[Erik] How Do We Love & Forgive Ourselves

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[Erik] How Do We Love & Forgive Ourselves

How Do We Love Ourselves

Human race becomes love when we see someone do something good for someone else. Compassion is a way to learn to love yourself.

Be with what you have. What is the best emotional outcome in a situation (no regret, no doubt, happy).

Forgiveness = in process, brain is trying to come to terms with “that situation was a mistake somewhere” & wants to figure out how it could’ve been corrected. What can we gain from it, what can we learn from it. Did I like that or not? No. So I had to forgive it. You have to trust yourself enough to know that if it happens to you again, that it will be part of your base-reaction/foundation/who you are, to not react the same way you did before because you didn’t like it, and you’re going to make conscious choices. Let your inner joy guide you / rooted in love.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself or others which means you’ve acknowledged to yourself that you didn’t like the outcome, train yourself that “that is the past”, you’re not going to repeat it, you’re wiser from it, you already know the choices that you would make if or when that situation come back again.

Being emotionally honest with yourself.

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