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The only thing that matters is developing your state of consciousness to the most you can achieve in this lifetime.

Monroe Institute – William Buhlman – notes from seminar:

The answers are only found in the exploration of consciousness. Open your mind to a broader perception of reality.

Humanity has been indoctrinated from birth with false narratives – all of us – placed deeply in our subconscious minds:
1.) that consciousness is nothing but a by-product of a biological brain, electro-magnetic signals.
2.) that we are powerless, sinful creatures that cannot possibly obtain the answers for ourselves and that we must depend upon belief-systems to guide us throughout our lives.

These 2 false narratives have had a tremendous impact on the evolution of humanity, and the vast majority of the 7 billion people on some level have bought into these false narratives.

The opposite is actually the truth:

We possess the ability to obtain the answers, to explore our true self, to absolutely attain the knowledge and the insights we need to accelerate our personal evolution.

We must open our minds and the first step is to ask yourself an important question:

What would you believe today if you were born in Iran, or Pakistan, or China? What flag would you defend? What religion would you be a member of? Obviously it would be totally different than today. We must remember we are a product of cultural and society’s indoctrination from the moment we’re born, and we have to become open-minded enough to examine our own state of consciousness and determine where we’re headed, what beliefs do we hold that are holding us back?

There’s nothing “out there” stopping us from finding the answers; ‘We’ stop ourselves by what we choose to believe. We have to look deep inside ourselves to determine what is reality, and where am I headed?

7 billion people and we’re on this 80-90 year journey and we have no idea what it’s about? We have everything planned, we know what we’re going to do tonight, tomorrow you know what you are going to do, but here – an entire species has no idea what’s going to happen at the moment of transition of consciousness (death)? It’s insanity.

We don’t even know what we are. We don’t know where we come from as consciousness before we were born. We’re suddenly here – we accept the culture and society we’re given and we do the best we can. And then we connect and adapt to the social norms and hope that they’re correct, but there’s no answers given.

I find that completely unacceptable, because as powerful, spiritual beings, we have the ability to obtain the answers for ourselves. We have to become explorer’s of consciousness.

It’s up to us individually to learn to explore deeply within ourselves. And it’s different for everyone; for some people it’s deep meditation, others deep forms of yoga, for other people it’s out of body exploration, for some people it could be lucid dreaming, or shamanic practices, etc. Different methods appeal to different people. We have to be open enough to explore these for ourselves.

Most of humanity have become pawns of belief-systems. We no longer need to do this. We can break free.

Self-discovery is incredibly exciting.

Our natural environment is non-physical. Birth & Death is just the entrance & exit of our conscious awareness into this playing field of matter. It’s a temporary experience that we’re using. We’re capable of existing and exploring in many different dimensional realities. The physical world is the thin-outer epidermis of the universe. When we have a NDE or OBE, it shifts our consciousness from the outer-biological brain to the inner-vibrational energy body that we already possess.

This physical universe is a tiny fraction of the totality of the universe that exists.

Millions of Out of body and Near death experiences have proven there are multiple realities that people experience – countless realities – which are the result of consciousness, and when we have these experiences, we’re experiencing another aspect of ourselves.

We’re exploring another aspect of ourselves that already exists.

We are not even human, we’re consciousness using forms for our evolution. How do we evolve? We learn, grow and evolve by becoming that which we wish to learn. We’re using form and evolving through form.

Our self-identity is what blocks us in many ways in our personal, evolutionary process. Beliefs end up being the anchors that hold us to the form-based realities of a lower-dimension. We have to look at ourselves because there’s nothing outside of us. We are the inner-journey home.

There’s a lot of talk about heaven, paradise, non-physical reality, and often it’s distorted beyond belief. Strip-away the belief systems for a moment, what do we know about non-physical reality? No molecular mass, no air, no gravity, no physical senses. The physical reality no longer applies – the rules of physics have changed. None of that matters after transition to non-physical. There’s no mass. There’s no ageing. No linear time. There’s no death as we know it.

I believe we’re here to learn how to create and mould reality.

Non-physical reality is much more subtle than the physical world. We can create our reality in the physical but it’s a slowed-down process in the dense molecular world of matter – it’s slowed-down severely. As we explore inward into the true nature of reality, the reality becomes less and less dense and more and more thought-responsive. This is a slowed-down ‘training-ground’ for consciousness.

Let’s discover the answers for ourselves so we no longer have to depend on external-anything for advice or answers, because we possess that capability, we’re hard-wired to attain it all.

These are some of the principals we will encounter:

Thought is a form of energy
Focused-thought creates reality

Both our positive and negative thoughts create reality.

We create everything in a non-physical reality. We are the creative force. We have to be empowered to understand that, and then begin our own personal journey of exploration to learn how to control our own inner creative force.

Self-empowerment begins with the realization that you create it. There’s no external thing that’s manipulating you unless you allow it to. You decide the anchors.

You decide what’s holding you back by what you choose to believe.

While we associate with being human, we will always end up in a human-based reality. Those of you who have practiced deep meditation knows what it feels like when you begin to lose all association with your form. As we move inward we lose our humanoid form, we become – for lack of a better word – pure conscious awareness. Which is our natural state of being. Until we accept this, we will always condemn ourselves to the form-based realities.

Buddhism calls this the ‘journey of consciousness’ – from the physical to the astral to the non-physical. It’s the wheel.

It’s our own attachments that is driving us back to a body.

For us to become self-empowered, we have to look at ourselves and our entire reality from an entirely different reality. Forget about these belief-systems that are dominating our entire society. They’re flawed, they’re inhibiting our spiritual and intellectual growth.

It takes courage to break-free from belief-systems that are so thoroughly entrenched in our global societies.

We have all been the result of indoctrination and it takes courage for us to face it and begin to really re-examine our own state of consciousness.

It takes guts to do that, to examine yourself, and go “why do I believe this? there’s no evidence to support it!” “Just because my mother believes it, doesn’t mean I need to.” It takes guts to break free from the consensus that is so domineering.

What hinders us? Our flawed-physical self-concept. As long as we believe we are male and female humans, we have chained ourselves to a reality that we will continue to carry-on that energy-form. We will continue to carry that false self-identity.

The ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ talks about this in detail – about going beyond the illusions of form. They call it the illusions; the projections of form. This has been talked about for a thousand years. Most of us from the West are so incredibly indoctrinated into our multiple belief-systems, we still have a hard time breaking-free.

There is also a lack of accurate knowledge about the after-life. We colour it with our beliefs. When we look at our beliefs we seem them through ‘rose-coloured glasses’. They are influencing us in many negative ways. The fear-based beliefs are everywhere in our society. The absence of knowledge concerning our spiritual evolution through matter.

We are powerful, spiritual, non-physical beings using biological vehicles for tools for our exploration and development.

We have to break free from our belief-systems that dominate our society and our culture. All beliefs are made by man. Become an explorer of consciousness and discover this for yourself. It’s up to us individually to become truly open-minded.

Nobody thinks they are indoctrinated. When you begin to dig-deep, you’ll realize you’ve been deeply influenced by multiple layers of beliefs. Each belief that we hold is an anchor holding us to the density of matter and form.

The reason that true spiritual growth is often a challenge is because we make it so by what we choose to believe.

Find a method of inner-exploration that works for you. There are many ways: Deep meditation, OBE’s, etc. Become a daily practitioner – not a believer. Only through personal experience will we ever truly know the answers for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what I say. Only through your personal experience will you discover that what I’ve said today is absolute truth. We can accelerate our own evolution beyond the biological body. We’re currently projecting our consciousness through our entire universe to be sitting in this chair today. Right now you are projecting our self into a temporary biological body to perceive and to hear this message.

Become an explorer of consciousness, not a reader of consciousness, or a believer of consciousness – an explorer. It’s an exciting journey. It’s mind-blowing. It opens up realms that I cannot even describe to you – it’s beyond human conception of what’s possible, and the only thing that’s limiting us is us and our beliefs and self-concepts and all the stuff that we have attached ourselves to.

It’s time for humanity to grow up and learn about who we are and where we’re headed. It’s essential that we become mature, experienced, explorers of consciousness.

The only thing that matters is developing your state of consciousness to the most you can achieve in this lifetime.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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