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I love the new Facebook profile! I only got it 2 days ago, and so now I finally get a chance to play around with those photostream tricks. If you haven’t seen them before, the best site with examples is reface.me. They have collected some really cool examples and collected lots of places on the web where you can simply upload a photo and get it all done for you. As well as Fiverr.com now has heaps of people who will do it for you for $5 but unless they now offer the more “full page” example, you can do it yourself for free.

The “Full page” ones will only last as long as new activity on your profile doesn’t spoil it hehe, so it’s a temporary joy – good for taking a photo, impressing people one time, and then moving on :)
But the Main Profile + Photostream up the top will last a long time, you just need to keep hiding new photos if people tag you in new photos.. which brings up another point – people are now tagging photos of their friends and being cheeky that way. I don’t want to predict ad-banner spam, but I’m afraid that I think it’s coming. Anyway, for now people seem to be behaving and just using it for fun, and I think Facebook might have to have an option “photos where other people have tagged me will not come up in photostream” or something like that to prevent what’s coming.

Personally, when I look at something like this, I see it as an extra service I can offer my clients for my internet marketing business, so I spent a bunch of time yesterday trying out all the online versions, downloading PSD files to try it myself, downloading image slicer programs to do my own cuts rather than use the online ones. And what I’m going to use (until I master my image slicer programs) for my personal profiles and friends accounts is a site called PicScatter.com.

My Fave Photostreams: Full Face


I love the Full Face Photostreams, they are so impressive.

My Fave Photostreams: Creative


The above profiles are my absolute fave so far, really impressed with their creativity and how they did this. See the original reface.me post for full screenshots and about 10 more cool examples.

My Fave Way to do it: PicScatter


As mentioned above, PicScatter is my fave site at the moment for creating Facebook Profile Photostreams – aside from the ad they promote on the main profile pic which can be easily removed with any graphic program, and the Album they create branding their name as well if you use their automatic upload, PicScatter was definitely the best one I have seen and used.

PSD File


I downloaded a PSD file for the new Facebook layout from Download.chip.eu
And image slicers from just about everywhere (do a Google search for Image Slicer and you’ll see how many I’ve tried). I’ll update this post one day if I ever find a good one, but so far, most of them have been really crap.

Improving your Photo Complexion


While it was fun to use all the programs yesterday, the thing that sucked the most for me was finding photos that can be enlarged enough for people to see all my flaws :)
I don’t own a camera, and use just my mobile phone to take all my happy snaps so all of them are crap quality, taken with the wrong flash, etc. And enhance your flaws lol. I think the above examples represents my point exactly, lol, both these photos were taken on the 18th of January with my mobile phone. : Ugh, embarrassing.. see what I do for you? :)
Anyway, I stumbled upon an awesome program that does all your photobrushing in literally a couple of minutes, so all your photos where you have open pores, dark spots, dark circles, bad eye reflexions, wrinkles, unwhite teeth, etc. can be fixed and while I was expecting the program to be really expensive, it was only $39.95 – so now I’m busily making all my family and friends photos more beautiful, as well as playing around with some shocking photos of myself to see how I can improve it for use on the Facebook photostream. PortraitProfessional.com

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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  1. sueann says:


    Does this apply to Facebook Page as well? :)

  2. It always amazes me the possibilities of what you can do online. I didn’t know you could do this on FB and I’m thankful for the info.

  3. stearriembon says:

    I want to know if there is a way ro retreive my pictures on fb. I accidently deleted them. All my friends can see my profile and wall pictures but I cant see mine. Is there anyone that knows how to get them back. I would appreciate it very much

    1. Hiya, depends on what you mean.. I think you mean that you clicked on the ‘x’ for the profile photostream on your personal profile, but then I don’t understand why your friends can still see your wall pictures. If you go into your photo album area, are the photos still there? If so, you can re-‘tag’ yourself to bring them back to your photostream.
      If you are talking about a page photostream (as opposed to a profile photostream) there is a button to reset the photostream in Edit Page -> Profile Picture (down the bottom of that page is an “unhide all” button.

      If neither of what I’m saying makes any sense, feel free to click on the contact link and shoot me an email with more information and a link to your profile page so that I can figure out what’s going on and help you with it..

      Kind Regards,

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