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A link like this: http://thesgrprogram.com/?affiliate_id=e023b89c

Isn’t going to get too many clicks…
… I wouldn’t click on it!
… Would you?

There’s no argument.. you need your own domain name!

First thing I did when I joined is do an expired-domains search to try and find a good domain name.

There are plenty of sites online, but most that I found were crap, including the one that I ended up going with.

I paid for one month at http://www.expireddomains.com/ ($34.95)
But I don’t recommend them, they get the job done, but the site is terribly slow and sometimes down.

Thousands of domains expire everyday taking their traffic, their search engine rakings and their links with them. Whether the owner forgot to renew, closed their business or just lost interest in the site this valuable source of instant traffic is being wasted.

You might even get lucky enough to find an expired domain that already has good pagerank with google, or that already has a yahoo directory listing, or has a high alexa rating, etc!

I went into the expireddomains site and searched for any site that included “your niche” in them.

I registered 4 of them, but these ones that were still available (bare in mind, that they may already be taken by now, domains get claimed so quickly) – As of End of May 2008.

There used to be an awesome website (it’s gone now, I just checked) called Fallen Domains where you could search by keyword and the results included traffic information such as Google, Yahoo, Looksmart, dmoz and inktomi rankings. If you find one of these in your travels, be sure to let the group know!

A free software program that runs from your desktop which is not as fancy as the paid ones, but still has some tricks up it’s sleeve is called: eepire Expired Domain Finder

You can download it free from their homepage:

You can use it to generate the keywords that you want it to monitor.. then it automatically generates thousands of combinations of those keywords .. and then sorts them by: High Profile / Mid Profile / Low Profile and Registered.

This tool should allow you to find and register domains quickly and easily than doing a manual one.. I wish I had’ve remembered it earlier! :)

Other than the expired domain search, you can head over to: http://www.nameboy.com for some great domain ideas.

Everyone loves nameboy, it’s a great free resource for generating cool domain names. You can use it for the search but if you buy it from them, it will cost you more, just use it for great domain ideas when you can’t think of any!

Don’t limit yourself to just “The Secret”, you can try variations of the Law of Attraction, Science of Getting Rich, etc.. acronyms of each..etc, or something unique.

Tips to remember:

  • The Jury is out on “hyphens”, ie: the-secret-is-out.com, but I own 40+ domains, and those without hyphens get more traffic.. just my 2 cents! Plus, how do you tell someone over the phone about the hyphens.. ugh!
  • Try to get a .com name if possible (or your country domain, ie: or .com.au) rather than a .net .biz .us .info .name, etc.
  • Don’t make it too long.
  • Don’t make it too “generic” (I’ve made this mistake too many times! Try and keep it focused on your SGR biz and something that your intended audience would be curious enough to click on!)
  • Use http://www.thesaurus.com and do thesaurus searches.
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