Dr Duncan Syme | Health & Govt bureaucracies have trashed principles

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Dr Duncan Syme, MBBS FRACGP DROCG DIP PRAC Dermatology, was suspended by AHPRA for providing medical exemptions for the experimental gene-therapy injections, explains how government bureaucrats have committed atrocities during the pandemic and they want even more power. A call to arms for other fellow health professionals, politicians, the media and the general public to stand up before unprecedented new powers control us all.

Health & Government bureaucracies have trashed principles

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His AHPRA story.

AHPRA deemed him a “risk to the public” for providing medical exemptions to the COVID experimental gene-therapy injections.

  • The complaint to AHPRA came from a non-medical person who did not know me or my patients. The person believed what I had written in support of the exemption letter for my patients was “antivax“.
  • What I’d written was simply facts extracted from the Pfizer and AstraZeneca applications to the TGA for provisional registration.
  • This is obviously confronting for that individual who had obviously swallowed the mainstream media/government narrative, but it was actually factually correct.
  • These particular patients had seen family members suffer from myocarditis post-Pfizer injection.
  • They are also young and embarking on starting a family, so were deeply concerned about the lack of data on fertility.

I believe I’ve done nothing wrong-I acted to provide support and to protect my patients to the best of my ability, as is my duty as a medical practitioner.

  1. I support everybody’s right to full bodily autonomy.
  2. I believe in full and informed consent for any medical procedure or therapy.
  3. I believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.
  4. I believe in the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration with regard to medical experimentation, both of which the Australian Government is a signatory to.
  5. I believe in the basic tenant of the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.”
  6. I believe in polite by robust scientific debate, and this should not be censored in any shape or form, as this will only result in distorted conclusions and poor or dangerous application of those conclusions.

I don’t believe any of the aforementioned should be controversial amongst doctors and the medical board (which includes many of those principles in its code of conduct).

  • However, governments, AHPRA, and other health bureaucracies have now caused a trashing of these principles, restricting critical thinking amongst doctors.
  • The limited use of critical thinking and of clinical options has resulted in the loss of significant life.

AHPRA’s interference in the clinical process is of great concern for many reasons:

  • It stifles open and honest discussion, not only between patient and doctor, but between colleagues—limiting and skewing information, and stopping the free flow of ideas.
  • No patient can obtain proper informed consent if a third-party is limiting the scope of discussion about the pro’s and con’s of any treatment.
  • No medication should be given without an appropriate risk-benefit analysis being performed.

The one-size-fits-all method of medicine is a very dangerous concept.

  • This approach has been typified by the decision to mass vaccinate people under the age of eighteen.
  • I could go higher—mass vaccinate the whole country, but particularly the children.
  • They continue to want to vaccinate younger and younger children who have virtually no statistical risk of death from COVID, exposing them to the unknown but potentially serious adverse events of an experimental medication.
  • This is well demonstrated by the UK government data.

I’m astounded by the fact that AHRPA is not subject to great scrutiny and oversight.

  • There seem to be no repercussions for mismanagement or for unfair treatment of good doctors and other health professionals.
  • The presumption of being innocent until proven guilty has been thrown out with the current excessive regulator powers-so to give them more is quite frankly insane.
  • Doctors and other health professionals may sit for many months, if not years, if they’ve been suspended – unable to earn a living from their degree – awaiting rulings from very delayed tribunals.
    • The process is the punishment“, as Gary Fettke said.

I believe this coercive body has been set up to CONTROL health professionals rather than their publicly stated role of protecting patients from dangerous or predatory individuals in the health profession.

  • This approach of inserting its presence in the doctor-patient relationship has ultimately resulted in the frightening of many doctors into abandoning their duty of care in the last two years.
  • In the short-term, it’s easier to follow instructions from an aggressive regulator than to make well-informed and independent clinical decisions based on a complex clinical scenario.
  • AHPRA is essentially saying to health professionals, “If you don’t toe the line, we have the capacity to destroy your career, your livelihood, your reputation, and your ability to support your family.
  • Careers in the case of medicine, which have taken roughly twelve years of incredible hard work and personal sacrifice to establish, can be snubbed out as a result of summary justice by a group of anonymous health officials for the rather vague definition of unprofessional conduct.
  • I’ve talked to numerous doctors and patients over the last two years and can see that many have had serious concerns about the mandates and many of the other public health measures that have been put in place.
    • However, they dare not speak of their concerns because of the fear of being reported and getting caught up in AHPRA’s web.
    • This self-censorship is Orwellian in nature.

I’ve never known:

  • Any medical condition where we wait for somebody to get seriously ill before we treat them.
  • Where a patient who has suffered a serious adverse reaction to a medication is asked to take that medication again (unless in very exceptional life-saving circumstances).
  • Natural immunity to be diminished to less than a medication despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Health does not come at the tip of a hypodermic needle.

  • This was the perfect time for simple, basic health advice to be incorporated into the overall multiprong strategy of tackling the virus-but we only saw one solution advocated by the health bureaucrats.
  • Advocating simple health advice was discouraged by health bureaucrats and enforced by AHRPA.
  • Every step of the way, “negative messaging” has been the priority to weaken, disempower, and divide the population and doctors.
  • The evidence for the draconian medical measures taken by the public health officials if it was ever disclosed is flimsy at best, and they get weaker by the month.

The negative consequences and adverse outcomes from the decisions of public health officials and the government are huge.

  • The patient should always be at the centre of the consultation – not the government bureaucrats – we serve our patients first and foremost.
  • Doctors have effectively been conscripted into the government’s service by proxy, and this is expressly forbidden in the constitution, but the governments have gotten around it by using state mandates and using AHPRA—an organization with a shadowy origin.

A Call to Arms

So this is a call to arms for my fellow medical professionals, other health professionals, politicians, the legal fraternity, the media, and the general public—whatever you think of the COVID-19 gene-therapy, we must not let our profession be ruled by AHPRA and health bureaucrats.

  • The bureaucrats have obtained unprecedented powers and are now wanting to INCREASE their powers and their reach so they control ALL of health, and hence, all of US.
  • They threaten the practice of medicine and other health professions alike.
  • We must stop their intrusion into everyday practice.
  • If we do not stand up to them and reject their attempts to control us, we will continue to lose our once prized autonomy and the ability to practice individualized healthcare and will become nothing more than government lackies.
  • This is a call to resist AHPRA’s and other health bureaucrats’ interference in the doctor-patient relationship. This interference has now resulted in serious mistrust of the medical profession amongst many patients and has meant the end of numerous long-term doctor-patient relationships.
  • We must reject these amendments and look at limiting AHPRA’s powers as it is completely inappropriate for them to become involved in the doctor-patient relationship, clinical decision-making, and restricting proper scientific discussion.


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