Focus & Gaining Clarity for your desired Goals

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Just listened to an audio course on Focus.
Here are my notes:

Create 3 ring binder, with Tab sections:

Key Information:

Page 1: List of Values/Principals that are most important to you

Page 2: Description of your future self.  Paragraph & Bullet Points/Keywords

Page 3: Personal Contract: One sentence affirmation of qualities you most want.


The things you want to do “Some day”


  • Own quotes about your success
  • Your “How to” Book on life


List of Your “Steps” on the way to Results/Outcomes. Small realistic goals that you can achieve

When creating a goal, address the Acronym “SMARTS”:

  1. S – SPECIFIC – Is it specific? Have you clearly defined the result you want to achieve?
  2. M – MEASURABLE – Is it measurable? How will you know you’ve achieved exactly what you set out to do?
  3. A – ATTAINABLE – Is it attainable? Have you or anyone else come close to achieving a goal like this before?
  4. R – RISKY – Is it risky? The greater the risk, the greater we feel when we accomplish it.
  5. T – TIME-FRAME – Does your goal have a time-frame or a date to accomplish it by? (A goal is a dream with a deadline)
  6. S – SUPPORT Do you have support? Find people who will encourage you to accomplish your goal

Other notes:

  • Clarify what you want (create intention)
  • Public Declaration of your goals (tell people what your goals are)
  • Stop Procrastinating – best way to overcome is not to procrastinate, choose to stop. “From now on, I do it now” – practice for 30 days, make a commitment, whenever you go to put something off – say NO, do it now. “Do today, what feels good tomorrow”
  • Momentum creates momentum.
  • Make a list of all the things you’ve been putting off that would benefit you both personally and professionally. What could you do today, that you want to postpone until tomorrow? Then, next to each item, write ONE action that would create momentum. Look for that one, small step. Look for solutions, not excuses.
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