New Facebook Community Accountability Group for a Better Life

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Daily Steps – What is something you did today towards a better life?
Each day, come & share a post or photo of one thing you did to make your life better.

You might do heaps, you might do just that “one” thing. This daily-accountability group is to motivate us all to at least take that “one step” towards a better life, gaining more motivation and inspiration from each other to make “better choices” a more “normal” part of our lives.

If this sounds like something you can benefit from, please head over to Facebook and join the group: 



Although this group will mostly focused on those wanting to improve health and the photos & daily updates are likely to be health-focused & meal-focused, you are also free to celebrate your wins in other areas of what a “better life” means for you xo

    • Health
      – Green Smoothies, Juices, Soups, Salads
      – Exercise, Daily Movement, Sun (Vitamin D3)
      – Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Nuts, Seeds
    • Mindset
      – Books, Documentaries, New Insights
      – Meditation, Journalling, Creativeness
      – “Me time”, Massage, Bath, Relaxation
    • Financial, Business, Spiritual, Relationships, etc.
      – Whatever you interpret as a ‘better life’ for you
      – Any step or baby-step towards a better you

You are free to celebrate your wins/steps in any area of what a “better life” means for you xo *ANYTHING* that is a step towards a better life for YOU (where YOU are in your own journey) ♥



  • Share the reason why this activity is a step ‘towards’ a better you

Just 1 Post per day

Choose just one post per day and add to it throughout the day if you like :)

Focus on “Positive” steps

Focus your attention only on the good things you & others share & not on any ‘inadequacies’ you might notice. You can actually reprogramme the cells in your body with your heart-felt intentions & beliefs (quantum physics & placebo) by focusing positively on the good things you did.

If *You* “believe” the step you took was in the right direction for you, then you are more likely to receive positive benefits from it, helping to repair & reprogram your cells & mind to a better you.

Be the Change

Never criticize others – “be the change” instead by posting your own “healthy/positive steps” and sharing why you believe it was a step towards a better life. Inspire by working on your own steps – at your own pace – and allow others to work on their own steps – at their own pace.

Everyone is at a different stage in their journeys. What I was doing “for healing” 2 years ago is 100% different than what I do for healing now. And yet.. what I did back then, helped me then & led me to where I am today & where I am going in the future.

Accept where people are at ♥ and just focus on what you are doing (if they are meant to learn from your example, they will see your post and adjust in their own time).


This group is “Closed” which means ONLY people in this group can see what you post. You are free to post your photos in here and they will not show up in your normal timeline (your other friends will not see)




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