[IChing] What are the archons?

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What are the archons? 

#6 Conflict

Opposition. Fears. Doubts. Impatience. Conflict. Realize that others follow their inner voices, like you do, and they will feel negatively about you if you judge them. Do you want someone to be your judge now?

Instead of wasting your time becoming involved in struggles, you must take time to think. Don’t start anything that you see will be a problem to you. Likewise, err on the side of caution-be conservative.

Use your talents to foresee trouble and avoid it. Try to be flexible and fluid in the face of changes as rock-steadiness will work against you. Also, search your circle of people for a wise adviser when difficulties intrude. Using your gifts of willpower and discrimination humbly to help yourself will help your passage through days of conflict.

Are we here to recognize the demons that feed on our fear and transmute/transcend them?

#57 > #9 (Changing Line: 1)

Gentleness has power to change and effect others. Sometimes human nature doubts this in a world where violence and aggression seem to rule the day, however, you want more than quick domination and short term gratification-you seek the true change and continuous evolution which can only be brought about consistency and dedication.

You’ve seen it around you-so many people giving up on themselves for the usual human reasons, but this is not your way. You are aware of the needs of people (and yourself) to be treated with respect. This respect is a powerful building foundation upon which the bits and pieces of your good karma will be laid.

Get everything going for you as you use the accumulated revelations you have experienced, as well as wise counsel for someone close. To free yourself, be yourself.

You will prove yourself to others by being steadfast and pleasantly predictable, even in chaotic situations. You will be trusted because you are unfailingly kind, and loved because your quiet, subtle intensity is irresistible. All your personal growth and growing-up has lead to this point-you are who you wanted to be.

You must have strong powers of discrimination so you can decipher the clues of this time. Gentleness could dissolve into aimlessness, and this could hurt you. Your reactions to changing events are fluid (a good sign) and your value system is intact. Use these strengths to give you the courage of your convictions. Even the most humane spirit must take up arms in its own defence at some time. Dedicate maximum intensity to the complexities before you-be a warrior.



Is there a negative agenda that is helping to cause chaos? Arcons/Jin/Demons/Fear?

#29 > #50 (3 4 5 6)

Without strong guiding values you will be like a wanderer lost in a dangerous wood at the mercy of one dangerous situation after another. Fears and ghostly shadows of the past may haunt you, or new temptations will materialize to test your weakest moments. You must know yourself now and follow the source of inspiration on your chosen path.

A time of testing has come and will bring you complicated problems and possibilities for growth. You are a teacher. Not simply a person who disseminates information, but an example of the philosophy by which you live. You stand to be revealed at this time for your true character. People will be closely scrutinizing your words and deeds, and will hold you accountable for yourself-however, where you are true and wise, you will have a lasting impact on those who seek your counsel.

This would be a good time to realize that every occurrence in your life has karmic implications. That is, don’t fixate on any situation. Look hard to see what is really happening. Why has it come about? What does it teach you about life? And, most important-what is the very best way to handle it? Use your deepest powers of intuition and reason, and don’t miss anything.

It goes without saying that, at this time, anything to cloud the spirit would work negative magic-alcohol, drugs, obsessive sexuality, jealousy, any over involvement in the material world’s desires and distractions could lead to serious mistakes. Watch each step. No positive step goes unused or unrecognized.

You know too well that when the serious moments of life come down, you are on your own. Life is a trip for one.

We try to lose ourselves by merging with our loves, jobs, friends, or other pleasant diversions of the material world, but, time and time again, we always come back to ourselves. Go on nurturing yourself-give yourself what you need. When the future comes to your door, you will be prepared.

You have the freedom to waste your time. Careful not to chase those old phantoms too hard. If you doubt your situation, look deeper to see what is really going on. If you want to feel alive, you won’t get that by following a prescribed list, as always, you should realize now that inspiration and regeneration come by mysterious paths. Keep cool and get yourself under a little more control.

Your endurance is a slow expression of powerful energy. Beware of periods when time accelerates and mistakes seem to be multiplying. Naturally, this is not a good time for rational thinking about critical decisions. You are so strong you think you can survive alone, even going on a dark path downward. How much abuse will you lay on yourself? Where is the last stand for all your heart knows is right?



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