Can anyone recommend a good Copywriting Course for Niche Blogs?

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Can anyone recommend a good copywriting course that they have had success with? (For writing sales letters for niche sites)

Can anyone recommend a good copywriting course that they have had success with? (For writing sales letters for niche sites)

This is the question I asked last night of my Twitter & Facebook friends..

If you don’t know the history.. lemme quickly fill you in.. 

I recently converted all my static niche sites into blogs and lost my pagerank.. while I’ve been configuring my wordpress sites to once again get back on top, I realized that not only does the SEO need to be optimized, but that the titles and content could be tweaked as well.

I do everything myself, so there’s no point paying someone else when I can learn it too, and as I want the sites to really go well, I thought there might be a few courses out there that would help immensely with the project, by allowing me to write more compelling headlines for my posts, title and of course, search-engine friendly content.

Here are the resources given so far, and should anymore people reply or should I find a course that does what I want on the way, I will update this post. :)

Also, if you stumbleupon this post and have any experience with those on the list or want to add your own "recommended" copywriting resource, please do :)

Others that I found along the way:

Twitter @Replies:

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Jonathan Gunson

JonathanGunson @happyches Copywriting course? Gary Bencivenga is the worlds best copywriter. Start with his free stuff. 

Marketing Bullets

Change Now

changenow @happyches and here is an awesome free course (also direct download link) – have fun & success!

changenow @happyches Hi Penny, the basic for all copywriting is Triggers by Joe Sugarman – here is the direct download link:


stuarttan @happyches talk to @TheMorganizer! :)

The Morganizer

Kathy Baker

KathyBaker @happyches Yes, Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Copywriting series is very good, David Garfinkel, Michel Fortin, John Carlton courses are all very good.

Direct Messages that came back, recommended:

Hi Penny, been a while, so not so up to date. A couple of the guys here did the BBC web writing course…

Facebook Friends recommended:

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Sophy Mavridis

Brett McFall

Diane Lee Facebook

Alan Rosenspan


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  1. Jason Spurlock says:

    I recommend Ray Edwards. You can Google him or look him up on Twitter or FB. His clients are like a “who’s who” of Internet marketing and his rates are still reasonable.

    Hope this helps. Great connecting with you on FB. Follow me on twitter @jasonspurlock.

    Talk soon!

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