True fellowship = No pressure, force, or attachments

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Easiness – alignment to your inner being?
– relaxed in myself today and life was easy
– interactions with others was easy too
– pondering whether it’s my friends that watch these videos or longterm viewers, and that you know me more than my family
– making videos alone is so egotistical, would prefer a group
– fellowship without expectations, humans interacting without that “force”
– ramble/blab about a guy I met last year that was pushing for a relationship coming into work today to start off where we left off & how to put a barrier up when you just want to help them as a “human” not an love interest or “attachment”
– the elephant in the room
– I hate “Hi” conversations.. just “hi”.. I don’t see the point.
– in contrast to the easiness of conversations when there are no hidden agenda’s or expectations
– expectations make it hard for both of you
– go with the flow, make things natural, easy, no pressure, no force
– delibrately keeping a barrier to someone that might want to attach
– not looking for love right now, still soul-searching to come to the table from a place of “wholeness” and sincerity so that I’m not looking for “external” source to my own sense of completeness
– Bali
– easiness – is that when we’re aligned to who we really are?

Original (Longer) Version: Easiness = Aligned to our inner-being?

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