How Intuition Works – Kerwin Rae

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Great short video explaining intuition & energy. A lot of people have heard about the importance of trusting your intuition, and trusting your gut. However, many people miss out on how our intuition actually works. Your intuition is playing a BIG game.

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  1. christopher says:

    these are not my words but I think they are very importany …..yeah that’s complete bullshit. PSEUDO-SCIENCE! Atoms don’t communicate by photons, photons are one of the four ultimately indivisable parts of matter and atoms only got 3 things – electrons, protons and neutrons. Plus he’s also wrong by making a fundamental mistake – what happens on a subatomic level is much more indecisive and unstable than what happens on a macro scale. Just because the molecules of your cells bind to everything you touch and even go through them you don’t experience your hand as going through the wall, there’s a ‘limit’.

    If anything intuition is more connected to emotional knowledge, what ‘feels’ right, and often times intuition and more declarative knowledge can collide – on a test, you ‘know’ that what you’re thinking isn’t the right answer but you aren’t ‘sure’ it isn’t, and sometimes you just write it anyway so the question isn’t left empty instead of running after the feeling and hoping you can find the right answer. Intuition isn’t a ‘premonition’, it’s what your body ‘feels’ about something that deeply connects with your own personal narrative and experience or at least that’s a more emotional cognitive approach to it.

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