[IChing] Fave Messages

[IChing] Fave Messages

Favourite answers the IChing has given me over the years that I aspire to live up to:


  • 2.) Your words have meaning that can help others.
  • 4.) If it feels right, do it. Take a leap of faith.
  • 5.) You are in sync with universal forces. Recognized for who you are. Great leader with high morals. People look up to you for inspiration.


  • 4.) You can inspire others by your influence and confidence. One succeeds, and others share the benefit.


  • 4.) Maintaining too tight a old over anyone is a transgression of their freedom. It denies them the opportunity to learn through experiencing the open book of life.


  • Power of the Great is activated for those who know that the greatest strength is the ability to overcome themselves and their insecurities. Align the intention to succeed with the certainty that you will and nothing can stop you.


  • Make an intelligent effort to help others and you will find success.


  • The time is one of service/benefit. Use your energies to pursue goals that will improve or transform your world. Increase all that is good, nourishing, and uplifting.


  • 5.) Truth doesn’t need advertising or proof. Continue with what you know to be right, and don’t get sidetracked by attempting to impress others with your efforts or your views.


  • 2.) You’ve been carrying a treasure that might of gone unrecognized up til now, either because of your own modesty or because others have been looking for more obvious talents. You might find yourself appreciated for qualities you didn’t know you had – or knew, but have long taken for granted. Don’t make a fuss about it – keep on being who you are.


  • 6.) You are an inexhaustible source of guidance for others and the more they seek you out, the better you feel. Your availability and natural wisdom nourishes them and simultaneously enriches your own heart.


  • 5.) Give of your goodness, and provide what you can to help make this world a better place. The more you share, the more enriched your life will be.


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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