Purifying negative so that Evil cannot enter

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Purifying negative so that Evil cannot enter

I don’t want to believe in evil or demons or negative entities or anything like that. I just keep thinking that it doesn’t benefit me to think that way – it doesn’t ‘gel’ with me. There’s no proof and our sub-conscious minds are very creative with all the information we’ve “collected” in our hard drive so we can easily interpret something as demonic or evil because of movies we’ve watched or things we’ve heard and project that into our reality. Even though I do experience evil and have had hellfire experiences and felt like they had pulled me into their realm, that I had merged with evil, that I had them crawling all over me, and had thoughts, said, and did things where I later “came out of a trance like state” and went.. WOAH!!! What the heck was that? That was definitely ‘not me’, etc. Even though I’ve had these ‘evil’ experiences – even while flying-high in a positive state of mind of bliss/joy etc.. (which is why it was so believable at the time to believe that ‘evil’ exists and that entities are ‘out to get you and bring you down and feed off you’ and all sorts of things can be believed in that state when nothing makes sense except whatever extreme worst-case-scenario that you can ‘resonate’ with and ‘pull from your databanks).

Anyway, so I have these 2 conflicting experiences / beliefs. That they are either real, or a conjuring from the collation of negative-influences within my own sub-conscious. Even if they are real or not real, the answer is the same… you have to ‘be solid within’ – be aware of your own weaknesses, fears, vulnerabilities and cultivate inner-strength and an ‘environment’ that negative doesn’t like to reside/dwell. That fear or any kind of negative-influences cannot ‘run the show’ or ‘attack’ if you are not ‘open for business’ – so the answer is to be-friend that ‘negative’ exists and cultivate inner-strength and purify the negative thoughts within.

I just want to jot-down all the things that I did when I ‘thought’ evil existed or even when I was switching between whether it was actually evil / negative entities vs my own ‘undealt with demons within’…

Tools that helped me through the various ‘dark rooms’ that I’ve explored:

  • Making them my ‘little helpers’; here to help me, show me where I need to love, where I have weaknesses and vulnerabilities to work on.
  • Befriending them – ok, all is part of this reality-thing, so they must also serve some kind of purpose.. what if their role is of forced self-growth?
  • Making everyone innocent – exploring life without being afraid of it – that all beliefs serve a purpose, that all experiences are valid, that it’s just creation-experiencing-creation, that everyone’s journey is just another way to explore creation – valid, not good/bad, nothing to fear.
  • Working on my wounds (if you have no ammo to be used against you.. no feelings of worthlessness, stress, shame, guilt, humiliation), then there’s no wounds to ‘feed’ on.
  • Learning preferences, taking the lesson. All the negative experiences.. how would I have preferred the situation unfold? Learning my own values / levels of integrity / learning my own boundaries / learning consequences and knowing what I would prefer to do differently next time.
  • This whole perspective on life is a manifestation of the result of experiences.
  • Rituals, Protection Prayers, Affirmations “permission slips”.. basically announcing the intent to not have these things and choosing a preferred reality.
  • Imagining its a friend I care about going through this experience – what wisdom would I give them?
  • Completion of karma – living in integrity “making up for wrongness”, service to others.
  • Access Consciousness – and variations of that.. basically more ‘permission slips’ to reneg contracts/agreements or neg.beliefs about self – unhooking from agreements/attachments/expectations.
  • Becoming less of a stress-head, feeling that I’m creating these experiences by allowing it from having negative experiences to draw from and keep ‘reliving’.
  • Being more accepting of the reality I’ve created so that I could get some inner peace and clarity about what I would prefer so that I could be in a gratitude vibrations and faith.
  • Cultivating faith and trust that all is created for a reason and that I played a part in creating this ‘negative’ experience in order to grow, evolve, learn and level-up.
  • Burning palo santo wood / smudging sage, incense, crystals, banishing ritual, sound-healings, listening to prayers, listening to logic, listening to psychologists as well as spiritual teachers, going to shamanic healings, going to various healers.
  • By living true to my own version of right, what aligns with me, following my own values and not doing that which would generate feelings of worthlessness or self-hatred, guilt, etc. In other words, being mindful of my values and preferences and not living by default – being aware what I sacrifice for others, weighing it up – what my fight is, do I drive the car to the detriment of the planet, do I sleep with the guy I’m attracted to, do I do an unethical thing for work, what I stand for / rings true for me, being the change I want to see. Learning who I am and how I want to cultivate my own soul’/experience.
  • Being aware that they may actually exist and that if they did exist, what would they thrive on, why would they be attracted to me?
  • Seeing them as toxic parasites and cultivating a better diet (alkaline) that I perceive more happiness, more positive vitality and energy (they live off toxic energy – is my environment ‘toxic’?).
  • Using discernment “they probably don’t exist” – they are just unhealed wounds from the past / beliefs I’ve taken on subconsciously when I don’t know I could format or defrag my hard drive. That we ‘generate’ and draw from everything that we’ve taken into our sub-conscious mind and that the fear/manifestation of evil is just drawing from that which is negative inside of ourselves.
  • Honing compassion for them and sending them love – returning that negative energy by transforming it with love.
  • Conjuring up the hope that ‘Angels’ can transmute them. Or put a shield around me, etc. All sorts of those kinds of ‘intending more benevolent/higher vibe aspects coming in.
  • By staying away from others who are infested with them instead of merging with them or lowering my own vibe to swim in the dark waters with them.
  • By having a logical ‘mainstream’ reason. I was experiencing negative influences. Such is my ‘psychotic episode’ / extreme stress caused by a system-interrupt – new/old software – unable to harmonize without trauma-remedying.
  • By having more faith with myself and the universe.
  • By cutting cords, incantations, prayers, etc, and shielding.
  • Iching. Benevolent wisdom daily.
  • Facing Fears.
  • Hypnosis, healing inner-child, EFT, understanding how past affects present & releasing what no longer serves.
  • Viewing from belief – explore. What are they teaching me / unearthing / bringing up to work on. Transmute. Seeing them as a teacher – a benevolent aspect seeking to set you free.
  • Realizing how much worse it gets when you add fear and panic into the mix. Worrying makes everything worse. Cultivate courage. Hostility begets more hostility. Fear = more fear, powerlessness, worthlessness, weakness.
  • Develop an open-minded attitude that can persevere
  • By being authentic.
  • By wanting to learn what I can, so that I can be the test-bunny to help others through it.
  • By trusting life, by accepting what is. That wherever you are, whatever you are facing, no matter what is going on – there’s always an opportunity to learn and level-up from it. 

Nutshell “intend” better, purifying negative thoughts, and levelling-up from past-wounds/fears.

I’ve also written another post about this today (5 days later – 10th July) that just came out of me when I was replying to a comment, so although it’s almost identical to this one, it contains a bit more details about my experience and what I would recommend to others.

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