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Found a great feed to subscribe to the other day.. @ http://www.allfacebook.com


I found many topics that are of interest to Facebook Marketing, and I thought I’d give him a plug because you’ll find his site is “right up our alley”..

The most interesting post this week has been the Top 12 Facebook Marketing Hacks, which goes through 12 things that “marketers” have been “taking advantage” of to market their product or get noticed.

Who knows how long Facebook would allow this to happen or what risks you take by using some of them (some I feel just should not be done, like tagging your friends in “every” blog post note that you import, or tagging “popular friends” in photos that you upload)..

But I can think of ways to use them in a “helpful” way to both parties.

The other suggestions were:

  • joining every event
  • wishing everyone a happy birthday (hey, that’s a nice thing to do anyway!)
  • engage in poke wars (I can’t imagine this would be very credible)
  • switching your birthday regularly (hmm… thats a bit ugly.. dont even know why facebook would allow someone to change their birthday from the time they signup excepting by manual request)
  • posting comments on fast-growing groups (I like that idea.. if you have something to genuinely offer the group)
  • holding your own events
  • setting up pages & re-posting them on your profile
  • changing relationship status (weird way to get attention), & more

Read the full post here.

Here’s some of his other articles that I think you’ll also enjoy..

  • New Girl Facebook Video (a video he found of people changing someones profile and watching how they change in “real life” to match it – lol)
  • Facebook Updates Public Profiles
    Facebook has increased the number of visible friends for an individual from 5 to 7. Even more significant is the increase in the number of visible fan pages.
  • Facebook Lets Oodle Power Their Marketplace
  • Lindsay Lohan Has Her Facebook Account Disabled
  • Facebook Starts Selling Shares of its News Feed?
  • Facebook Getting an Application Settings Upgrade
  • Facebook Starts Providing Free Advertising
  • I’ve become a fan of this site and it will be a regular thing for me to check out his latest posts.

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