[Abraham] Embrace your now and lean towards what’s satisfying you the most

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Embrace Your Now

A fantabulous Abraham Hicks moment – Find a better-feeling thought.  Enjoy the contrasting moments and dips just as much as the highest moments. Revel in your being-ness. Maintain a vibrational frequency with who you really are and experience the manifestational evidence of being in perfect alignment with all that you have become.

  • 3:40 You were source energy before you came into this physical body so not finished, source energy, unfinished and what is evidence of the unfinishedness of source? You were born in the physical. And that surprises people. How can that physical birth, physical reality – how can that physical time-space reality be an extension of source energy? I thought source energy was all finished. No, source will never be finished. Nothing is ever done. So, you are an extension of source here exploring the contrast. And out of that comes new decisions of what you want which source becomes because of your exploration. And then as you recognize the vibrational  variance, between what you have helped source become and what you’re doing right now, and so you soothe that negative emotion by laying some new pipes, by thinking new thoughts, by letting some old pipes become more dormant by your intention to other things. Then, you come into alignment with that new found resonance and now you’re standing in a new place with a new set of contrasting experiences that starts the whole process all over again.
  • 4:55 So when you realize this is never-ending and you are enjoying the journey of it, then you stop first of all, nitpicking in the middle of things.. there are 2 really important things in your life, you’ve talked about them both today and you’re second-guessing yourself on both of them
  • 5:28 We want you to enjoy the contrasting the moments as much as the getting on the high-flying disc moments because they are all part of the expansion process and when you do that .. when you stop questioning the dips.. and start calling them “clarifying” rather than “dips”, when you no longer beat-up on yourself for your confusion or for your contradictory thought and instead are appreciating the clarity that is born from it, now, you’re standing in the “now”, that’s rich, right now… but isn’t “finished” right now and you’re  not longing for some future event in order to fill the void because there isn’t a void “now”, because you’re satisfied in your now and eager for more.
  • 6:18 So yeah, you’re on your path, and your path will keep evolving and changing & it won’t stand still at all, there is always something more for you to discover and what we really wanted to emphasize in these particular hours: We want you to Embrace your Now & care about how you feel & let law of attraction take care of the details
  • 6:50 Abraham, I thought this was a seminar on Deliberate Creation and I’ve set some goals & I’ve scripted some things & I have some plans and now you’re telling me to just sort of ‘not’ put too much attention upon any of those plans and just get on my high-flying disc?
  • 7:04 Yes, let that be your singular goal “I’m going to get on the high flying disc”.. so you do it and you do it and you do it, and you align, you align, you align, and then you’re insightful and inspired and you’re co-creating and you’re thrilled…  and people who are watching you are seeing your world from their perspective just ‘magically unfolding’ and they wanna know “what are you doing?” “Are you setting goals”?
  • 7:33 Just one. “I wanna get on my high-flying disc”
  • 7:40 Well, give me more..  Why? Because it feels really good. Well where is it? It’s anywhere that I feel really good. Well, then what? I don’t know – I don’t know what’s coming next. You don’t seem to be very sure of what you’re doing. I’m just sure of one thing. “I’m gonna get on a high-flying disc”
  • 8:01 Well, y’see it’s like this. I was source energy before I came into this body. I came into this body and I put all kinds of things in my vortex and my vortex has been spinning around and loa has been gathering all those components, there’s all kinds of things that I’ve evolved to that I haven’t allowed myself to be and until I learnt about my high flying disc .. and when I learned about my point of attraction and I learned that I can control the way I feel and I learned that I could wake up in the morning and could reach for a good-feeling-thought and I stopped psycho-analyzing everything – I stopped being worried about so many things and I stopped trying to make everything perfect and every moment I just got as best as I could on my high-flying disc and I just let the day unfold and I just took note at the end of the day – Was I mostly on my high-flying disc? Well, yeah, I was mostly on my high-flying disc but mostly just til breakfast and then things didn’t go so well after that, so tomorrow I’m going to get on my high-flying disc and then everyday I did a better job at getting on my high-flying disc & I maintained it longer & longer and then the evidence of being there started to support it until I just got this synergy going where I began to believe in my power to focus on good-feeling-things and then I began just mostly focusing on good feeling things and so I stopped talking about a lot of things that I used to talk about because I wasn’t willing to jeopardize or sacrifice the only thing I knew for sure I wanted which was to get on my high-flying disc
  • 9:10 Seriously dude, this is the only goal you got? Just being on your high-flying disc?
  • 9:20 I want to maintain a vibrational frequency with who I really am so that I can experience the manifestational evidence of being in perfect alignment with all that I’ve become.
  • 9:36 I don’t get that
  • 9:37 That’s why I told you – I just wanna be on the high-flying disc :)

Also Recommend this one if the above didn’t make sense (as you might have to understand the ‘stories’ behind the high-flying discs, pipes and vortex to understand the above explanation). The same process is explained in this video in a different way:

And as soon as I find it again, I’ll post the 17-second one (you have 17 seconds to change your mood / find the highest-feeling-thought before you end up building more momentum to going down to a lower-feeling thought and manifesting that which you do not want)

After hundreds of hours of listening to Abraham Hicks, I think the video at the top of this post one is my absolute fave one so far, but maybe because the message finally made sense after listening to all of the videos (all the stories interweave into that one audio for me).

Coupled with my own beliefs about thinking we actually are here to experience all the emotions – that it’s all a part of our experience. I’ll save my own thoughts for another day though – packing today :)  – Or read this article, it’s my fave article that I’ve bookmarked 10 Pieces of Timeless Spiritual Wisdom to Help you get Through Tough Times

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