Delete Multiple Friends on Facebook with new Timeline

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Delete Multiple Friends on Facebook with new Timeline

Since timeline, things have been moving around :) Very hard to find things now. They are driving me crazy.

As you know from previous posts, I manage my friends with friends-lists which helps me “cull” more efficiently when my friends list fills up.

I finally found out where facebook hid my precious old friend lists, here:

Facebook Friend Lists

Once I’m in the old friends list, I can click any of my lists to go into it, and I’ve found out the easiest way for removing multiple friends at once.

facebook friends listFirstly, I use Firefox.. and I use an addon called “Multi Links” on one of my computers and “Snap Links” on another of my computers… and this task would drive me nuts if I didn’t have them so I suggest you get one of them too if you have multiple friends to remove :)

You can download Multi Link s from:

You can download Snap Links Plus from:

They both do the same thing, it just depends on which version of Firefox you have as to which one to use (don’t worry, if you try and install an incompatible one, they will tell you).

Then, using this plugin, I “highlight” the list, and it opens them all up in new tabs.

Open in New TabThen I can do Facebook’s new slow and unproductive way of “unfriending” people that are inactive, etc.

unfriendUsing this addon, I can do up to 14 people at a time..

You’d “Think” that you could do a lot more by clicking on “See All” or by choosing “”Manage List > Edit List” but unfortunately it doesn’t work when you are in either of those screens.

So 14 at a time seems to be the limit (that I can find) so far.

Know of a better way to delete multiple friends on facebook? Please share with us in the comments below :)

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  1. Grant says:

    I discovered a new method myself when trying to ‘cull’ my own friends.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Penny Butler says:

      Looks like a good option.. still wish there was a faster way lol, but it looks like its about the fastest way so far that at least should work in all browsers :)

  2. Grant says:


    I dont suppose you know an equivalent for chrome?

    1. dgdh says:

      dude, download firefox for 10 mins and be incredibly happy this works. sound like a better idea than waiting for a reply that will probably never come? oh and, chrome sucks.

    2. Penny Butler says:

      sorry for the (very) late reply.. nah don’t have an equivalent for chrome … I hope there is an even better way by now (haven’t looked lately).. I can’t be the only one that is finding this an insane waste of time hehe.. :)

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