Hypothesis : The world is an Experiment of Ignorance

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Hypothesis : The world is an Experiment of Ignorance

Hypothesis: Could it be possible that this world is actually just an experiment of ignorance? lol. That we’re just here to be ignorant – fumble around in our ignorance – then we die and look back on ourselves like a TV set at how oblivious we were when we were trying out that ‘human earth experiment’ without a knowing of who we were. Complete with *Face-palm* hehe. Yeah. One of many hypothesis’s I have about who we are and why we are here. Wonder if we ever discover the truth while we’re still in human form. My fave so far is that life is a virtual reality game. I like swimming around in that one the most, cos it makes everything fun. But everyday I like to dabble in the “what the heck are we – why are we here?” realm. Daily/moment-to-moment for years now? lol still no closer to believing something in it’s absolute, cos everyday it changes, everyday is a new way of looking at things. Everyday I’m living a new hypothesis, trying it on, seeing how it fits, adjusting it to suit the moment..

… Perhaps we’re aliens… perhaps we’re nothing… perhaps we’re not even here at all… perhaps we’re strapped to some chair somewhere… perhaps we’re just a micro-cell… infinite possibilities…. perhaps we’re here to “make up a truth” and believe it. lol. Like, we decide what our truth is, and we experience it. Perhaps we’re the cosmic joke… give ‘these things’ the ability to question their reality but not who they are or why they are here, and see what happens.. perhaps we’re another beings “playground”. Perhaps this is all that is. Perhaps this is just a dot… perhaps this is all an illusion.. .perhaps this is real.. perhaps there is reincarnation.. perhaps there’s not.. … but regardless of all the “possibilities”.. we only really need to just enjoy the ride yeah.. make the most of it.. whatever it is… I question it cos I want to know where I should be focusing my attention.. and I keep coming back to wanting more of what makes us feel good and less of what makes us feel bad hehe.. but i enjoy the mystery too, as much as it scrambles my brain

Fri Oct 30th 7:30am Morning pages

Beautiful morning! I should go to the park cos today everyone is looking at me in the van.

Last night though – my entire dreams were filled with truth and I wanted to hold onto it.

I kinda know as I was having the dreams that it would be lost upon waking so I was staying as long as possible in dream-form – Hours more. I’m shocked that it’s only 7:30am. And shocked that everyone was awake when I went inside to get a cuppa – the kids look like they’ve been up for ages, playing the xbox wide awake, and sis said hi from bed and is now on the phone, so clearly she is stirring too.

We went to bed late, why is everyone awake this early? Even the neighbours are out.

I’d really like to remember and write down my dreams now please.

It was more of an explanation about how it works, this universe of ours, but more on a daily level, on an earth level… at least, I think it was.

This coffee is terrible. Should’ve gone bulletproof instead of milk, sugar, instant. Bleh.

Crazy thought now that I’m going to write down anyway to “get it out”.

Have solid dense sensation on back of my skull. For some reason, I’m wanting to write that I wake up and feed the density with cigs & coffee.

Let’s say it’s evil again for point of reference.

I feel like if I had’ve woken up and had water instead of smokes and coffee and milk and sugar, that I not only would remember last night, but that the urge to have these things upon waking was to forget because this ‘thing’ on the back of my skull wants to feed and wants me to forget.

That has got to be crazy thoughts, that bring that whole last week of studying into focus lol. Oh and I also watched a great UFO documentary last night so maybe that is creeping in there.

Speaking of movies, I have had a strong urge to re-watch all the Stargate SG-1 series from my new level of awareness about the universe. Even Atlantis and Stargate Universe. That those writers had downloads about more that explains how we work and what we’re doing here. Oh and I listened to another Dolores Cannon video before sleeping, so that’s probably another thing messing with my mind this morning.

Mind is trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Here is what I understood yesterday/today:

We are all an experiment.
This world is an oasis, our ignorance about not knowing where we came from is our gift. We get to ignorantly create from a level of not knowing who we are.

Other entities that watch us, this reality, this space, this timeline, they know who they are. They know and are completely fascinated with the direction we go, the chooses we make.

They are all part of it. We are all part of this experiment. This experiment is from thought-form from a creator.

Apparently I’m not even scratching the surface here.

But the world that has been created for this experiment, this world, one of billions and infinite, but this world is an oasis.

The majestic sunrises and sunsets, the trees, animals, and other species all working in harmony, the oceans, forests, and our weird existence in which we create these seemingly meaningless lives, where we ‘drama’ over meaningless things (as far as galactic level goes).

It’s like watching babies. In a zoo.

We are all part of this. We are a kind of creation from them. All these different beings.

And.. they are also an experiment.

So it’s like an experiment creating other experiments.

Why? to learn.

Why? to see what would happen.

If you knew everything, you wouldn’t experience new-ness, choice.

But if you create a world where people are ignorant to what they can do, who they are, and where they came from, how they were created, all of creation gets to learn.

It might be very slow if they don’t get some kind of help. Prodding. Helpless little babies stuck in this created illusion without knowledge of how to expand.

So they intervene sometimes to speeded up the expansion.

It would also make it interesting if some were there to not want us to evolve. And some to want to use us for their own expansion.

It’s all energy. Thought form. Illusion appearing real.

There is no death.

This is such an interesting experiment.

Interesting, one of the things Dolores talks about is those who have no soul. As in. I can’t remember the word she used but it made sense to me – like “background music”, the “rest of the cast & crew”. The people placed here with a programmed destiny; to just want materialistic things, to adapt their beliefs to their surroundings, to never question anything. Mindless Experiments. You could be friends with those people. They don’t evolve, they don’t do anything, they are here to run a programme. Breed. Follow a set path.

Without these people, the world as we know it, would be much more closer to how it is in other planets / pockets of realities / virtual realities.

I’m thinking that..it’s kind what makes this place ‘work’.

Let’s say you have unlimited potential to create infinite realities. Each reality has a certain ‘theme’ with certain entities, certain rules/restrictions. Most are aware of what they are doing there, what they are there to create/experience, etc.

Then you have our dimension/reality/whatever the heck it is, where we are oblivious. 

Seed in some clones that will play out a theme (2.5 kids, house, car, money) and “see what happens”.

The ‘background people’ run the programme, and never question it. 

They do what they are programmed to do.

Clones. Zombies. Background. Nothing there. Soulless. Sheeple.

Get job. Get partner. Breed. Get house. Get bigger house. Get bigger house. Get more cars. 

Don’t travel outside of their area unless it’s part of the programme.

It actually helps me, this new theory.

It also helps me realize why a lot of people don’t understand why I keep questioning everything and find it semi-amusing that I like to do everything different than the norm. They are the “norm”.

Or maybe I’m running a programme myself, of disruption? Another experiment lol

Who would know if they are running a programme? 

Not everyone is going to question their existence.

This sounds very elitist and egotistical. I’m not even sure I came here for “good” originally. I’m good now, as far as I can see, but maybe cos “not good” left, and “good” took over this existence.

What I don’t understand is how I’m aware of this now and how others are aware of this now.

And how we or do we change this physical reality? Maybe we’re not meant to mess with this reality. Or maybe we’re “here” to mess with this reality lol.

Maybe we come here to experience this reality as it is. Remembering would change everything.

By remembering, we feel like awakening everyone, but that would change this whole existence.

Better from ‘our’ perspectives, but then where would we play?

Actually I still believe we can implant ourselves anywhere in the timeline and re-experience this ignorant existence and that we purposefully chose “right now” on this timeline to experience half our lives in the sleeping state and the other half in the awakening or awakened state.

That we chose to come now to watch how it all unfolds and to be a part of it. To experience spiritual growth and expansion again.

To learn love again.

To have our own journey / challenges. What is possible.

I have chosen to remember is love others. Together with others, we have decided to remember.

The only time life hurts is “resistance to what is”. When you expect an outcome and it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to happen.



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