My Happy Place: Vibrating Pure Unconditional Love, Soul Connection Experience

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Gone to my Happy Place
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I don’t know what being in the “Vortex” feels like.. never really ‘got’ what Abraham was talking about in that regard, it was something that I was going to ‘look into at a later time’ because each time it’s mentioned, my brain goes ‘whoosh…  “sorry, I don’t get it.. sounds pretty good though”. :) I think I was trying too hard, or over-thinking it, trying to make things more complex, or trying to piece together a puzzle.

But ever since the vision (March 29th – that I haven’t yet been able to post publicly due to not having the words to describe it yet), I’ve had a sensation come over me, fill me up, and I think this sensation is what ‘being in the Vortex’ must feel like. Not every day and not every moment of the day, but about 5 blissful days (so far), and today was the first time that I was able to get there ‘at will’, instead of ‘by chance’, and I’m so happy, that I thought I might be able to attempt to describe what it feels like (if it’s at all possible), and to the best of my ability, try to reveal the steps to take to deliberately ‘get into’ that state.

Why would you want to?

When you ‘feel good’, life is better :) Life is easier, you heal faster, fear is diminished, tensions are released, you help others more, you can feel free to be yourself, strangers smile at you, everyone you connect with feels happier (or at least, that’s how you feel when you are ‘in’ the experience), you are protected by negative energies or judgements, and you are in the right ‘vibration’ for achieving what you want. There are so many reasons to want to be in a loving-vibration. I don’t even feel like explaining the reasons why you wouldn’t want to at this time, I don’t see the point because I think it’s pretty obvious, but maybe on a day when I’m feeling like crap instead of on this awesome “high” that I am in now I might feel that it’s important, but I can’t even relate to or even bring up any negative feelings in my current state.

What it feels like:

The sensation I get is a true ‘love’ of mankind, of humanity, and of nature and of all things, of this experience, of the things known and yet to be revealed, of the journey and of the past, and of all of what is. It’s a pure, innocent love for all and it’s seeing all the connections. It’s deep but it’s ‘fun’, all in the same experience. There is no way anyone can ‘bring me down’ when I’m in this state, I can’t see anything ‘wrong’ with the world, and criticisms, bitchiness, and things said with ‘hate’ that would normally make me sad, anxious, or get me fired up, get giggled off, and love – a real energy surge of healing love, deep care, compassion, and pure happiness – is sent back in return.

When I’m in this ‘happy place’, I can see or rather have an overpowering ‘feeling’ of pure innocent love and appreciation for all that is, that we are all connected. In this state of mind, you feel completely protected, supported, and loved in every way imaginable, and you have the deep desire to send that energy out to everyone, to everything, and to everywhere; that the love  (or energy) is boundless or limitless. You desire and can’t help but to send love out to all of humanity and nature in every way, it pours out of you.

You feel part of a ‘collective’ – that there are more than just you alone feeling like this, that combined with the others who are experiencing this, you are working together with pure love, for this feeling to be ‘contagious’ across humanity, to want everyone to experience this huge surge of powerful loving, support, and joyful emotion, where everything feels right, where everything feels true, where you see people as their true selves, in their true form, behind the experience they created on this earth – beyond that – that they are souls or higher consciousness – or rather, you feel and sense their higher selves in their pure perfect form.. their ‘light’. They are innocent, pure, wise, energy, and love – you see no ‘imperfections’ – there are no judgements; it’s their true soul, their higher selves that you are feeling, beyond the human experience, the eternity, the place without ‘time’, the collective ‘oneness’.

I go in and out of these experiences throughout the day, sometimes ‘out’ for a few hours, then ‘back in’, then ‘out again’, but when I’m in it, I feel like I’m connected to everything, everyone, nature, love, source, the universe, the eons of wisdom, healing, innocence, romance, a deep care for everyone; like nothing else I’ve ever experienced… and it’s ‘fun’, joyful, happy, not serious at all, but meaningful at the same time.

How I ‘tap’ into this feeling:

To get into this state, I first have to remember, and believe, with a ‘knowing’ beyond any doubt that we are more than just flesh & bones, more than just the human form, where I feel that we are all spirits, or all energy. I get there by a will to feel their ‘higher self’, a seeking to connect to the true soul ‘behind’ the mask of the human form – that wisdom beyond their eyes, beyond their bodies, that they are pure energy inside, pure soul, and much more than the outward projection of themselves.

When I can picture that I am connecting with their ‘higher selves’, their ‘true form’, behind the skin, there is a love and connection that pours out.. it pours out of me for miles.. it’s like the energy from within my own body spreads across and out from me in all directions to everyone and everything that it ‘shines’ on.

deep love deep love

Deliberate Intending: Imagining “Lost Loved Ones being ReUnited”:

Today, I was able to connect to this feeling by imagining ‘lost loved-ones being reconnected’ and that pure rejoice and love that is spread when lost souls reunite. Really putting myself inside that scene.

If you want to try to have the same experience, imagine maybe 3-4 people (made-up, familiar faces, or even real people that you know or have a bond with), that you haven’t seen in a long time, male or female, it doesn’t matter but I found it easier to start with the opposite gender as it was easier for me to bring up familiar pure love / connection & attraction feelings with male energies, but after I had connected with the deeper-soul communion (the non-sexual pure love) with the male energies, I found I could then bring in a female entity, but I’m sure now that I have this vision to practice with, I can become more used to the idea of non-gender based souls reconnecting.

The feeling or emotion you want to tap-into is that of deep unconditional love.. so imagine and ‘feel’ the feelings that go along with loving, missing, and caring about someone special from the bottom of your heart. Then imagine, that out-of-the-blue, one by one they appeared to you by chance (at a shopping centre, or at your workplace, or at your front door, or at the airport, etc).. an unplanned, accidental, ‘divine encounter’.

Feel the emotions when you reconnect with someone that you deeply care for, that chance encounter of someone you haven’t seen in years, the love and surprise and happiness/joy that pours out of you seeing them again. Rushing to give them a huge hug, or being lifted up and spun around and feeling that emotion of being loved and missed by them whilst sharing how much you love and missed them with pure joy.

Being in that ‘cocoon’ of trust, love, deep-seated care, knowing that the deep love – the bond – the complete understanding – the ecstatic feeling of being reunited is mutual:  you are both so grateful to the universe for reconnecting you right at that moment, and immediately after this encounter, you notice they are with someone else that you have the same deep love for, and that they also have the same love for, and now you are double-happy when you didn’t think you could be even happier, and then all 3 of you rejoice, reconnect and re-bond, and communicate like no time has separated you, that you will never be separated again.

Then the 3rd person appears and there is now 4 of you with pure love for each other, overjoyed, and a pure ‘knowing’ that our higher selves are reconnecting, maybe thousands of human years have passed, but it seems like yesterday, because you know deep-down that you have always been ‘connected’ and that your souls have always been communicating. That there is an innocence and magic and pureness about it, but it can also be electric and romantic at the same time. It’s a bond, a connection.. like the love that a mother has for her child, a twin’s bond, a lover or a touch from a ‘crush’.. it’s that magic buzz, electricity, bond, and truth that is ‘us in our pure form’, and can be shared by all. 

You are aware that others around you, watching, may not have experienced this love before, but you can see the potential for anyone to be able to join, to be able to see it, to be able to feel it; our pure souls, our pure spirits, our higher selves, revealing who we really are, hugging without thinking, loving each other, all of us ‘back together’, without any jealousy – the love felt for all is equal and understood and felt and celebrated, there is a pure love that pours out, and comes back in, and anyone who feels it, who sees it, can experience it too. And it’s this reconnecting that makes you all know why you are here, you now have an overwhelming desire to help others experience it, collectively you all feel excited about the next few moments, that we all know that we want everyone that surrounds us to feel this love, this connection, this healing, this energy, this truth.

It’s not so much a sexual energy, but sometimes a wave of the same type of emotion comes right through your soul –  the same kind of energy you feel with the first touch from someone you hope deeply cares about you, the same kind of deep-soul-awareness you get when you can safely look deep into the eyes of someone you trust, the wisdom, love, innocence, vulnerability, strength, perfection. It’s the love you experience when you ‘belong’ together, so it’s all types of love wrapped up in one. When you trust someone so completely, that you can ‘switch your brain off’ and just ‘feel’, just trust your senses, hold them, be held by them, love them, be loved by them, and not let go. That your ‘energy’ is now doing the communicating. Your energy and theirs combine, communicate, become ‘shared’. Your thoughts, your desires, and theirs are shared in unison.

It’s not a dependency feeling, it’s not a ‘longing’ feeling, it’s not a ‘desperate’ feeling, it’s a ‘bliss’ and a ‘coming together of souls’ who see you for who you are, and you them, it’s a shared experience for the higher-consciousness, the higher-self, the part that we don’t ‘tap’ into nearly enough whilst in this ‘human experience’ because it doesn’t really fit ‘modern society and it’s rules’. And it’s this realization, that together, combined, you now ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the world for what it really is, you now see all the connections, and feel all the love & joy and what can be created.

It’s a beautiful state of being, when even though everyone who surrounds me is completely unaware that this is what I’m feeling as I’m ‘dancing around my day’; pure love for their soul, deep care for humanity, healing energy, and hope and optimism for human kind. Whilst in this state, I see everyone as a shared connection to the same energy. They are completely oblivious to it, but it doesn’t matter because this feeling makes me feel awesome as I go about my day, it’s a feeling that awakens human potential in me, of realizing that the people of this world, one-by-one, are awakening to this new sense of awareness, this new state of consciousness, that within each of us we have so much love to share, and that the love is not limited or wrong – it’s limitless, it’s pure, it’s expanding, it’s the next step in this journey. As more and more experience this type of love, as each person ‘taps’ into this state of consciousness, it actually awakens even more souls. 

Ok, going back to sleep now .. might add more in the future, if I can think of a better way of describing it :)

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