Future you is helping current you. Current you is helping past you. All versions are connected and the same.

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Future you is helping current you. Current you is helping past you. All versions are connected and the same.

Ever watched someone go through the awakening process?
That’s what you are watching now, the unfolding, the real-time awakening, the “as it happens” realtime awakening.

It’s a scramble to get out the things that come to me :)

Here are today’s morning pages:

Love is the most powerful element in the Universe.
You are Love.
We live in the power of love.
Love is truth.

A huge part of your healing journey is to confront your shadow aspect, all versions of you that you have created through time & space, take back your power, your life-force energy, and expand your freedom and choices available to you.

Future you is helping current you.
Current you is helping past you.
No such thing as time.
This is all happening in real-time / instananesously from our perspective but it’s not linear time.
Help current you by realizing you ARE future you, and go and help Past you. (hehe… makes a lot more sense in my head)
Basically, every version of you, every thought and belief you’ve had, has created multiple versions of you somewhere, and each one of those creations are experiencing what you created. You are aware of this current thought, kinda, mostly, sometimes. :) But when you actually become aware of this current you, the thoughts you are creating now, you also need to become aware of the other thoughts you ‘had’ which has created every kind of you to infinity. And that is why it’s an ever-unfolding process, but as you are aware of it, you can consciously go in and uncreate the thoughts across time and space, to help all those thoughts you created, which I’m calling “past” even though there is no such thing, they are all present just as you are present, they are all now just as you are now, they are all future, just as you are.

Another way of saying it:
The you’s living other realities / dimensions are helping you as they become aware that they can / have ability to, just as you are becoming aware.
Parts of us already know because this has is all happening / happened and being created as we think it.
Recreate all parts of us to help ourselves, connect to all parts of us – and let them know about this, so that all parts of us are healing all the thoughts we created into existence.
Re: future you is helping current you.

Best insight to get out of this is to help “past” you as much as you can.
Go into every version of you that needs love, help, guidance, healing and heal them / help them. Give them the abilities and insights and love you have. Give them the awareness that this is what we need to do to help all versions of us, and we can all go out and help our past/current/future selves, all parts of ourselves.

You are doing it all, creating it all.
Uncreate what no longer serves you.
Heal the you’s that are still experiencing pain and suffering and illnesses from the reality you created for the lessons, growth experiences you wanted to experience.

Undo their pain and trauma and it will manifest and heal your current perspective.

You are creating all of this. This experience. This reality is of your choosing and you can change it.

Heal every part of you that is burdened and ill, and love every version of you in every reality you have created.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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