Focused Intention (prayer) with sustained, sincere belief (Part One)

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Focused Intention (prayer) with sustained, sincere belief (Part One)

The best version of you, is the one that is following your own soul’s guidance, your own path. It’s not the one with the million-dollar yacht (unless that’s your calling), it’s not the one with the multiple-educational-credentials and letters beside your name (unless that’s your calling), it’s not how many houses or cars you own, or what ‘society’s idea of success is’, it’s not the house & 2.5 kids, it’s what your soul is calling you to do, your true calling, your real mission here on earth.

Your guides, your inner-truth, your soul, God/Universe/Source-Creator, whatever “inner knowing” you have needs to get back into the director’s seat. We give our power away to society, to what “other people’s version of success is”. Your soul wants what is best FOR YOU. What’s best for you is what is best for the world. Following your calling gives others ‘permission’ to follow theirs. You want what’s best for your children, your family, your loved-ones, your friends, humanity. What is best for them, is following their soul, living authentic to their true nature, expressing their unique version of creation. That’s what divine love is.

When you know that to trust in divine-will is following your own soul’s guidance (your own inner-compass, your own truth, your own journey) and that it “feels good” to do that (freeing, liberating, it feels “divine”), then you will start to notice where the compass is pointing and what is “next-step-stuff” for you to walk your path.

Anywhere that I don’t feel “limitless”, anything that is holding me back from following my own inner-voice, can you please help me to understand where that came from, why I feel limited, identify what is holding me back, and then clear it, delete it, release it from my being and set me free to follow my soul’s calling, to follow divine-will.

All our blocks can be let-go in an instant, it is already done, but something in our social-conditioning and early-programming doesn’t believe that it can be that simple and easy. So we create processes or certain rituals to give ourselves permission to move forward in our lives. We give ourselves meaning & excuses to why we have held onto these beliefs for so long, and we use and create these modalities to surrender the old, and begin-again in the new. Overcoming obstacles has become a multi-billion dollar industry that can be replaced with the power of prayer (focused-intention with sustained, sincere belief).

Sure, you can pay someone $20,000 to do their “programme”, or pay another person $100, and buy some other permission-slip to your perceived roadblock… but realize that you have this power within. Many do not believe in the power of prayer (focused-intention with sustained, sincere belief), so they will happily pay others a fee so that they can believe in “them” instead (a psychic or a coach/mentor, healer, method, programme, etc). and their “belief in this other person/outside force or their method” is the ‘permission-slip’ they give themselves, to “focus their intent” on the result that they want. To give them permission/power/intent to become the person they want to be. They are still doing the work (with their focused-intent), they are still doing the prayer (their hopes/dreams/inner-calling), it’s just gift-wrapped from someone else that has already figured out the power of prayer (even if they don’t recognize that’s what it is themselves.. or if they have just found/created a method themselves of ‘focusing their intention with sincere belief’ that worked for them that they are sharing with others).

We are sovereign beings, part of source-creator. We are the universe, each of us a universe in of itself and part of the greater whole. Every one of us has the power of prayer available to them, we just have had multiple lifetimes of programming by those who chose to profit & control from it. No tool will give you permission to be yourself – it’s all you. You have permission to be the best you that you can be, and experience what you came here to experience, in fact: This is why you are here. This is what you want for the people you love, what they want for you, and what you want for you.

You are a great and powerful being. You came here to create, explore, experience, love, expand. If you have reached a place where you no longer feel like you are doing any of those things, you feel like shit, sick, or stuck. When you are following your inner calling, you feel awesome.

The intention of this process is to Delete/Clear/Uncreate/Eliminate/Shift ‘Unknown’ (Unconscious) Blocks and consciously overwrite them with better-serving beliefs, thoughts and vibrations – those that are more in aligned to your soul. To give yourself permission to release the past limited thoughts & brainwashing, and step into your soul’s path without unconscious, limited beliefs creeping in.

You may need to adjust wording for any of these statements and methods, to serve your own inner-truth (what feels right for you). Turn these into self-hypnosis sessions for yourself, or use it with muscle-testing or pendulum work, or use it with any permission-slip-based technology that you create or know of… PRAYER… “focused-intention with sincere belief” and help yourself transmute all the ‘stuckness’ that is holding you back from being what you came here to be, learning what you came here to learn, feeling good – experiencing the divine.

Anywhere that I’m still holding onto energies, thoughts, emotions, feelings or blockages, resistance or stuckness from childhood or anywhere in the past, or past-life, or parallel-life, dreamworld, or random-thoughts/beliefs that have been taken on, real or imagined, can you help me to please take and understand any lesson, message, or wisdom that it was trying to convey at that time, and if is no longer serving my current life and is in any way interfering with my current soul’s path, please clear/remove/transmute/transcend it now.

Use the pendulum and wait until it clears, or use the auto-suggestion of “keep clearing until complete”. Whatever is ‘believable’ to you is ‘powerful’ for you.

Record these into a microphone and create your own self-hypnosis “permission slip”, or create an affirmation, or be present with what it brings up for you, acknowledge what comes up, and wait for the energies to be released. Or use them as shadow-work, getting insights as to what expanded perspective you need to have, in order to evolve past your limited perspectives and conditioned-beliefs.

Be loving and nurturing with what ‘comes up’ when you think of these statements. Does it want to express/communicate something. Is there a lesson there, is there an unresolved pain or trauma there, is there a stuck emotion there… we need to “complete” the “incomplete”. Every choice-point in our life, based on our belief system at the time, has created various “incompletions” that are still running, there’s still ‘energy’ moving through and living out incomplete-ness / creating blockages in our path. Unconscious but present all the same. If you feel like the energy hasn’t shifted or that something is still “incomplete” with a particular area of your life, be sure to adjust the wording and learn from everything – write it down, take note of what is ‘coming up to be expressed’, coming up to be dealt with – teaching you. Helping you learn about yourself.

What does unconditional love feel like? Does it feel like how the divine / source-creator / God sees us? Is it holding space for our greatest potential? Seeing through love’s eyes at the limitless potential of anyone for any stage they are at? Whatever is not allowing me to see others through divine’s eyes, can you please help me understand what I’m learning and clear any blockages or trauma’s that are holding me back from feeling unconditional love and connecting with all that is.

Our job is to allow those energies to be completed – allow them to be heard and be loved. Reconnect that energy with source whilst taking on the wisdom, growth, compassion, love, lesson, or knowledge that the energy provided us with.


You first have to be aware that they were only trying to help you. And as they arise, experience them fully, allow them to share with you fully what they need to express. Love them. They have taken on all of your grief, pains, fear, anger, hurt, worry, stress: they were hurting to help you.

Surrender – don’t just think them away or put them to the back of your mind when they come up. Feel into them. Appreciate them. Love them. Trust, and Let Go. Have faith that you have evolved enough to handle what they have to express and communicate to you. Allow yourself to grieve. Essentially… “give up” trying to control the outcome, trying to control the situation; allow them to be released, allow them to be heard, allow them to communicate. Breathe & love through them.

The release you will feel after you have felt into their pain and given back your love to them, you are freeing them from your soul, allowing them to reconnect to source. You are essentially nurturing them just as they have done for you all these many years through all these millions of experiences.


For most of us, love is a reminder of when we were not loved back, or when our love was not received, or when our love was not valued or wanted and to some it means some kind of sexual love, or it could have negative connotations such as vain-ness “you love yourself”, or a reminder of a betrayal.

Love for many has low negative vibrations that we may not even be consciously aware of because we have experienced and redefined so many different expressions of love. So we want to feel this true love, but we have all these beliefs, thoughts, and energies that are putting the alarm bells on whenever we try and open our heart and feel into this love again.

Love for many is something you don’t want to do to appease those around you, or something you don’t want to do to protect yourself from being vulnerable or weak or hurt or made fun of.

Many have the definition that “love hurts” and can only bring with it an eventual pain, grief and emptiness.

The love that I am referring to is when all those negative versions and definitions of love are released and only pure love from the universe, from your Infinite soul, that pure full innocent love that you came here with before all the surrounding experiences taught you to define it differently.

The love that is a feeling of oneness and wonder and fills you with light and positive vibrational energy. The love that has no boundaries, no conditions, no barriers.

You may even be in a space right now where you can’t ever recall experiencing such a love. It’s not something you ‘get’ from another human (although it can be experienced with other humans), it is a love you “get” from your own soul. It is accessible to you. And once you feel it, you will no longer carry many of the burdens you are carrying.

Surrendering to that love fills all your emptiness and beyond.
Touches you and pulls you into the Universe.
Shows you how we are all connected, loves you beyond and infinitely and you feel it right back… it gives your life new meaning.

That love is worth opening up your heart for.
It’s worth releasing the barriers for.
That Infinite Unconditional love is worth it.

I now choose to step into the best version of myself, place the best version of me into yesterday and experience what it feels like to be what I have been consciously trying to create but sabotaging my efforts to create. What does it feel like to be free of any perceived self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts? What does it feel like to have permission to do all you wanted to do? What does it feel like to ‘be allowed’ to be all you really are? You have permission to be whatever you want to be:

Step inside and “be” those things, what does that mean for your life, what do you / can you do now? What does a day look like in the new you? Walk through activities that you can now do as a result of having these old-beliefs released and this new vibrations in your reality.

Is there any resistance to doing this? What emotions come up? What thoughts come up? What feelings come up? Feel into those frequencies until they dissipate. Know that it is already done. Thank them for coming up and helping you, and neutralize them by nourishing them with love and compassion. Buried fears and resentments do not die, they merely fester and cause dis-ease. Your soul wants to live authentically in the now.

I choose to release and let go of any feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs that doesn’t allow me to become the best version of myself.

What does future you, best-self you want to share with you, that will help make this transition easier?
What does current you, in your best-self, want to share and communicate with your past, that will help make this transition easier?

Helping your “past” you, helps your current and future you’s. Go into every version of you across time, space and dimensions that needs love, help, guidance, healing and heal them / help them. Give them the abilities and insights and love you have. Give them the awareness that this is what we need to do to help all versions of us, and we can all go out and help our past/current/future selves, all parts of ourselves.

Heal the you’s that are still experiencing pain and suffering and illnesses from the reality you created for the lessons, growth experiences you wanted to experience. Undo their pain and trauma and it will manifest and heal your current perspective. Heal every part of you that is burdened and ill, and love every version of you in every reality you have created.

Everything that is in your reality that you are holding onto, is of your creation. If you are feeling uneasy, low, stuck, or are unable to create the life you want to have, you still have some undesired beliefs in your programming. Something you have the power to clean, discard, release.

Transcript for Deleting, Clearing, Uncreating, Eliminating, Releasing and Shifting Unknown Blocks & Limited Beliefs

Drop into your heart and feel grateful that all of this has already been resolved.

Briefly think about becoming your preferred sense of being. Are there any emotions related to becoming confident?

Mentally imagine (pretend/make-up) seeking and feeling around your body’s energy field, or notice anything different that is happening within your body that comes up. (You are looking for any resistance, blockages, dark patches, discomfort, lower density – any energy, pain, or anything that you sense is different)

Once you feel it, see it, or sense it, hold your hand (or give focused attention) to that area. Place your awareness there, and communicate with it as if it’s conscious energy. Acknowledge it and take responsibility for it. Know that something within you is suffering because you are holding onto it. All energy has a consciousness and it knows already what to bring up to be released and cleared.

Say, read, think about, or feel the truth in this:

I accept that I brought you in to serve me in a time of my life when I needed you, when I wasn’t aware of & didn’t trust in my own capabilities, you were there to serve and defend me, when I felt lost, confused & insecure. Thank you for being there in my life and for all the lessons I learned. I’m sorry for carrying you with me so long to keep serving and protecting me – please forgive me. It’s time for me to surrender to a fresh perspective and open my heart to new possibilities, to create, experience and allow life to unfold without automatic prejudices, beliefs & thoughts that don’t fit into my current experience. To believe in my own capabilities from an awareness of unconditional love, compassion, kindness, integrity, blissful, limitless and expansive vibration, and to trust my intuition and my own wisdom, that I receive from being my highest & best self. I love you. Thank you for giving me one more chance to let you go so that we can be free. It’s ok to be released back into the universe now.

Wait for the energy to shift/flow/release, the wave to go through, then relax.

Imagine a balloon, and release it to the universe.
Or take a few deep breaths and allow the new energy to come in on the in-breath and the old energy being released on the out-breath.
Or tap acupressure or EFT points.
Or imagine light coming into you, purifying and cleansing you.

Whatever ritual you need to do or thought you need to have, to release and surrender control over keeping that emotion, limited belief, or thought that is keeping you from being your best-self, from being healthy, from being the loving, powerful being you naturally are.

Now we are going to convert that big paragraph of acceptance, forgiveness, appreciation, new energy and awareness, into a single power-word of your choosing.

It can be one word, or a set of words.

Basically, we are now creating a program to use, to define that paragraph into an intention-energy, for the purposes of this letting-go exercise (to make things easier and faster – basically, so that we don’t have to read it every single time, we can make up a word or use a combination of power-words, and use that “magic word” to focus the meaning, the will, the desire, the intentions on the clearing of all the energies and blockages, to give ourselves permission to let go of past-beliefs that continue to cause suffering and no longer serve us)

Feel into that paragraph, read it again, and programme a word or set of words that grasps your full intention to let go.

Release / Released
Transform / Transformed
Clear / Cleared
Delete / Deleted
Uncreate / Uncreated
Eliminate / Eliminated
Vanquish / Vanquished
or set of words “Release, Dissolve and Let Go”
or make up your own word “Booyah!” – it really doesn’t matter what word you programme, it’s the “intentions” and “feeling” and “permission to let go” behind it that gives the word it’s clearing-power. It’s the release you feel when you use it. It’s the programme you are creating.

I’m also in the process of writing another post with various scripts and affirmations and “release” statements that others can also use. I’ll link from this post when it’s complete (and it will have Part Two in the subject).

Other methods that you may resonate with of releasing trapped emotions and old-programming and incompletions from the past include:

  • To hear/express/release your Inner Voice: Journalling, writing, hear what comes out of your mouth, observe what you post, witness your advice to others, pay attention to your thoughts, feel where your body is trying to communicate through ways of pain or dis-ease.
  • EFT, Emotion Code, Healing Code, Access Consciousness, etc. These methods can find hidden and conscious Heart Walls and energies to allow you to release them.
  • Hypnosis, any kind of Regression or Past-Life regression therapy, Timeline Therapy, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), and/or psychologist / counselling type methods are methods that can help you locate suppressed traumas to bring to the surface and deal with.
  • Any kind of method that increases your chi could be used for raising your vibrations while you deal with and let go of these energies such as: 
    Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Walking, Hiking in Nature, Acupuncture, Shower, Swim in Ocean, etc.
  • Massage, cupping, exercising, rebounding, dancing, any kind of “movement” can be used to help disturb, move, and release energies.
  • Reiki, Quantum Touch, or any kind of Pranic or “intentional” energy healing work may also help not only with your own intentions (our intentions and beliefs create our reality) but with their intentions and beliefs, creates a co-creating experience of energy healing on the body/soul.
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