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Trying to figure out best way to harmonize opposing views; 1.) “allow life to show you and adapt to the changes” vs 2.) “this is how it’s been for generations and anything else is wrong”.

Wrong is just a perception: a different perspective.

Life is going to keep throwing you curve balls; you’ve got to adapt to what is – but that is a shocking & horrorfying thought for others to make sense of.

If you live your life like “life has to be this way in order for me to be happy”, then you’ll never be happy because life is always changing.

Difference between when I was trying to force life to be the way that I wanted it vs now when I’m just flowing with whatever I feel is right at the time.

Want to look at the world through innocent eyes again to resolve this. Worried that it won’t work because dealing with such deep-set opposing beliefs.

I think there’s more going on than just mass-media brainwashing of living in fear, judgement and wrongness of everything. The duality with others who want peace, innocence, integrity, kindness & harmony.

When you let your shadow in you’re letting in realms of hatred from generations of undealt-with trauma and it infects everyone, and I don’t know how to resolve this.

We’re all doing the best that we can given the information that we’ve got.

Feel like there is some good reason for being here right now, that I can be less of a burden and more giving something of value back to those who have helped me.

When the situation changes, I can move on, but I can’t do it now that I’m needed, and I’m happy to be here and help, but now the situation has changed again and I’m stuck in the middle of a difficult situation where I can’t think of a win-win because logic says… I’m happy to help, use the help, and without me helping right now it stuffs everyone up.. so let’s adapt and work with what we have.

Having the ability to adapt is what I think we are here for as well as the task of ascending, growing, evolving, learning, expanding, experiencing.

If we could all just lighten-up a little bit, and not take it so seriously, we can just look at life and realize “ok, this is the situation we’re in today, let’s adapt, let’s role with it”

“We’ve got this” is a much better mindset to have than the alternative.

I’ve halted my life for the moment because I’m needed here, and I’m happy to do my part and feel like it’s the right thing to do, and I feel like if you are always doing what you feel like is the right thing to do from your soul, then that’s what you have to live with – if you die tomorrow doing what you feel is right, then you die without regret.

I don’t know how to make this better because I see that everyone can be friends, get along, and look out for each other, serve each other, help each other.

Trying to help people find a less-darker reality to live in. Feel like I’m so caught in the middle of this whole thing. I can only share what’s helped me and I’m not in a position where I can stand up on a pedastal and inflict my views onto others – because I’m still learning – life is still teaching me.

Inner peace, inner happiness, inner fulfillment.

The problem with people only listening to wealthy people as if they are more “correct” than those without money. If you have money, you can buy that status – that respect – that manipulation & control over people – you can even buy presidency.

Difficult to live in this reality of a system that is based on the more money you have, the more people should listen to you & that you don’t have a valuable voice without it.

Whereas I think we’re here to learn how to live more from the soul & think a lot of those who have chased money are not fulfilled – they’re busy, angry, stressed-out, sick, living in fear & worry.

These big duality of opposing views coming together is so hard to harmonize. We’re constantly flipping between these opposing views, trying to find the balance between living from the soul and making this system work for us instead of screw us all up and make us slaves.

Do I have to get wealthy just to get people to listen to me that wealth is not the path to fulfillment? (It helps.. but it’s more fulfilling to help each other from the heart)

Need to continue to find other ways of bringing abundance into this system so that people aren’t trapped in these situations over materialistic issues, and give people permission to live true to their soul.

What else are we here for than that?

Hard to have a “souls living in human-form” worldview today, even though I still feel it’s truth.

Appreciate & enjoy what you have and adapt to what is and you find heaven on earth and anything outside of that, is hell.

The miscommunication is not helping things but I’m not the right pawn in the game to share my truth because of my journey so far – I don’t have the credibility in this case, because I don’t have money and that makes my voice small and insignificant and especially “wrong”.

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