58 Joy

Measure insight and inspiration against the path to find a correlation.

You can play victim or look back upon your conduct and consequences to see how you brought about the result.


Unconditional Self-Love


#19 Approach

Serving others with honesty & without fear.


Is Tao, God, Jesus, guides, Allah, all a manifestation created by the need/calling/desire from us? 19 Jul


Earth over Joy

#19 Approach

Good times are approaching. Your undertakings will meet with success. People above you will offer help and support. Don’t lose sight of what brought you here.


Cause and Effect

#25 Innocence > #13 Fellowship

Releasing what you thought you needed helps another in their time of need, but opens your arms to receive something better. Let life guide you. Respond to the needs of the group without selfish aims.


We go through cycles to get opportunity to return to who we are

#63 After completion

Renewal. Arrival. 

Actively ensure that renewal and fresh perspective are continuously applied.


Everything we do, balances out.

#27 Nourishing Vision

You reap what you sow. reboot mind into openness and watch world open to you.




wind water thunder

mountain lake heaven

fire earth


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