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Email Smasher Notes

This was a WSO, but I can’t find the original source. There is Nothing new here for those who have bought 1000 WSO’s.. just.. pick a niche, build a squeeze page, get aweber, create a free giveaway, drive traffic, daily emails, and redirecting to an affiliate product. Don’t expect to learn anything more than my notes if you buy this WSO, it doesn’t go into any further detail about what you see here.

Step #1 – Understand the components

  • YouTube Videos + Guest Blogging + Your own Authority Blog + Media Buys = Traffic
  • Traffic goes to Squeeze Page
  • Squeeze Page goes to Daily Email Blogging
  • Daily Email Blogging Brings Fans, Sales, Trust, Relationships

Step #2 – Niche Selection

  • Pick a niche you are passionate about because you need to write an email daily about it.
  • Don’t fear competition – High levels of competition means a lot of people looking for help about that subject.
  • Low competition usually means poor niche selection = proceed with caution.

Step #3 – Squeeze page

  • Headline – Very short benefit rich statement
  • Graphic – Cool, high-quality custom graphic of ebook cover image (-
  • Short Descriptive Paragraph – Short, to the point. Less is more.
  • Optin Box – ==> Free Instant Access <== and optin form from
  • See example of his squeeze page:
  • See example of another squeeze page:
  • After they enter email, he sends visitors directly to the affiliate offer he is promoting

Step #4 – Autoresponder

  • First email – link to download page for your free offer
  • Download page – have an exit pop that links to same affiliate offer you are promoting (Wp Lapdance Plugin)

Step #5 – Your Free Give away

  • 1. Make sure to combine 2 or 3 affiliate products that all work in conjunction together.
  • 2. Keep the report or videos short and to the point. Make it very easy to read and comprehend.
  • 3. Tell the reader your story of however you did what you did. Make it entertaining and interesting to read.
  • 4. Make it clear to the reader how and why you used the affiliate products that you did, try to make the combining of the different products the outline of your free offer.
  • 5. Get a cool graphic made.

Step #6 – Drive Traffic

Facebook Ads, JV Email Swaps, SEO:

METHOD 1 – Facebook Ads

Budget $10/day

  • 1. Keep the ad very targeted and straight to the point.
  • 2. Have a URL with the targeted market in the URL, for example, etc…
  • 3. Use an image that directly relates to the market, this will keep your targeting and click thru rates high. You want to be certain the person that clicks your ad knows exactly why they are clicking.
  • 4. The headline should be benefit rich to your market.
  • 5. The body of the article should tell them exactly what they are gonna get when they click your ad.
  • 6. Target specific fan pages of the audience you want to attract.
  • 7. Keep the landing page very specific to the Ad and market.

METHOD 2 – JV Email Swaps

  • 1. Be straight forward with list owner, tell them what you offer and how many clicks you can send per email.
  • 2. Link them to your squeeze page and a download link to your give away so they know what they are sending their list, ask them to do the same for you.
  • 3. Set up a mutual time to mail and stick to it, follow up with them until you get there email promoting you.


Slowest Method.

  • 1. Use a keyword rich domain name, preferably an exact match domain.
  • 2. Write pages or posts targeting specific and related long tail keywords.
  • 3. Build links to each post or page to rank them in the search engines.
  • 4. Build your list by using entrance Popups or exit popups to your squeeze page.

(OMG is this guy for real? :/)

Step #7 – Building the Relationship

  • Don’t be spammy, write the email like you write emails to your friends.
  • 1st Follow email – Friendly Greeting, Clear link to download free gift.
  • Then give them a little story about why you are giving them the gift and tell them a little more about what they can expect from you in the future.
  • Close out with a simple “Talk soon” or “Have A Killer day” etc…

Step #8 – Email Content Creation

  • 1.) Know a lot about your niche
  • 2.) Find other peoples content and curate it.

What is Content Curation?

The proper way to curate is to find someone else’s really good content and share it with your list. Make sure to cite your source and link directly to the piece of content you are referring to. Yes this means linking without an affiliate link.

A few places you can look to find really good content to curate:

  • – Youtube
  • – Forums (niche specific)
  • – News based sites (Huffington post, New York Times, etc…)
  • – Niche Authority blogs
  • – Regular magazines (Cosmopolitan, Muscle And Fitness, etc…)

Step #9 – Story Telling

  • Tell Stories.
  • This little gem is responsible for me making thousands of dollars online.
  • Story telling is like copy writing on steroids… You don’t need to be a killer copy writer if you can portray a situation with your words in an email.
  • I usually have a product in mind I want to write about…
  • So next in my thought process is to think back and pin point a time when I used the product and what it did for me.
  • If I have never used the product before I try to think about how I have achieved a similiar result that the product will get for me.
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible – Talk about your emotions, the environment you were in, the way things looked etc…
  • Read a lot of books. I read and study anything that can keep my attention longer than 30 seconds.
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