Homemade Deodorant (Bicarb & Coconut Oil)

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homemade deodorant

You can purchase ready-made natural deodorants from most chemists or supermarkets (crystal salt deodorants, etc.), but here is one that you can make yourself, and many people have put it through the ‘stress-test’ and found that they don’t smell with it, even on the hottest, sweatiest days.

Note: this is not an “antiperspirant” – you will still sweat. Sweating is a natural bodily process that is necessary for health in removing toxins from your body. This deodorant will help remove the smells only.


Homemade Deodorant (Bicarb & Coconut Oil)


  • 1/4 cup baking soda Soda NOT powder
  • 1/4 cup Arrowroot Powder or cornstarch
  • 7 TBSP Coconut Oil
  • 6-8 drops of Essential Oil s
  • 1 drop Tea Tree Oil


  • Melt the Coconut Oil over a cup of hot water (if you live in a cold weather)
  • Mix ingredients "very well" (or use a blender). (I just use a fork)
  • Transfer to a container (plastic or glass)


(Here in Melbourne, I put the coconut oil in a cup, and then have a bowl of boiled water and sit the cup in the water to melt the coconut oil for mixing, but up in Queensland or in hotter locations, you probably won't need to do that)

Homemade Deodorant

Homemade Deodorant looks just like my Homemade Toothpaste


Here are some tips about using this deodorant…

#1 - Itchy Rash
If you get itchy or a rash, you have used too much baking soda. Baking soda is very abrasive, but is also a required ingredient to keep the smell away. You can also optionally add 3-4 Tablespoons of Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter if your pits still get raw/rashy after cutting down on the Bi-Carb.
#2 - Smelly Detox
If you’ve worn deodorant everyday, you will go through a period of ‘detox’ where the toxins that have been trapped will finally be released. This could mean a stench for a couple of days.
#3 - Essential Oils
Adding 6-8 drops of Essential Oils to the mixture makes it smell divine. Women: try like ylang-ylang, sweet orange, peppermint, musk, or lavender | Men: try Frankincense, Cedar, Sandalwood, or Vanilla.  (I use Peppermint, Lavender & TeaTree)
#4 - Alzheimer's & Cancer
Aluminium is the main ingredient of most deodorants that we purchase today. It is effective as an antiperspirant, but it messes with your hormone levels, is linked to cancer especially breast cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease.
#5 - Soda not Powder
Baking ‘Soda’ contains no aluminium. Baking “Powder” can contain aluminium. (Common misconception)
#6 - Arrowroot or Cornstarch
Which to use – Arrowroot powder or cornstarch? Whatever you have available, but Arrowroot is more natural.
#7 - Organic Coconut Oil
Use only Organic, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil – available at health-food shops, Indian/Asian supermarkets and some major retailers. Why coconut oil? Because it is an effective anti-bacterial and moisturiser, as well as it remains solid under 76 degrees so has more of a ‘deodorant-feel’ to it, rather than other oils.
#8 - Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is optional and is used for it’s antibacterial properties, but too much can be irritating, so just use 1 drop in your first batch to test, and increase if desired in future batches.
#9 - Nutmeg option
You can add finely sieved ground nutmeg (smell of coconut & nutmeg is yummy).
#10 - DoTerra Oils
Not all essential oils are created equal. I use DoTerra oils because they are purified to the point of being safe to ingest and therefore safe for your skin.
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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