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Who you are – the world has never known – this whole (human) experience is the reason why you are here. Embrace the now – everything is here to help you evolve – Love yourself and every lesson that comes to teach you. xoxo

Suffering plays an important role in our experience… it really only exists in our mind (our ‘self-identity’, our ‘ego’ of who we think we are to the outside world) and every time it is teaching us something.

Focus on what you are grateful for, “feel” into the “appreciation” for this whole experience and everything that comes your way, and embrace the lessons you are learning and the spiritual & personal growth you are gaining from the full human experience.

This whole experience is the lesson, this whole experience is the reason why we are here. You are creating your own reality but you also bring-in certain situations in order to reach the next level of your own evolution.

Love yourself and what you are accomplishing and love the journey you are on.

Live in the now, not in the past or what hasn’t come to pass.

You can create a new reality but you can’t do it from a place of suffering.. use suffering as an internal ‘tool’ of awareness to help guide you back to what feels right, embrace, be grateful, be thankful, have appreciation for the whole journey, for the now and for what you are in the process of creating.

To get ‘out’ of a ‘negative-feeling’ lesson and move-on to the next lesson or phase you have to have already learnt what you need to learn from this current experience. We are constantly evolving, learning and growing. Who you were yesterday is not the same as the person you are today if you are becoming fully aware that this experience is ‘the journey’.

Embrace the now for all that it is, all that it is helping you to see. There is teaching in every experience.

I do believe everything happens for a reason.. every suffering that I went through brought me to a deeper level of understanding in the universe.. and now I see suffering as a friend.. it is here to help me, I learn from it.. I love it for teaching me and directing me to deeper, more conscious awareness of who we are – beyond these vehicles.. that suffering is just living out of alignment to who we are.

We think we are what society tells us we are.. & when we believe that.. life ‘feels wrong’, like we are less-than, like we don’t “measure-up” to what ‘success’ means through ‘other’ people’s eyes, but when we are in alignment to who we really are.. we recognize we’re all on this adventure.. this soul journey, we are here to experience “experiences” to learn & share and love.. and all & every experience is part of it.


– A message for a friend.. 


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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