See how “Hollywood” attempts to make “ALL” Conspiracy Theorists Crazy [Netflix Disjointed]

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Netflix Disjointed’ – Mix a bit of truth with a bit of “crazy” and you can convince everyone that “its ALL crazy”. “Don’t look there or you’ll be ridiculed” “Be a good and obedient citizen and we won’t laugh at you”

This is a great video to show people how Hollywood influences — or rather “conditions” society into dismissing / laughing at / scoffing at / turning away from “everything” as a ridiculous conspiracy whilst hiding truth in plain site.

Rumble | Telegram

From the Netflix show “Disjointed” – a Comedy about Medical & Recreational use of Marijuana
Starring:Kathy Bates,Aaron Moten,Tone Bell
Creators:Chuck Lorre,David Javerbaum
Part 2, episode 8. 17 minutes into the episode.

In the episode, it shows the “mind” of a character who is a “Conspiracy Theorist”:

[[=== “Every time a new baby is born, the Federal Reserve issues a secret Birth Certificate printed by a company called the American Bank – that way the government can use people as currency to back the debt they have with the World Economic Forum which owns the Central Banks of every nation on earth.

But the WEF is just a front for the Council on Foreign Relations, which maximized the 9/11 attacks as a pretext to invade Iraq, take the oil and install fast food chains to make people slow, fat, and easily abductable by the Shape-Shifting Reptilian aliens it works with.

Now, back in the 30’s, FDR made a deal with these reptilians to exchange people for technology. That was the basis of the new deal.

But every since, they’ve been slowly replacing all the World Leaders to create a Nuclear Holocaust to make Global Warming real for their take-over. That’s how they made up the Cold War by sending rockets to space Neil Armstrong was faking the moon landing.

Now they’re using satellite waves, contrails (chemtrails), and measles vaccines as mind-control, and fluoridating the water, and keeping people’s gold-fillings in tact, so they can be sent back to the Federal Reserve – where all the gold and birth certificates are stored by the real puppet master, The World Monarch, who was himself only a servant of the All-Seeing eye who controls everything in the world. ===]]

“Mix the most outrageous and crazy-sounding “too-hard-to-believe” and unprovable ‘conspiracy theories’ in with the truth and half-truths, and ‘condition-society’ to dismiss it all.”

I honestly don’t have time to put all the references to this tonight – there’s far more important things we need to be focused on right now – but I really wanted to post it as an example of how Hollywood has been mind-controlling the population with their Media-Voodoo to keep them dumbed-down and too fearful to research anything for themselves.

To make the public dismiss “everything”, you just need to throw in the most outrageous and crazy-sounding conspiracy theories in with the truth, and people – who are very scared of being ridiculed or scared of being “fooled”– will now dismiss even the truth because they don’t want to risk the humiliation of being called a “tin-foil-hat, Trump-Loving, Q-Anon, shape-shifting reptilian flat-earther” – so then they run to the authorities for their “one source of truth”.

Since I don’t want to spend too much time on this, I will at least comment off-hand the things that I noticed. Have the conversation over a cuppa – make it more “mainstream” ok to “talk” about things :P

It’s “what I do”… 😊

Ok, let’s have a chat about this over a cuppa.. got your cuppa in hand and an open mind?

First watch the 2min animated clip at the top of the post… and let’s chat..

  • Everytime a new baby is born, the Federal Reserve issues a secret Birth Certificate printed by a company called the American Bank – that way the government can use people as currency to back the debt they have with the World Economic Forum which owns the Central Banks of every nation on earth.

The secret Birth Certificate part is true.

Our Birth Certificates are used as commodities and is our Contract that enslaves us into “their corporate law” – their “rules”.

Although The World Economic Forum is evil and definitely the mastermind/promotors behind “The Great Reset – you will own nothing and be happy” agenda right now – I’d be very shocked if the WEF are the ones that own the Central Banks – I think they are far, far, far lower down the food-chain – but they are working ‘along WITH’ the central bankers to reset our world as it is in all of their best-interests to do so. Blackrock (see – Who Owns the World) was one of the companies, along with the Bank of England that drafted up the great financial reset.

Klaus Schwab – author of the book “COVID-19 and The Great Reset” and Leader of the World Economic Forum is most definitely part of the horrors that is happening in the world right now, a true “looney-bin” of a man with crazy-dreams of humanity being all chipped-up, plugged-in and all “cyborg” and shit. This dude is bonkers.

He setup the World Economic Forum with help from the European Commission, and the WEF is the organizer of Davos – where the richest get together and figure out how to “manage our world”.

True looney bins, with a history of being involved in other wars on humanity. Only a “Schwab heir” can be leader of the WEF – so another bloodline “keeping it in the family” organization that has nothing to do with talent or trusted-expertise. Klaus Schwab’s father was involved in Nazi war crimes, including aiding them with their atomic bombs and providing human slaves (military forces).

All the governments are stakeholders in the WEF as well as charities, media, and you name it. WEF have a section on their “Great Reset” wheel for Corporate Governance.

I’ve already got a lot about the WEF on this blog, look for posts tagged ‘great reset‘. To learn about Klaus Schwab, the post with the most information on him (along with a video) is COVID Conflict$ Of Interest Australia [Video] – but many posts add extra information – from which leaders were “under their wing” before coming into power and more.

I have not written about the Federal Reserve or the secret birth certificate – this is something saved for in-person conversations since I don’t see myself as knowledgeable enough on the subject yet to even get my head around it – but am starting to grasp it more and more all the time (since this pandemic has put me in touch with people who are completely awake to that side of things – and forced me – yes forced me! – to sit through many videos about it, and have had some interesting conversations about it and about what we can do – it definitely does not look easy to ‘get out of’.

You can however find posts tagged ‘new world order‘ as some of the videos and references will explain how the governments are now corporations – that everything has been converted into “corporations” that are owned by one central “corporation” – but there are currently no documents or videos regarding the birth certificate scandal or how it works, although if you’re a nerd – it’s well-documented on the government websites – embedded within all the laws – if you can get your head around the deliberately-confusing-jargon. It also seems like you can talk about anything online without a knock on the door – except this topic.

Although I haven’t quite ‘nailed-it’ in my understanding, I am under the impression that it’s how we ‘enslave ourselves’ through ignorance in this inverse world. When I say inverse – I mean everything is opposite than how it would be if “good and fair and humane” was running the show. They do things – we don’t “opt-out”, and because we don’t know – because of our ignorance / lack of knowledge / and being kept-in-the-dark on purpose, we enslave ourselves and our babies by signing ourselves by Contract over to them at birth.

(They have also designed, created, and re-shaped this world to make it extremely difficult TO opt-out, by systematically removing or criminalizing any option of “alternatives”, and are going over-board now during Covid to take it ‘next-level’ with the digital ID/social credit system enabling them to completely shut-out anyone at anytime who doesn’t buy into the slave-life).

The Vatican (a front for the elite families; a corporation owned by bankers) laid claim to all the souls on earth, and they do ‘because no one has challenged their claim’. Our birth certificate is the title of the soul they have in their registries. They control the “Persona” – not the living, breathing, flesh and blood man or woman. It’s complicated (to me) but the CAPITAL LETTER name on our birth certificate is like an artificial “fiction” version/copy of us that they use to control, enslave & steal from us – it’s a corporation in of itself and the corporations deal with the “fiction” version of us. The CAPITAL LETTER name is the way they interact with the “Persona” – through fines, passport, credit card, driver’s licence, etc.

I just realized as I started typing, that it’s not a simple “point form” “here’s the brief summary” thing – lol. If I keep going here, I’ll be typing up a book all night, and I’m still a “newbie” trying to get my own head around it – still consider myself “relatively- ignorant and naïve” and will probably just confuse you further until I’m super-clear on how it works myself.

Even if you think the Vatican thing is “just a conspiracy theory to be dismissed“, you can lookup the “corporation” side of things to see that the birth certificate thing is true (although there are many “front-end” versions that will say that it’s a hoax/scam – you have to grab and scrutinize the actual documents rather than just believing these fact-checker tactics that they use to deceive us). Their power relies on the narrative they create for the masses – their power is the mind-control – their power is using “words as weapons” and deceiving us into giving them consent over us – tricking us into enslaving ourselves into their system of control ‘voluntarily’.

We, the people, are being used as collateral – collateralized by our birth certificate – which becomes a negotiable instrument – a ‘Commodity’. Our “piece of paper” – our “CITIZEN” – our “Persona” is a “Contract”.

We have very evil people in control of the world, very evil, very intelligent, highly organized families & corporations, and human slavery is the highest commodity of the planet. Coupled with an ignorant and entrapped population that doesn’t know any better because we’re “not taught about it in school”, and we “don’t know what we don’t know, and so we don’t even know to look”. We are deceived.

  • But the WEF is just a front for the Council on Foreign Relations, which maximized the 9/11 attacks as a pretext to invade Iraq, take the oil and install fast food chains to make people slow, fat, and easily abductable by the Shape-Shifting Reptilian aliens it works with.

Council on Foreign Relations is a ‘think tank’ for foreign policies including COVID-19, Climate Change, and Chinese and Russian aggression. Another corporation that I haven’t looked into.

The “War on Terror” was started for several different reasons, including for the long-game plan of what is happening right now – enacting new laws to enslave us under tighter-control & to introduce a new financial enslavement system.

Private Central Bankers allow rulers of countries to rule on the condition that their nation is enslaved to the Private Central Banks. Failing that – ruler killed, nation invaded, country re-enslaved.

The bombing of the World Trade Center is not only symbolic to the end of the current financial system (and the start of the Great Awakening – many on the ‘right side of history’ were ‘called-into-action’ when this happened, including myself), but was probably targeted specifically because $21 trillion went missing from the Federal accounts between 1998-2015, and much more has ‘gone missing’ since, among many other possible reasons including the pre-planned wars on countries of threat. Tower 7 was where the records were kept for the missing trillions which could be another reason the towers were targeted (evidence cover-up of the paper-trail). Building 9 may of been the location where gold was being stored. Building 7 of the World Trade Centre may of been the operations centre for the pre-planned attacks. (When it was on fire, CNN reporters predicted it’s collapse at least an hour before it’s destruction and many other anomalies that go beyond ‘lucky guess’). 2 Floors of the building may of been where the new financial system computers were located.

All wars are pre-planned.

9/11 enabled them to create a “War on terrorism” narrative which enabled the US to declare war on their pre-planned targets against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran to weaken their positions of power – either military or financially. War also has a side-benefit to the “controllers’ of increasing the wealth of those ‘invested in the wars’, to take out any country they deem a threat, and to increase fear & tighten control over all the people in the world:

  • gives them unlimited spending-power over taxpayer money with no accountability
  • removes civilian liberties
  • suppress dissenting voices
  • increase the levels of secrecy – remove transparency, and keep even more secrets
  • it gives them the power to increase militarization of law enforcement
  • add more totalitarian laws
  • and the obvious increase of surveillance and tracking on the people
  • all with the added bonus of the stupid people “thanking them” for “keeping them safe” from the bad guys

Dear Karen, THEY — (“WE”)
( — “Not you and me, but those in control” — )
ARE the bad guys:
…those you are thanking for “keeping you safe
ARE’ the terrorists

There’s also a recently revived lawsuit that claims Pfizer, Roche, AstraZeneca, J&J, and other pharmaceutical companies paid bribes relating to funding the terrorism in Iraq.

There’s endless information out there – I need to sit on my hands and move on from this post so that it doesn’t suck out my time which should be spent on more important things.

Fast-food companies were created to poison the people – if you’re stupid enough to get sucked-in to their poisonous convenience foods, apparently they believe you deserve what happens to you and that ‘stupid, lazy people don’t have the right to live“. They not only profit from your illnesses on the way out by being invested in “healthcare” and “pharmaceuticals“, they have a Eugenics mindset that approves of wiping-out the useless. Win-Win for the bad guys. See “Who Owns the World” documentary to see stockholders (Vanguard, Blackrock, etc.) that have high stakes in both the “poison” and the “cure”

Shape-shifting reptilians – I think they add this so that people will align the rest of the ‘truth bombs’ in with the “crazy” to get the public to dismiss everything. It’s not beyond possibility about aliens or demons when you dig deep – but it’s the kind of topic that benefits the “bad guys” more, and could be more of an attempt by “the bad guys” to intertwine the most crazy-sounding conspiracy theories in with the truth in order to get people to “switch-off” / “shut-down” when they hear about the Federal Reserve birth certificate racket, bankers starting every war, population control, and so on.

David Icke brought this up early in his awakening when his mind was overwhelmed with the bombardment of information pouring in and that the bringing up of these things systematically destroyed his reputation in the world. Everyone who goes through the awakening experience goes through this – a bombardment on the mind that needs time to sort itself out, but it’s not a proven fact that there are reptilian shape-shifters, but they serve a good metaphor for the evil-psychopaths – especially since they don’t seem to have a shred of humanity in them.

The “bad guys” definitely don’t want people listening to David Icke because he’s now free to speak on all the things they don’t want out there – so their public crushing of his reputation definitely worked to get the public calling him “crazy”, whilst at the same time, freed him to speak his truth without fear of “losing his place in the world” because his reputation was destroyed – and so now he can tell you everything freely without fear of the ego-‘fear of humiliation’-shit we’re all stuck in.

You don’t need to believe in “Reptilian Shape-Shifters” to use it more as a Metaphor for the Evil-Controllers – they “do” feed off your energy, they do take advantage of their human slaves, they do thrive when you are in a state of fear/terror/anxiety, they are manipulating your perception of the world through the media and education. Whether there are actual real reptilian aliens or it’s just a metaphor – the “evil” that is inferred is real. There are “heartless evil doers” that are controlling humanity. Call them what you will.

Another case “for” the possibility of reptilians being real – at least at some stage in our history, are located both in the Bible and other ancient texts. We may not be able to validate it without a confession that will never come, but it’s not beyond possibility that the Anunnaki or Nephalem’s existed or still exist, especially when you compare ancient scripture from all corners of the globe in different languages and find the same stories exist in each. It *IS* possible that the controllers never left, and that we were created “AS” their slaves. It’s something I need to learn more about but the timing right now seems more critical to focus on The Great Awakening and helping our fellow human-slaves realize they have been lied to – that they are at least “corporation-slaves”- and not go too far down the rabbit hole. It’s much harder to start here when trying to help awaken people to the wool pulled over their eyes because it may disrupt people’s religious and spiritual beliefs – of which, they may be heavily relying on right now to get through the ‘covid-madness’.

  • Now, back in the 30’s, FDR made a deal with these reptilians to exchange people for technology. That was the basis of the new deal.

This is a fairly popular conspiracy thoery that may hold some truth – in at least, there was apparently a treaty signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt with “grey” aliens. Many books and documentaries on the subject including the use of alien-technology by Hitler in the war. I haven’t looked much into this and would consider myself “too uninformed” to have an informed-opinion.

But, regarding Roosevelt being ‘evil’ in general: both FDR & Hitler came into power the same year. This kind of lock-step also happened in our current crisis, as well as back in 2009 in the first “Pandemic + Global Financial Crisis” that attempted to inject the entire world’s population with a new ‘vaccine’.

“Strange lights in the sky” and “Structured Craft” were reported by pilots during the second world war, that other countries thought were “Secret Weapons the NAZI’s had” where there was no defence against them and they couldn’t be out-manoeuvred. These “craft” caused pilot engine failures and would apparently disappear by “shooting up in the sky”. Eisenhower reported that they were taking this new weapon seriously, but that it still remained unexplained as to what it was, and FDR ‘may’ of wrote a memo (disputed by authorities) that said the “planet is not the only one harbouring intelligent life in the universe” and that they must “take advantage of such wonders that have come to us” in reference to some kind of “atomic energy super-weapon”. See: Was President Roosevelt In Possession Of Extraterrestrial Technology?

It was in the times of FDR’s presidency that the “Gold-Standard” was removed: Private gold ownership was “out-lawed”, and Gold-backed currency was replaced with banknotes/Fiat currency, and he was also the one in power when the pyramid of the all-seeing eye was placed on the dollar bill.

As a side note – if you read the many books on the Annunaki and other ancient texts, there is a plausible reason for our “real controllers/creators” for giving up our gold-reserves, as we are potentially just slaves created to mine gold and other minerals for beings of a different planet. (Annunaki ancient texts, Book of Enoch, Sumerian tablets, amongst others which I find fascinating and wish I had more time to explore). These ancient findings are dismissed as “myth” despite there being so many cross-references across the entire globe that look like all these civilizations experienced and recorded on the same kind of ‘beings’ and stories – which is cause for at least some scrutiny since we didn’t have air-travel back then and there shouldn’t be so many cross-overs or similar symbology and structures across all parts of the world. Michael Tellinger has some interesting videos on ancient civilizations and has found a lot of ancient technology that explain a lot of landmarks in his quest for truth. I can’t really get through a book these days with all things “Covid” being the main crisis I’m completely focused on, so the only way I’ve been delving at all into this subject is via Audible where I “listen to various books” just before I sleep each night – so way behind others on this subject and only have a “conceptualized” understanding.

  • But ever since, they’ve been slowly replacing all the World Leaders to create a Nuclear Holocaust to make Global Warming real for their take-over. That’s how they made up the Cold War by sending rockets to space Neil Armstrong was faking the moon landing.

Already discussed the shape-shifting reptilians as being more of a metaphor.

The Nuclear Holocaust could be referring to one of the reasons JFK was murdered as we were apparently very close to a Nuclear war then which he evaded.

As far as replacing world-leaders with those who on the side of the larger New World Order agenda, this is provable – they don’t need shape-shifters to do it – mentoring (influencing) and greed will do the trick.

Check out the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum and you’ll see how many hundreds of world leaders around the globe came from this organization – Greg Hunt (Australia’s Health Minister), Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jacinda Arden (NZ Prime Minister), Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister), Monaco, Mainstream Media representatives from CNN, NYTimes, ABC, Fox, & the BBC, Argentina, BlackRock, Putin, French President Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Wikipedia, Google Co-Founders and CEO, Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister) – lists of hundreds from this program who are now placed in leadership positions and committees all around the world.

  • Now they’re using satellite waves, contrails, and measles vaccines as mind-control, and fluoridating the water, and keeping people’s gold-fillings in tact, so they can be sent back to the Federal Reserve – where all the gold and birth certificates are stored by the real puppet master, The World Monarch, who was himself only a servant of the All-Seeing eye who controls everything in the world.

Ah crap, why did they leave this til last when I’ve already spent too long on this post…. this whole blog is full of this kind of stuff! lol. I would talk forever on this subject, but I will reign myself in.

Fluoride DOES make you a more obedient, pliable and a dumbed-down version of yourself that can’t see outside of the world they fed you. People who do not detoxify regularly, and especially those on pharma-drugs and junk-diets are most certainly much more easily-influenced by whatever it is that is in the water, from heavy-metals to fluoride and whatever other crap they are putting in there these days. You can physically tell the difference talking to people who live off rain-water or purified water. Fluoride is most definitely a tool of the controllers to turn your brain into mush and must be either counteracted with your diet, or eliminated where you are not consuming their water at all (if possible). No, we should not trust the tap-water, and I think most people know this but keep doing it anyway – 30 years ago you would’ve laughed at people who tried to sell you “bottled-water”.

Chemtrails – no longer a conspiracy theory – it’s been documented, and it’s not like people can’t look up and see it happening – they can see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. Aluminium is in everything – the water, the air, the food, and are used as adjuvants in vaccines. Aluminium can be displaced in the body with high-silica / low-aluminium water. There are so many hundreds of studies on Aluminium and other Heavy-Metal toxicity causing almost all the neurological-cognitive diseases that are an “epidemic” in our world right now. Alzheimer’s, Autism, M.S., etc. If you don’t know how to look up studies at this stage, it’s time to learn. If you refuse to look, then stay ignorant and keep getting sicker. (The only thing I would add for those just figuring out that the studies already exist is take care to realize that “science & medical journals” have been hijacked by these same psychopaths – unfortunately I didn’t know how bad it was at the start of the pandemic and am only in the past few months starting to look at “who funded / benefited” from the studies as an extra discernment-check when reviewing them).

Vaccines – this is one where they’ve spent decades brainwashing the masses about. God, please don’t get me started here, this post will be books long. Start in the Rigged-Vaccines section if you are ready for this one, probably the most important time in history – to find out about the Pharmaceutical industry in general and their poisonous vaccines. And not just Covid-vaccines, but most of the past-ones as well. Basically, we’ve all fallen for it, we’ve all been duped, we’ve all been messed-with by these insidious, disgusting, greedy, evil-bastards, and all we can do now is try and counteract the effects and “NOT FALL FOR IT AGAIN”.

Highly doubt there’s any truth at all to gold-fillings. Not even going to bother to look as it seems pretty irrelevant and a pointless exercise. (Glad they didn’t mention the Mercury-fillings…)

Birth Certificates are more likely stored at the Vatican than the Federal Reserve – although they are likely to be the one and same people.

Regarding the real Puppet Master(s)? This is where the rabbit-holes are endless because there’s everything from a Shadow government, to the Military, to DARPA, to Satanic cults, to the Vatican, to the Central Bankers, to all the corporations that collaborate with each other to keep themselves higher on the food chain, to the Annunaki & other ancient texts – there’s enough information out there to get you buried in endless possibilities for decades. The “Illuminati”, the “Elite”, call them what you will, they are always referring to the same group.

Let’s go with what we can prove for now – I have my own beliefs based on where I’ve researched so far but ignoring the rabbit holes I’ve been down for a moment (which is more along the lines of the controllers are the creators – via DNA manipulation, and a little mix of spiritual prophecies and “we came here for this” kind of stuff)..

Ignoring the stuff we can’t prove…

Eisenhower said “The Military Industrial Complex” was the greatest danger to the nation’s democracy in his farewell address.

YouTube | Rumble (Mirror) | Download (Telegram)

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Farewell Broadcast, Jan 17 1961)

They control the CIA, NSA and other agencies, of whom were behind the assassination & cover-up of President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. There’s well over 2,000 books about the JFK murder. Remembering he was killed in broad daylight in front of the whole world and was a President that spoke-out against the “bad guys” behind the woes of the world and who was outspoken about breaking up the CIA after he rejected a plan to terrorize US citizens to engage in Nuclear war with Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was starting to look into the Federal Reserve board. Wow is it just a coincidence that his son JFK Jr. was killed in a plane crash shortly after announcing he was reopening the investigation of his father’s death?

“Ignorance is safer” – is that why noone cares? Or do people just not care about the truth in general? :) It does seem like ignorance is safer when it comes to calling out the bad guys, but long-term – is it REALLY safer? What kind of world will our kids and grandkids grow up in if we stay ignorant? How much of a prison are we going to live in if people choose to stay ignorant to what the “rulers” of this world are doing to them? Or will they even be alive if they continue to stay ignorant? You don’t have to speak out about something to investigate more into things and learn more about what the “bad guys” have planned for the world. Especially now that you are being the brown-shirts that are running after your friends and neighbours with needles and creating an enemy out of the only hope you have for breaking free of your enslavement!

Who is the real puppet master? Shadow governments – elite bloodlines – and possibly those who created humanity for the purpose of enslavement.

Who do these elite families serve – other than each other, they also have a Satanic cult background – Lucifer is the one they serve. The Vatican is the complete opposite of what you are told it is and that is very clear when you take a look at the actual buildings themselves and symbology within – let alone reading a single text book about it. Rome is it’s own country – separate from Italy, with it’s own leadership. “All roads lead to Rome”

What is meant by “The World Monarch” in this conspiracy-theorist video? I actually don’t know, having never heard of that phrase before. Could it be a phrase about Lucifer or the Pope or is it referring to global mind-control “Monarch Mind Control”? I don’t think it’s the “Queen” even though Royal bloodlines are definitely involved in this New World Order takeover, and are definitely on the side of evil. And I’m glad they didn’t bring up the fact that the Queen was removed from Australia so I don’t have go try and explain the importance of that, or how the Referendum was ignored and how we’re already under Foreign control, and that our leaders are just the CEO’s of corporations… because that would take too much time to explain.

The All-Seeing Eye represents the eye of the deity “I see all”, “God is watching you”, but has some evil connotations as well, more like “Big Brother is watching you” when it comes to these families and what they have planned. The symbol is used for many different purposes, and all things get hijacked by the rulers/controllers at some stage – and one is the Great Seal of The United States (on the dollar bill) which includes the eye as well as the motto “Annuit Coeptis Novus ordo seclorum.” – which translates to “he approves of this undertaking, a new order of the ages.”

Annuit Coeptis means “He approves our undertakings” / “it is favourable to our undertakings” and Novus Ordo Seclorum means “New Order of the Ages”

The Freemasons also adopted the eye after the US started to use it.

When I was going through my awakening a few years ago, I also had an experience where this Eye of Ra or Horus or whatever was looking at me, blinking/winking at me for like 8 hours straight – don’t know if this fits in anywhere lol but I just thought of it now and it makes me wonder if it’s related to any of this at all – something beyond my conscious understanding.

If you think about how long this New World Order plan has been existence – and how long we’ve been enslaved by our controllers even before that, and that history is written, erased and messed-with by the Victors, and that we mostly get our information digitally now rather than looking through old books, so now history is re-written in “real time” by the controllers. People speaking up now against the COVID measures – all systematically destroyed in unison by BigTech and BigMedia – including the definition-changes in dictionaries to Wikipedia, Google, the creation of Agenda-Funded Fact-Checkers, the Click-Farms, and more.

Who then is the real puppet master? What is The World Monarch? Well I don’t think there is one real puppet master, I think it’s just whoever the controllers are – whoever it is that owns the planet, and who use us as human slaves. There is no higher commodity on planet Earth than human slavery – it’s just not only what we imagine it to be, but that WE are the slaves, and a lot of “whoever they are” are involved in harnessing us slaves for their own benefit and only by REALIZING we are the slaves can we even begin to think about freeing ourselves from the chains.

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that “their” World Monarch is Lucifer. But even if it’s just a metaphor – it’s people who have “Sold their soul” to Greed. Who will take advantage of people for their own gains. Is it a real entity? I don’t know, but the “Evil” is real – the Selling of One’s Soul – of one’s moral integrity – of one’s heart and compassion – you don’t need to believe that “Devil is real” to see that has overrun our society.

It’s probably extremely important to bring up the dangers of Artificial-Intelligence here but I’m done lol. And I didn’t even get to the Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 United Nations global governance or anything that explains Australia’s hidden secrets – didn’t even bring up Fauci, Daszak, Baric, Bioweapons, Gain of Function research, Tartaria, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Sex Trafficking, “adrenochrome”, Obamacare, MK Ultra, Free Energy, Weather manipulation, HAARP, CERN, 5g, pesticides, the new franken-food “lab-made 3d foods” they want to get you to eat, the takeover of all agriculture, industry, forestry etc. or spirituality or any of all that “just as important” stuff? Wow – this “thing” that we’re experiencing in the world, is gigantic and has many tentacles – and there’s just too many corporations involved and psychopaths and greedy-individuals with their fingers in the pie to cover it all. Gosh, no wonder we can’t get people to look – there’s too much they’ll find that will keep them from the one main thing that will help them most:

Do we need to know all this stuff? No.
Do we need to believe all this stuff? No.

We need to only realize we’re being lied to.
To not put our trust in the Mainstream Media – they are the weapon of choice and have been “forever”. The mind-manipulation of the globe started with newspapers, magazines, and radios – and continues with televisions and the internet.

You don’t need to go down all the rabbit holes to become conscious of all that is playing out in our world, you just need to be able to differentiate between good and evil.

Is someone censoring and suppressing you – taking away your rights over your own body? Chasing you around with a needle? Locking you down? Threatening your livelihood? Destroying your businesses? Keeping you isolated from your loved-ones? Banning things that will help your health? Putting muzzles on your kids? Lying to you 24/7? Keeping you in a state of fear and terror and not allowing any hope to reach you? “Evil”

Is someone trying to help you, care about you, stand up for you? Want you to be happy and free? Sharing remedies to Tyranny? “Good”


Stop getting caught up in their version of reality and join the right side of history.

Learn to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

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Penny (

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