Dr Robert Brennan | Pandemic Theatre of Absurdity

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Australian doctor Robert Brennan calls out all the absurdity in the pandemic and calls out the puppet health regulators, government shills, the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Gates and Wellcome, et al, and the decision we need to make:

“You have a choice. You can either go all the way to Orwell-land, or you can decide to go in the opposite direction.” ~ Dr Robert Brennan, AMPS Summit, QLD Australia.

Dr Robert Brennan | Pandemic Theatre of Absurdity

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Dr Robert Brennan, Former Australian Emergency Medical Officer, BSC BHSC(HONS1) MBBS. Founder of Covid Medical Network. AMPS Medico-Legal Summit June 23rd 2022 in QLD Australia.

Summary of 2020

  • The theatre of absurdity
  • Physical space
  • Covid Cult
  • Rubber Bullets
  • Separation from loved ones

It’s politics. Not about the virus, not about science.

  • Authoritarian, technocratic, dystopian nightmare.
  • Orwell or Huxley land
  • Vampires against Liberty. They dined, they liked it, and they wanted more.

Every Western nation had a pandemic plan in 2019

  • The plan didn’t call for ANY of the measures taken.
  • Something happened between Feb- mid-March 2020 where a switch was flipped and the pandemic plans in place were thrown by the wayside, and in its place was ‘new’ pandemic plans.
  • Arbitrarily deciding that this was a pandemic of sufficient severity to activate states of emergency and to extend emergency powers.
  • And that they were going to promote a jab or two or three or four in every arm.
  • They decided on this before there was a single Australian fatality.
  • Our first death was from the Diamond Princess at the end of March, and there was only a splattering of deaths internationally.
  • They decided to accept the greatest export out of China ever – and that was “Lockdown”.

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What was that all about?

  • It was about rapacious, super-capitalist pharmaceutical companies.
  • Globalist interests.
  • The world is engaged in the largest Clinical Trial; the largest global vaccination trial ever” – Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt – Australian Health Minister

The world is engaged in the largest Clinical Trial; the largest global vaccination trial ever” – Greg Hunt – Youtube


What about the regulator? What had me suspended?

  • “Wrong think, and wrong speak”
    • The regulator said “You shalt not speak out against public health policies.”
  • Although I will maintain that the Australian government are just hapless middle-management – just interested in their own votes, their own golden paychecks, and so on and so forth…
    • …the orders really came down from higher-ups.

The World Health Organization gave the orders.

The orders came down through the chain to AHPRA

“You shalt not say anything against the vaccine”

  • You’ve got to understand something about drug-marketing:
  • Anything that challenges or objects against this vaccine or this mRNA or whatever you want to call it, this synthetic nucleotide – anything that challenges it is an anathema.
  • And that’s why they went after me, that’s why they went after Paul, that’s why they went after all of us.

They’re proposing amendments to the regulator that will even tighten their power over practitioners.

The most sinister thing that I see (that perhaps appears benign to most people) is the changing of the guiding principles, currently: “to have restrictions placed on the health profession only if necessary to ensure the health services are provided safely, etc.” but the new proposed guiding principles is as follows:

  • “The main principles are the protection of the public“. We’ve got to realize here that the body and health is the bio-political battlefield of ideology.
  • They’re not talking about the health and safety of the “individual”. They’re not even talking about the individual in the abstract.
  • They’re talking about “the public“.
  • “The public” is this abstraction of the collective. It’s this object – this target – that the public health establishment has in mind. It is the body of the Soviet socialist.

And to that end, the public confidence is everything.

  • Which is to say that they would have you believe you’re stupid, you’re impressionable, and we have to have everyone “on message”.
  • We can’t have a free and open scientific debate
  • We can’t have freedom of speech
  • Why? Because that creates a disunity, and that can ’cause trouble’.

Diamond Princess

  • Most vulnerable older group.
  • Inverse of the population fatality rate = 99.6 -99.8% survival rate
  • John (?) Stanford started writing to the WHO in May 2020. Infectious survival rate of 99.5%. (if infected).
  • They didn’t pay attention, why? Because they were determined to get a jab or two or three or four in every arm and put the money of coppers in Pfizer, etc.


  • Absolute numbers of deaths – not too dissimilar from previous years
  • Per unit population basis = essentially the same as 2012 and 2013.
  • And yet this was the “Wuhan strain”
  • Without lockdown.
  • In the days before the vaccine.

The limits of the precautionary principle

Every life is precious, but…

You don’t want to be a granny killer but we need to save every life

  • Every life is precious and yes indeed it is, but we stand at the fork of the road here politically speaking. Let’s run with it, let’s be ethically and logically consistent ok?

Past pandemics

  • If we are going to say that every life is precious and we need to do anything to save that life, that might potentially be lost by inaction… what are we going to do?
  • A national sorry day and a national day of mourning for every year we didn’t lockdown – because lockdowns and masks are not new technologies, but when did you once hear them say “I’m sorry we didn’t lockdown in 2017 when 700,000 people died of the flu”
  • Weren’t those lives important? Why didn’t they lockdown then? Why didn’t they mask up everyone then? It reveals something of a bad faith actor that this is a revolution in public health practice.

Future pandemics

  • What about in the colder weather we lock down before every flu season, we just lockdown.
  • If we’re going to throw trillions of dollars at this let’s have installed in every home: a temperature metre, rat test for the current suite of antigens, and you’ll have to have them every single morning and if you fail you don’t leave your house – why not – every life is precious.

The Roads (fatalities)

  • 100 deaths in Australia month in month out and many more are maimed.
  • Don’t you care about those lives? Don’t you care about those deaths?
  • So let’s have driving “only for essential workers”. And only a couple of times a year when you get your ration to go on vacation. Or only for essential purposes of getting food – you can get that delivered to your house so you can’t drive then either.
  • Let’s put a rollercage in every car.
  • Let’s reduce the speed limit to 10-50km.
  • Let’s have full-face helmets in cars.
  • I promise you it will reduce the fatalities. Don’t you care?

The Home (Domestic Violence and Substance Use)

  • Much violence happens within the home and much violence happens with you’re intoxicated.
  • So let’s install an audiometer and a camera in every house and when the voices gets raised, it will signal a welfare call by the police, and every 3 hours we’ll do a blood-alcohol test in the home.
  • If we’re going to spend trillions of dollars – we can do it.

What, you are concerned about privacy?

  • What have you got to hide?
  • Isn’t that a price worth paying to save all those lives?

Dangerous speech in crime?

  • Speech can hurt people.
  • People might “harm themselves”.
  • Freedom of speech is a health hazard.

Climate change as a health Crisis

  • The movements that you make and things that you consume are also damaging indirectly to the public health because now we’re going to have the climate crisis move into public health.
  • Everything you consume and everywhere you go will be included in that.

A Life without risk is not a Life.

Or we can take a different direction – that might result in some of us dying:

  • What we could do is this, and it’s better than the Great Barrington Declaration:
    • The vulnerable groups should be offered focused-protection, but only if they wish.
    • Even if people are of the vulnerable groups.
      • Let’s say they’re 85, let’s say they’ve got comorbidities, let’s say there’s a chance they’re going to be killed by a virus if they encounter it.
      • Let THEM choose what they do with the body that is their private property and their life which is their OWN.
    • It extends to all ages and all groups.
      • If people want to shelter in place – let them shelter in place.
      • If they want to wear a mask – let them wear a mask.
      • If they want to have a vaccine – let them have a vaccine.
      • But don’t push it down others throats.

You have a choice.

You can either go all the way to Orwell-land, or you can decide to go in the opposite direction.

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