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Notes/Transcripts from a series of videos interviewing ‘Ihaleakala Hew Len’ about Ho’oponopono.

Ihaleakala Hew Len uses an adapted version of a traditional Hawaiian method called Ho’oponopono to heal himself by ‘healing the part of me that created them’. The method was used at a mental institution, although he takes no credit for what happened there – he was merely working on ‘himself’ and if they got improvement, then that is a happy by-product. Watch the videos and do some research on him for more details, but the basic gist is that he worked at a mental institution and rather than seeing the patients, he used to sit in his office and look at the patients’ files and start healing himself (taking full responsibility for what was going on with a given patient). And as a result, the patients (and staff, and building, etc.) started to get better. His view was that it was himself who needed the healing, not them. That he brought this experience into his reality and therefore he was the one with the opportunity to heal it i.e. heal ‘himself’ or rather ‘his perception of his reality’.

From my understanding of Ho’oponopono (shaped by many different articles, videos and blog posts), we create our own reality by that, we perceive the world via what our mind is projecting, and thus, the ‘world’ we live in is therefore of our own creation, and is 100% our responsibility, in that whatever problems we see/have … what is brought into our reality (what is connected to us, what we experience) is ‘our reality’ and totally susceptible to change from within, and negative experiences can be removed by healing ‘yourself’ of whatever it is that you believe is a problem.

Now I’m not really sure that I yet subscribe to his whole viewpoint fully to the same degree that he does at this stage (which you will read or watch/listen below) about deleting data and aiming for nothing, etc. but I’m starting to get where he is coming from and can definitely see Ho’oponopono as a very useful tool for mental cleansing, forgiveness, correction and restoration.

As a side-note, I would love to be able to ‘tap into’ my subconscious mind to find out what underlying beliefs I have that my subconscious mind believes, that my ‘conscious’ mind speaks opposite of. I’m going to save up for an EMwave and see if I can do it that way as I have not had success using muscle testing on myself. I’d love to be able to ‘let go’ of the beliefs that not only do not serve me, but hold me back, and affect relationships with people I love, my health, my spiritual journey, and well, everything really – lots of things that I’m probably unaware of. It would be nice to do some cleaning on the emotional level. Until I can get that emwave though (and afterwards as well), I can use the various tools like Ho’oponopono to do some clearing of the things that I am conscious of.

How do you heal yourself with Ho’oponopono?

  1. By recognizing that whatever comes to you is your creation; the outcome of bad memories buried in your mind;
  2. By acknowledging the errors that caused those bad memories & requesting Divine Intelligence within yourself to release those memories, to set you free.
  3. By focusing your intention on love, gratitude, letting go, etc. i.e. “I love you, Thank you for showing up to give me one more chance to free you” &/or “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”

Or watch the entire series (playlist) https://youtu.be/OL972JihAmg?list=PL1F7786D6F2687B17

Here are my notes from the YouTube playlist above about Ho’oponopono (interview with Ihaleakala Hew Len):

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100% responsibility for your soul.

There are tragedies in our lives, we don’t look at the origin of the problem is, and it’s always in self.
The tragedy is that we’re clueless and we repeat the same things over & over again.

Worked in prison hospital with people who had raped & murdered people, I had to ask the question: “What is going on in ‘me’ because I am experiencing this?”  i.e. “I’m experiencing a patient being violent”. I had to take 100% responsibility for that.. what’s going on me, that I’m “creating” this experience?

To clean, is to go deep into yourself, specifically into the subconscious, where the data is, since everything is run by information, and the information in my subconscious is dictating to me what I’m seeing, what I’m experiencing.

If I see you as being crazy, it’s only my experience of you – if I erase that, you can’t be that way. Not possible.

100% responsibility is taking responsibility of what is going on in you.

The most #1 question anyone needs to know, is “Who Am I?”

And most people have no idea about who they are & therefore can not allow the data in them, to speak for them, as opposed to choosing, do not have the data by erasing them.

The only enemy you have is the memory you are playing that you are experiencing judgement, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.

So the whole component is about falling in love with the data, and saying to the anger.. or rather to the ‘memory’ of the anger: “I love you, Thank you for showing up to give me one more chance to free you”. So ho’oponopono is simply saying “I love you, Thank you”.

Historically, we think we can “decode” things. Let’s examine, let’s analyze, etc. But hooponopono is not about examining or analyizing. Hooponopono is about “letting go of the data” so when the data is erased, you are what Buddah called in the space of ‘void’. And it is when you are in that state of emptiness/void, that this inspiration comes. What Quantum physics calls the ‘phantom force of nothing”

No data playing = absolute freedom
Clarity = no memory replaying in the consciousness

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One takes responsibility for everything that is going on with that person.

My only purpose for being on this planet is that I’ve got garbage on my soul and I want to let go of the garbage, so I can be free.

At freedom, the information comes at the source, but I won’t even know it. My job is just to keep cleaning non-stop, and let it unfold however it’s going to unfold.

Cleaning is only saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever data is going on in me that I need to make amends with”.

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You have data.. and I may experience the data such as “I don’t like you”.. then you realize that you experienced that data, and have something in yourself to ‘clean’. “What’s going on in me?” I didn’t know I had it. So I can say to that data in me: “I love you. Thank you for giving me one more chance to let you go so that I can be free”

So hooponopono is about saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you, blueberries, M&m’s.” Acknowledging that it’s my responsibility – totally, and it has nothing to do with you.

I’m talking to myself, specifically this inner-child in me who is suffering because I am holding on.

When we were initially created in the beginning, we were nothing. Blank. No data. Perfect in every way. Didn’t have to think, didn’t have to make money. No data playing. “Void”. From ‘no data’, up comes ‘enlightenment’ or the ‘source of the light’. And then that source of the light decided to create each one of us, infinitely, zero. So that’s how we began. I’m here because I have stuff to let go of.

At the psychiatric hospital, I did nothing to heal those people. I only assisted ‘me’. I am responsible. I wasn’t interested in ‘them’. They just came along in my life, to go ‘hello, you’ve got stuff to let go of’. So I didn’t do it for them. We had shared memories. This notion about healing people is bullshit. I didn’t do any of that. I just cleared up whatever was going on in me that kept them goofy. I came along to get rid of that in me, not them. And if they benefited, okay. But that wasn’t my orientation. That wasn’t my focus. My focus was to be free.

When I showed up at the hospital, it wasn’t a job I wanted to do. But I had a friend there that said we need some help. I said, I can do it, just give me the name of the people – I can do it from wherever, I don’t have to be ‘there’. Well, we can’t do it because it’s confidential. So after a year or two, I finally reliquineshed and went. And so when I showed up, all these terrible people daily being sent to seclusion rooms in restraints. There was all this verbal & physical violence in the ward. And I just did my cleaning:

“What is going on in me, that I am experiencing this.”

So I just begun the cleaning, and months later, without making an effort, the seclusion rooms went, nobody ended up in the seclusion rooms. The violence stopped. Whereas it used to take several years (I was there for 4), the turnaround time was 3 or 4 months. So I just went to work on myself. Whereas they didn’t have any kind of ‘work’ program, we started doing things like baking cookies, polishing shoes, washing cars, things that nobody even thought about. And I didn’t plan it, it just “did it”. I didn’t say, let’s see if we can do something. Make new jobs, etc. It didn’t happen that way. I just cleaned myself and just watched in awe by what God can do, and say Wow, I can do more cleaning, instead of being all irritable. Certain staff would come on, and the ward would go crazy. And I would clean on that too. “I notice when Mrs x comes on, everyone goes crazy”.. so then I would clean.. “What is going on in ‘me‘, that everyone goes crazy when Mrs x shows up?” “What is going on in ME, that I’m experiencing this?”

What is going on in ME (data-wise), that I’M experiencing this?

Anyone that comes before me.. we have ‘shared data’. When you are free, at zero, you have nothing, you are free. You’re not even ‘in love’, you’re not having any of this stuff you hear. You’re nothing. I’m interested in seeing the God in you guys. If I can let go of the data – which is the mortgage on my soul, I get back to zero, then I’m going to see Gods… nothing but Gods.

The Universe is not interested in saving anybody.
The Universe is only interested in one being 100% responsible.
Then the Universe will sing “Hallelujah”

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Intention is a concept that is just data-based. Nobody has intentions. The notion of intention is foreign to me, I don’t know what that means.

I just came back from Japan. A women came up to me and she said that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I’m going to be dead in 3 months. So I just did some cleaning. As I hugged her, I did the cleaning. I said thank you for giving me this opportunity for this lady to come up to me.. whats going on in me, that I can make amends for her? I said to divinity, I’m sorry, for whatever is going on in me that this woman should show up in my life, experiencing, ‘my experiencing her saying to me; “I have been diagnosed”‘ Now one of the things I had to work on is this whole judgment about somebody saying that somebody’s going to die in 3 months. I had to work on that one. I’m not here to save anybody. I’m not here to clean and save people.

The doctor can tell someone “you have 3 months to live”. He can’t help it, that’s the “data” in him. At some point, who is going to start “deleting the data”? The tragedy is that “WE DON’T KNOW that the DATA Runs us” over & over. I’m clear, that my only purpose for existence, is to free myself.

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I have children & grandchildren that I do the cleaning for because I want to make absolutely sure that I’m not attaching to them so that they can get their information directly from the divinity, not from me.

So I’m just cutting, cut cut cut cut cut. (Erasing memories). (Erasing memories in “me” that I’m experiencing ‘them‘, judging them: ‘how come they do this, how come they don’t do that’, etc. Occasionally when I get a call from my children (my 2 daughters, 30+), I can feel love for them. My responsibility to them, is to set them free from any grasp that I have on them. To clean on them until the day I die, or until the day I see them as Gods.

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This chair, just like you & me, has 3 cells. It has a super-conscious, conscious, and sub-conscious.

You have to be able to talk to everything, get them ready, ok, we’re starting a new project, here’s the address, you begin the cleaning right away. And then the right sub-contractors will show up, etc. Everything is aligned.

Everything has the 3 cells.

Eating Clean Foods.
Drinking Liquids that are cleaning.
Having plants in your environment that clean.

If you eat blueberries. Blueberries erase memories and open up angelic angels.

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Strawberries deal with women’s hatred for men. Menopause caused by rage.

Who Am I?
I am infinitely zero. I am an exact copy of source, the infinite.
I’m perfect in every way.
My problem is not me, my problem is the data in me.

We’re all uniquely created. You have a certain unique rhythm that is designed for a certain purpose of which only you can fulfil, and if you don’t fulfil it, then we’re all stuffed. But each of us, have been given a gift of this lifetime, to take ourselves back.

“To thy own selves be true” ~ Shakespeare

We are an exact likeness of the divine. We’re zero infinite. We’re nothing.

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Marvin: It used to be, I would, for anything that happened, I would look at other people, other than myself, point at them and say ‘you‘ did it.
Instead of looking at me. So it just transformed my life. It’s just about cleaning.

Dr Hew: If you’re at zero, you allow everyone else to be at zero and they get their own information (as opposed to your thinking that you’re going to be giving the information). If you’re coming from “I’ve got the information, I’m going to deliver it to you”, you’re gonna be in trouble because if I’m willing to clean along with the other people, the room will get what it needs, the chairs will get what it needs, really, it’s so profound, the floor, the building, the land, the state, and out to the whole world.

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Who Am I?
This is who you are – you’re perfect already.

The things that you are experiencing, is not you, it’s just data.
How about guilt? data.

This lifetime is really a gift.
A gift for cleaning.
A gift of going home.

This lifetime is truly a gift from the divine, to make amends.

Another gift is identity.
Another gift is realizing we are carbon copies of this pure and perfect soul.

God is love.

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