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Can I ask you to try to listen to this mp3 and see if it actually does anything for you? I really responded to this energy healing recording.
For some reason, I really responded when he was doing the healings, I could feel it in my whole body, my forehead (even though he mentions nothing of this in the recording) and I really felt negative energy release and a sort of um… field of something running through my body – kinda like a dull pins & needles – but not unpleasant, just like what it would probably feel like if I were conscious of the movements of my blood flowing throughout my whole body.

I’m surprised and curious as to how this is working. And want to learn how he is able to do that, so I can learn how to do it for other people. If this actually works for everyone else, I’ll be definitely learning what he did.

(So.. ‘crazy check’.. I’m very keen and interested to hear of your experience.. do you feel it too? Or Placebo? Or “my” Intention? Or “Stillness”?)  

You can download the mp3 here:  Download Mp3



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