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Handbook to Higher ConsciousnessHandbook to Higher Consciousness – The Science of Happiness by Ken Keyes, JR.

This is Part 2 of my notes – please read Part 1 first.

Handbook to Higher Consciousness Part 1

Here are my personal notes from the book that I don’t want to forget and parts that I want to be reminded of so that I too, can reach higher consciousness:

The Seven Centres of Consciousness

Lower Levels

1. Security2. Sensations3. PowerTips/Notes


This Centre makes you preoccupied with food, shelter, or your equivalent to your personal security. Your consciousness is dominated by your continuous battle to get “enough” from the world in order to feel secure.


This Centre is concerned with finding happiness in life by providing yourself with pleasurable sensations and activities (sex, taste of food, music, etc.).


Concerned with dominating people and situations and increasing your prestige, wealth, and pride (+ hierarchy, manipulation, control, etc.).

Tips for Lower Levels

  • There is nothing good/bad right/wrong about any level of consciousness – you are where you are – here and now, and should feel free to let your consciousness touch on any of the 7 levels. Accept where you are now.
  • You transcend the ‘security’ level by developing a deeper understanding of how your hunger for ‘security’ is all a matter of your emotional programming.
  • Sensations, however pleasant, can never make you happy if you are depending on them for happiness.
  • Most of the people in the world are addicted to the 3 lower Centres – Security, Sensation, and Power.
  • Every experience you have of other people either leaves you peaceful and loving or it makes you aware of the remaining addictions to be reprogrammed.
  • Selfless service (without thought of reward) is a beautiful way to get free of the three lower Centres of Consciousness.

Higher Levels

4. Love5. Cornucopia6. Conscious-Awareness7. Cosmic


Learning to see the world with the feelings and harmonies of flowing acceptance. You see yourself in everyone (& vice versa). You feel compassion for the suffering of those caught in the dramas of security, sensation, and power. You are beginning to love and accept everyone unconditionally – even yourself.

  • Just as a mother loves her infant no matter what, you realize as you grow into higher consciousness, you can love everyone around you – regardless of what he/she says/does.
  • If you remain loving even when they try to hurt you, they may begin to find that love place in themselves which they so want to experience – but which they don’t yet know how to find.
  • No matter how horrendous your acts may be, you always want to be understood and loved. Everyone does. Remember how we are trapped by our addictions and then you will understand and can unconditionally love everyone as an unfolding being.
  • As you live more and more in the Love Centre of Consciousness, you will open yourself to more people and life situations. Instead of shying away from people and situations as you have done in the past, you now realize you have nothing to be afraid of. You will begin to find friendships that you could never have found before.


You experience the friendliness of the world you are creating. You begin to realize that you’ve always lived in a perfect world. To the degree that you still have addictions, the perfection lies in giving you the experience you need to get free of your emotion-backed demands. As you reprogram your addictions, the perfection will be experienced as a continuous enjoyment of the here and now in your life.

  • You will be 1000% more open to various experiences that are available to you than when you were making choices based on the lower 3 Centres.
  • You will begin to experience your life as one “miraculous” happening after another.
  • As you gain insight into the Cornucopia Centre, you will begin to feel that you live in a ‘friendly world’ that will always give you ‘enough’. You will begin to deeply feel that you live in a perfect world. You feel at home everywhere.


It is liberating to have a Centre from which your Conscious-awareness watches your body and mind perform on the lower five centres. This is a meta-centre from which you non-judgmentally witness the drama of your body and mind. You learn to impartially observe your social roles and life from a place that is free from fear and vulnerability.

  • Your higher consciousness is the “observer” of life, watching, like an audience – watching your body/mind interact with other bodies/minds. Not judging, just observing – “watching the show”.
  • As the “watcher”, you are perfect. The essential you is the pure awareness that just “watches” the stuff go by on our screen of life. Behind what you think you are – you ARE! The essential you is perfect. There is nothing you can do to alter the perfection of the essential you. This perfection does not need to be guarded with ego. When you realize who or what you really are, your ego can relax and you can really enjoy your life.


When you live fully in the Sixth Centre of Consciousness, you are ready to transcend self-awareness and become pure awareness. At this ultimate level, you are one with everything – you are love, peace, energy, beauty, wisdom, clarity, effectiveness, and oneness.

  • The highest state of consciousness is attained by reprogramming what is called the ‘self’.
  • At the end of one’s journey to higher consciousness, one has become a god-like being. As a fully conscious being, one is optimally perceptive, optimally wise, and optimally effective. Because one has transcended all personal boundaries, and experiences no separation from anyone or anything in the world, serving “others” is the only thing to do in life. For there are no “others.” This 7th Centre is extremely difficult to attain – achieving it usually requires a detached lifestyle and a long period of intense consciousness growth practice. Even preferences must be eliminated to reach this Centre. The author generates his experience of life using the 4th, 5th, and 6th Centres and enjoys life continuously.

Resolve now that you will never again let your ego and rational mind try to convince you that the outside world is doing it to you – that others are the cause of your suffering.
To break loose from these lower consciousness traps, you must always take full responsibility for whatever you are experiencing and get to work as quickly as possible on the addition that causes you to reject emotionally what people are doing or saying.

To Be Free

  1. Explore the suffering.
  2. Pinpoint the addictive demand.
  3. Reprogram the addictive demand.
  4. Experience the freedom.
Questions to help you pinpoint & identify addictions:

1.) What is happening right now?
(not using your rational mind/ego to interpret, just the facts).

  • Who, What, When, Where, How

2.) What specific emotion am I experiencing?
(what you feel, not what you think)

  • anxious, bored, lonely, annoyed, sad, afraid, nervous, embarrassed, etc.

3.) Ask yourself any questions that will help identify the addiction, such as:

  • What am I telling myself right now?
  • What pains or tensions are being evoked in my body at this moment?
  • What is the dance that my rational mind is doing to prove me right and everybody else wrong?
  • What do I want to change in the outside world instead of doing the inner work of changing my own response to it?
  • What threat does this person or situation represent to me?
  • What am I demanding in order to feel happy and enough? Of myself? Of others? Of the outside world?
  • What Centre of consciousness am I operating out of?
  • If a magic genie were to appear at this moment, and this genie had the power to alter the situation exactly as I instruct, what request would I make of this genie?

Your next step is to reprogram it into a “preference”. Use your will/determination to give clear, firm operating instructions to your biocomputer. Repeat the reprogramming instructions many, many, many times.

  • Always ‘us’ living love.
  • ALL ways us living love.
  • All ways US living love.
  • All ways us Living Love.

Most of your addictions were programmed into you through suffering and pain.

Expand your love, your consciousness, and your loving compassion by experiencing everything that everyone does or says as though you had done or said it.
Keep telling yourself that you programmed yourself many years ago and that you can reprogram yourself.

Remember that you did it all to yourself. You are laying too many conditions on the outside world that it (and the people in it) cannot possibly meet.

You have programmed yourself with all these addictions, demands, and expectations – and you can reprogram yourself.

When you have reprogrammed your addictions, you are free for a lifetime. All the happiness and beauty of the world will then be yours.

You have everything you need to work on yourself and you can positively reprogram yourself to eliminate all the hellish emotions that keep you from enjoying your life continuously.

Keyes, Ken. “Handbook to Higher Consciousness” 1975

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