What does spiritual ascension mean? Why is it just happening now? What happens after?

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What does spiritual ascension mean? Why is it just happening now? What happens after?

My personal reply to a question in a facebook group:

What does spiritual ascension mean? Why is it just now happening at 51? What happens after?

I’m always trying to figure it out too.. lol… I have at least 10 different theories going on that accounts for infinite dimensions as well as “I’m delusional and these theories are just permission-slips to get through suffering”… … but the one that helps me most in “3d-individual-identity-mode”.. is the sense that is ever-evolving and changing over the years.. I change my mind, but I always seem to end up somewhere around here and adapt it day-to-day, moment-to-moment depending on what I’m learning/experiencing…
…is that we came here to help… and to evolve… but also with the intentions of enjoying all there is to offer here.. but ultimately that the thing that attracts us to this place apart from the majestic beauty of this earth, is all the expansion and rapid evolvement available to us here, growth opportunities abound, and earthly experiences such as duality, love, humility, compassion, advancement, and egotism, and the relationships, learning ourselves through each other, learning more about all of us… .etc..
…but our ultimate goal after experiencing this even one lifetime, let alone perhaps infinite ones, is that we want to ease the suffering of the world, …so consciously or not, when we are not living true to who we are, when we’re not aligned with our purpose, we either manifest ways of waking up, or divine intervention steps in.. the veils come down, and we start to remember all that we are here for, so that we can re-align back with who we are.. our higher-selves, our souls, our source-expression-of-creation… to help create a place that still enjoys the beauty of this world, the duality – movement & non-movement, the evolvement.. but without the suffering..
…. that by understanding duality/fear/judgement, what the solution is because we realize that we cannot enjoy the potential of this world whilst there are those suffering.. we cannot enjoy the abundance of food whilst there’s starving children.. we cannot fully enjoy the peace whilst there is unrest and war.. etc.. even if we can temporarily “make it ok” by numbing ourselves to the idea that they are in those places to evolve, or in those situations to be of service, to help others..
…and.. when we start exploring the big questions, and that innate love within us that does not want to see suffering, starts to explore.. all the problems with a solution-focus… what can little-me do?
We come to a realization that we’re not doing “our part” which is working on ourselves.. “that separateness” is created because we don’t “accept” that we are all unique expressions of creation, we realize that we are part of the problem, that our ripple-effect that is created when we judge and separate.. and act out of love – is the cause.. and that our solution is doing what we can, and uniting with others.. paving the way for others to become in alignment to who they are, becoming true to who we are.. expanding/growing, and when we are aligned with our self.. love ourselves, start doing what is right in our heart rather than what we “reacted” to when we didn’t know.. we give “permission” for others to do the same, that as we come into this space of love, unity starts to “realize” a solution.. becomes the solution… that we realize that individually we are helping shape this world.. that the collective consciousness is what is creating the reality.
We wakeup to the idea that this reality is made up of “little me’s”.. and if each individual can work in harmony together, that is the only thing that can ease the suffering.. so we realize that working on ourselves is the most important thing we can do or firstly the only thing we really have power/control over..
Oops writing too much.. I have so many different aspects/ideas.. because I also think there is a massive awakening happening right now, and that in the next 1-2 years we’ll start to see a rapid, domino ripple effect …
…divine timing… planned?.. or .. as a result of those who have woken up and are raising the vibration and changing the collective consciousness, or both.. but for me, I’m seeing a big.. “letting go of the old” in lots of people right now.. that they are forced to deal with that which doesn’t belong in the new world (new vibration/frequency).. so that they can let it go / evolve from it, become in alignment to who they really are.. yeah.. ok, stopping now.. this is getting way too long and I’m rambling..
Oops.. too much… and doesn’t answer your question.. (it was just what your question brought forth from me.. thank you for that.).
Nutshell.. expand, grow, self-actualize, advance with humility, compassion, and love/understanding. Live in the moment, I think it’s all unfolding in front of our eyes and we learn/expand/gain insights in the moment, or at least some of us must of chosen this path of not knowing “what next”.. but there’s a sense that it’s teaching us as we go, individually, learning in our own way.

Does anyone feel sad during this process?

Definitely goes in cycles for me… I notice waves… like, something is brought to the surface and I’m like… wtf is this? lol…”I thought I was there, damnit!”..

.. ego has a little tanty of denial .. then I have to lose another mask that I didn’t know I had.. (another vibration that doesn’t belong in the vibration that we are creating… another “old stuff” to be ‘let go’ of).

and then I work on myself.. and then the cycle ends and I’m at peace, inner-smiling, and centred again…

it’s like… energy brought to surface… 3d ego doesn’t want to believe that I’m still “not there”.. we have a little battle.. until one of us surrenders… as we try to understand the fear/discomfort, our soul / inner truth helps us realize that the fear was here to help us… shows us what doesn’t belong, what to let-go of, what to love, what to expand from… then we align with soul… get the lesson.. take responsibility for our part in it.. gently teach our own ego’s a bit of humility and compassion… resolve/transcend/expand/grow.. and then.. we get a little flatline for a while where we get to be in “peace” until the next cycle comes up to be dealt with, and each cycle gives us more wisdom/strength/expansion to deal with the next? lol *puts arms up*.. hehe.. but it definitely helps to have a sense of humour through the worst times.. like, seeing as a game where you are “levelling-up”

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