Dr Phillip Altman | C-19 Shots are the biggest public health gamble in history

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“The COVID-19 Vaccines are the biggest public health gamble in history.” ~ Dr Phillip Altman | TGA Clinical Trials & Drug Approvals Consultant

First published: July 9, 2022. New video posted: Sept 28, 2022.

This is Dr Phillip Altman, Australian pharmacologist and clinical trial drug regulatory consultant with around 40 years of experience. This is one of the most damning speeches.

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“Brave New World” Technology

  • Before I begin, let me make a very important point, these so-called Covid-Vaccines are not vaccines in the classical sense.
    • Unlike classic vaccines, these mRNA and DNA therapeutics do not prevent infection, and they are totally unlike conventional vaccines previously used in medicine.
      • They are based on a “Brave New World” technology.
        • They are serious drugs employing gene-based technology, and this is why I routinely refer to these vaccines as “Gene-Based “Vaccines”” to make that distinction.

Warp-speed “Vaccine-Only” Strategy

The gamble: Why do I say this is the biggest public health gamble in history?

  1. This serious gene-based technology has never before been used on a worldwide scale in healthy people, including children.
  2. Due to the inherent safety issues associated with gene-based therapeutics like the COVID “vaccines”, the use of this type of drug has been largely limited to the treatment of fairly rare and serious cancers and genetic defects, where one is more prepared to take a personal risk.
  3. These vaccines were developed in record time, less than 12 months. We’ve all heard of Operation Warp-speed.
  4. The genetic material in these products was “assumed” not to incorporate into the bodies’ genes, but no tests were conducted to eliminate that possibility.
  5. In addition, there is no long-term safety data to support the safety of these products.
  6. The early-treatment of COVID-19 was blocked in favour of a “vaccine-only strategy”, but unfortunately the vaccines are not a treatment.
    • The use of proven effective off-label drugs like Ivermectin were banned.
Countries using Ivermectin for C19

So I ask you, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Corners were Cut

To be fair, in the beginning, not much was known about these gene-based so-called “vaccines”.

  • The political and commercial pressure on the drug-regulators must’ve been enormous.
    • For this reason, I can understand why so many of the usual criteria of safety & efficacy, were either compromised, or ignored.

  • Let’s look at the claims made a year or so ago:
    1. Covid-19 vaccines prevent infection and transmission.
      • We now know that claim is false.
    2. Vaccines were claimed to be 95% effective.
      • 95% effective at what? You never asked, and you were never told.
    3. Covid-19 vaccines provide durable protection.
      • Just look around – what do you think about that?
    4. Paper and cloth masks prevent infection.
      • Totally unscientific.
        • There’s no data to support that.
    5. Pandemic of the “unvaccinated”
      • Obviously false.
    6. Young children are at significant risk of serious covid-19.
      • That’s not true.
        • They are at such minimal risk – it’s virtually ‘nil’.
    7. Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
      • Well you don’t hear that much now.
        • I heard an advertisement on TV just recently and they didn’t say they were “safe and effective”, they said they were “well-researched”.
    8. Covid-19 vaccines prevent virus transmission.
      • Obviously wrong.
    9. Lastly, the PCR test were diagnostic for Covid-19.
      • It was the PCR test that drove Public Health Policy, and we know how wrong that was.

Avalanche of Injuries & Death, no scientific basis for vaccine-mandates, and massive censorship

So what do we know now is true?

We are now 18 months down the track with these Covid-19 vaccines. We have all been on a steep-learning curve.

  1. It should not be surprising to find that in the ill-advised rush to use these investigational drugs, there has been an avalanche of hundreds of thousands of unexpected and serious adverse reactions, including “Sudden Death” which have been reported around the world.
    • Most of these deaths have a strong temporal relationship with the administration of Covid-19 “Vaccines”, that usually appear within about 48 hours of injection.
      • This is the strongest and most compelling evidence in my view to support a causal relationship with these vaccines and death.
  2. We have all learned and seen with our own eyes – there is no scientific basis for vaccine-mandates.
  3. It’s causing massive social damage.
  4. There is no proper vaccine informed-consent. We all know that.
  5. There is mass-censorship of the mainstream media of the risks of covid-19 vaccines and the reduced efficacy of these vaccines.
  6. There is a medical apartheid against the “Unvaccinated” that is widespread.
  7. There is an excess death rate associated with the covid-19 vaccination and the toxic component of these vaccines is now clearly known to be the spike protein.
    • Which is the product of the vaccines.
    • Serious adverse events reported with covid-19 vaccines, are unprecedented in history, we have heart attack, stroke, sudden death, myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clotting.

A “New” type of Science?

I’ve always known that there were two types of “science”:

  1. The first is real, unbiased science.
    • Based on the well-known scientific method to answer important questions.
    • Based on transparency and constant challenge.
      • Where the science is “never settled”.
  2. The second is Junk-Science.
    • It is sporadic, biased, pops up now and then written by suspect individuals with a vested interest.
      • But you could spot it a mile away – it was obvious.
  3. But now we have a third type of science which I’d like to introduce you to, and this science has been termed “Scientism”.
    • It’s been coined that term by Dr Robert Malone.
    • Scientism is institutionalized “Junk-Science”
      • It is junk-science on an industrial scale.
      • It is spruced by experts that one would normally not question and one would normally fully-trust.
        • These recruited so-called experts all sing from the same song sheet.
          • The mantra is repeated over and over and over again.
    • It is not science based on curiosity or inquiry or an expression of knowledge.
      • In fact, it is science devoid of curiosity and uses “modelling” often based on an absurd or illogical assumptions.
        • Emerging data which does not support the preconceived conclusions is either “hidden from site, discarded out of hand, or labelled a conspiracy theory”.
          • It is never debated.
      • And lastly, there is a desperate search for any data no matter how tenuous to support the required conclusion.

Censorship and Fear

But Scientism cannot survive long without two essential ingredients:

  1. The first is “Extreme Censorship”.
  2. And the second is “Fear”

Doubling Down instead of Admitting Failure?

So a time for reflection. Do we change course?

So after 18 months of expression we all now know the wheels have fallen off these so-called covid-19 vaccines.

  • The vaccines have not lived up to their promise of safety and efficacy – that is clear.
    • Serious adverse effects including deaths associated with the vaccines are at record levels and we’re seeing excess death rate counts all over the world including Australia.
    • Tens of thousands are forced out of their professions and their work.
  • It’s incredible but there’s no sign of reflection. No sign of a change in course.
    • Not only have our bureaucratic so-called “Experts” appear to have learned very little and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.
      • In fact, they are doing what every punter does.
        • They are doubling-down.
          • For example:
            1. There’s a public-private partnership by government to produce mRNA therapeutics in Australia going into the future.
            2. Vaccine mandates still prevail.
            3. Vaccines for children 5-11 are being pushed.
            4. They are now looking to inject kids six months to 4 years.
            5. Financial welfare penalties for non-compliance are widespread.

What can we do?

So where to from here?

With so many mistakes, so much misery, so much social-damage, so many injuries, so many deaths, if we don’t face the facts and admit where we have gone wrong, we will all be doomed to repeat this sad episode.

People ask me, “What can we do?”

It looks to me like the bureaucrat health experts need to come clean, they need to admit their mistakes, and be forced to tell the truth – the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Latest speech by Dr Phillip Altman:

‘Australians have been deceived’

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Dr Phillip Altman | TGA Clinical Trials & Drug Approvals Consultant


I’m not going to sugarcoat this presentation, and I’m not going to waste your time going over the mountain of scientific evidence and statistics, that show ‘we the Australian people have been deceived’.

We must face reality. The COVID gene-based vaccines have undoubtedly failed to live up to expectations.

These so-called vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not prevent transmission of infection, and they are not keeping people out of hospital.

These so-called vaccines are not safe.

They have caused more deaths and serious adverse effects than any drug IN THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE.

Anyone who disagrees with these simple facts has just not bothered to look.

Too many lives have been lost.

The time has come to speak the truth. Here we go:

Countless thousands of health professionals and scientists across the world, including myself, are totally convinced these vaccines are doing more harm than good.

We have been misled, and repeatedly lied to by our celebrity health bureaucrats over the need for lockdowns, the effectiveness of paper and cloth masks, and completely brainless vaccine mandates, which have no basis in science.

The level of incompetence is breathtaking.

Not only did we receive really incompetent advice such as “you can catch COVID from Pizza boxes”, and “Ivermectin is really a horse deworming medicine unsuitable for human use”, but these same celebrity health experts still have their jobs.

These so-called experts have given us a long list of misinformation and disinformation from the very beginning, which continues to this very day which is resulting in serious health and social consequences.

There is no reflection. No introspection. No contemplation. No apologies, and certainly no changing course despite the clear facts.

An orchestrated mass-media censorship allows disinformation to go unchallenged. The media is complicit. It is shameful, deplorable, and disgraceful.

But it’s not only the vaccine experts and the media who have let us down.

The heavily conflicted “Modelling Experts” – some right here in Melbourne, say ‘just think how bad it would have been if we didn’t put these vaccines to be used by everyone, millions could have died.’

It’s like saying “My donut diet was really effective, I only gained 2 kilos – just think how much I could have gained had I not been on the donut diet”

Incompetent health advice led Melbourne to become known as ‘The lockdown capital of the world’.

These senseless lockdowns destroyed lives, health bureaucrats played a crucial role in stoking the well-orchestrated fear-campaign, which continues to this very day.

The fear campaign was purposely driven by the inappropriate use of the PCR testing which we know is not diagnostic for diseases, and was never intended for that purpose.

Fear stampeded the trusting public into accepting new gene-based so-called vaccines, because our Chief Health Bureaucrats and Vaccine Experts said they were “Safe and Effective“.

The unsuspecting and trusting public said “But why would they lie to us?”

Some of us know why.

To those health bureaucrats who beat their chest about how well they have served us, I’d like to remind them that Niger – a poor African nation of similar population to Australia, with only 12% of its people fully-vaccinated, has far fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths than Australia.

Is there anybody among our expert vaccine class brave enough to ask why?

Is there evena glimmer of curiosity?

I’ve made two detailed submissions to the National COVID Clinical Evidence Task Force, where I provided details of successful national campaigns of early treatment of COVID-19 with Ivermectin for hundreds of millions of people, in India, in Peru, in Mexico and other countries.

These so-called experts did not even bother to respond.

The arrogance is breath-taking.

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