Gratitude and HomeR has broken down [Video]

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Seeking the good and being grateful and loving, even in times of trouble. (HomeR is down.. but all is well in my world)

Today I’m going to talk about gratitude, because I just got a lesson in it, and I’m feeling like sharing because the last couple of days I’ve been resetting my beliefs and it’s like “stepping in, stepping out” and having some crazy mind games in my head and today I feel really grateful.

What is pretty awesome about that, is that HomeR is down. I was driving back from work and after about a minute, I started hearing, smelling, and feeling that HomeR wasn’t happy. So before I hit the freeway, I turned down a sidestreet and the steering was impossible.

I checked everything that I could check, but couldn’t see what was wrong, so called RACV. They came out and said it needed towing. I’ve ordered a part and my mechanic will come out and fix it when it arrives.

I was safe, I wasn’t on the highway, and I started writing down what I was grateful for.

The first word I wrote was Gratitude.
Of all the things that could go wrong right now, things could’ve been so much worse.

Just 30 seconds more driving (if I hadn’t of turned when I did) could’ve landed me in a really bad spot for RACV and TowTruck, could’ve put hundred’s of people out, could’ve been really, really bad.

Could’ve caused accidents for others.
Could’ve caused injury to others.

Just so lucky to turn when I did.

While waiting for assistance, I felt so grateful and wrote down what else I was grateful for.


  • all the conversations and interactions I had today were all positive and loving.
  • I had dates, walnuts, cashews & water in the van
  • I have friends who love me and who I adore & love
  • I am safe
  • the RACV lady was friendly on the phone
  • it was really quiet and peaceful where I parked
  • it was a sunny day, warm breeze, birds singing
  • I have data & signal on my phone and that it was charged
  • I got to share some encouragement for someone today & that I felt unconditional love for his soul
  • my van was dry (there was a bad storm last night – scary thunder, lightning, rain)
  • I could sit & write out what I was grateful for while waiting for RACV
  • the pen that I found worked
  • I actually had a writing pad with me
  • the tow truck arrived quickly
  • because I gave the tow truck a big smile and was happy, he waived the extra fee it would’ve cost me for the size of my van (he actually said that, I wasn’t even expecting an extra fee.. I’m just friendly and was happy!)
  • the mechanic is booked out for a month but said he would squeeze me in when the part arrives
  • we arrived at my sister’s just as it started raining (so I got to enjoy the sun when I was “stuck” and when all was safe, ‘that’s’ when it rained) – the rain waited for me!
  • I had changed out of my work uniform before I left work
  • I got back to my sister’s safely
  • I have food here
  • I found the perfect bra for my new dress and it only cost $2

Things could’ve been so much worse, I was so grateful.

I don’t know how I would’ve reacted a couple of years ago, but it was made clear to me that I have come so far and that to always focus on what you are grateful for because it keeps you in a higher-vibration, it keeps life feeling good.

It was made clear to me, that I have trained my mind to be more positive, hopeful, and optimistic about things.

I don’t know when HomeR is going to be back up and running, it is what it is, and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed over the last couple of years.

I am where I am, and I’m happy with anything, and I just wanted to share that because it might actually help someone who is going through a tough time. Seek what you are grateful for, and it keeps you in a good mood. You do have it better than it could be. I have come so far with my health & my mentality, and how much better can it get?

What are you grateful for today?

I think this happened for me to realize that this is what I need to focus on. I just knew it could’ve been sooo much worse. 30 seconds later could’ve been a total disaster. I really felt lucky and grateful. Listening to my instincts saved me.

Life feels so much better in a space of seeing the good in everything. Life’s hurts doesn’t need to hurt so much. I think this exactly happened to make me aware of that, to make me tune into that.

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