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Develop Alliances

If you build up your “Friend Banks” you’ll be thanking yourself later, if you don’t develop your relationship with those “friends”, you will be doing the work for nothing.

40% of all the time you spend on your “online business” should be spent attracting new clients.

Today’s Checklist:

Go on a Friend frenzy today to get new friends each on the following:

Special Instructions for Friend Requests

That being said.. there are some basic rules that you want to follow.

1) When you are sending friend requests always include a personal message and only send the same message to 5 people before sending a different one. I personally send a different one to everyone that I request, it’s not hard to adjust the messages and make them more personal.

Whenever you’re requesting a friend you should always include a personal message of how you know them or if you know one of their friends mention that name and what kind of business or reason you’re contacting them.

– Always address the person by name “Hiya John”..
– If you know something about them, always include in the message something positive about it.
– If you have a mutual friend, you can reference them in the message
– If you are a mutual “fan” of a guru, you can reference them in the friend request
– Reference the group that you are both a member of: “hey Sarah! I saw you in The Secret group, I just signed up and would like to be friends so I can network with you

2) Don’t add too many friends per day.. your new friends aren’t going to be much use to you if you get your account banned.
I added about 200 friends over a period of 2 months, and now I hardly ever need to add anyone

3) Don’t spam or post your “ad” to people’s walls.. people are doing this and getting away with it lately, but facebook frowns upon it. The only place that facebook allows you to advertise is in a group that you’ve created.. so use your groups for that, not as graffiti on people’s walls.

4) Don’t mix personal with business – It’s much easier to keep things straight when you have an all-business or all-personal account.

Extra Reading.. you might like to check out Alexander Alaric’s 2 articles about Facebook, he writes so well about this:

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